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Two Interviews with Fr. Michael Oswalt, former Novus Ordo Priest from Rockford Diocese


Fr. Michael Oswalt is a convert to Sedevacantism from the Novus Ordo Sect, but not just any convert: He was actually a “priest” in the Modernist diocese of Rockford, Illinois, when he began to realize that the religion in which he was operating was not — as he had previously thought — the Roman Catholic religion established by our Lord Jesus Christ, but a Modernistic counterfeit whose beliefs and practices undermine and even outright contradict the traditional Roman Catholic teachings of all Popes until the death of Pius XII in 1958.

After coming to terms with the fact that his “bishop” was not in fact the legitimate Roman Catholic bishop of the diocese and he himself was not a validly ordained priest, Mr. Oswalt exited the Vatican II Church and became a real Catholic. In March of 2009, he wrote a letter to the Novus Ordo clergy in his diocese, explaining why he was abandoning what he called the “impostor church”. The letter has been made available on the internet in English and Spanish:

Later in the same year, Mr. Oswalt went on to study for the true priesthood, and he was finally ordained a genuine Catholic priest in 2011 by Bp. Mark Pivarunas. At the current time, Fr. Oswalt is the pastor of St. Benedict Catholic Church in Huntsville, Alabama. He travels frequently to serve a large mission circuit in the Deep South, bringing the true Mass and the true sacraments to Catholics in Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

Many of our readers will remember Fr. Oswalt from True Restoration‘s radio program Escape from the Novus Ordo, which we sponsored and advertised on this blog last year. Here is a listing of all episodes, which are still available in full and entirely free of charge:

In September 2009, Stephen Heiner of True Restoration went to interview Mr. Oswalt and speak to him about his conversion from the Novus Ordo. This very informative conversation, formerly only available to paid members of True Restoration, has now been released to the general public:

A second interview was conducted in June 2011, after Fr. Oswalt had been ordained (absolutely, not conditionally) to the true Catholic priesthood. It, too, has now been released:

It is a tremendous gift of grace for a Novus Ordo priest to realize that he is not in fact in the true Catholic Church and that his ordination is null and void, or, depending on the particulars of the ordination, at least doubtful. Fr. Oswalt responded generously to an outpouring of grace from Almighty God and thus multiplied the talents he had been given, to the joy of his Divine Lord (cf. Mt 25:14-30). We pray that Fr. Oswalt’s conversion story will inspire many Novus Ordo clergy unwittingly stuck in the pseudo-catholic religion of Vatican II to do likewise, so that they too will abandon the Novus Ordo Sect and convert to the true Roman Catholic religion as the world knew it from 33 AD until 1958.

“Lord, that I may see” (Lk 18:41). May this be the prayer of all people of good will who seek to be true Catholics but have fallen victim to the Modernist usurpers.

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3 Responses to “Two Interviews with Fr. Michael Oswalt”

  1. Lydia Tackitt

    Which island are you on? I live on Oahu and I’m a sedevacantist! So far I’m the only one I know of here on island besides my brother and his wife who are currently discovering the false Novus Ordo church.

  2. jay

    It will be interesting to see how the Holy Spirit deals with the Vatican II heresy when he ends it. I believe the heresy was allowed because of sin and evil pastors . I believe many a good priest like this man will be the vanguard of the Holy Spirits militia that will crush the evil that has befallen Catholics. Our prayers are with such men as this good priest may God bless him and all those good shepherds who the Holy Spirit has touched .

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