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Letter to Cardinal Respighi:
Pope Leo XIII’s Condemnation of Protestantism in Rome

True Vicar of Christ: His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903)

As you know, the Novus Ordo Sect’s professional smart-alecks make a living reassuring everyone in their church that nothing has really changed since before Vatican II, that everything that is being taught today under the name of “Catholic” is actually substantially the same as it was before, just “developed”, or with merely a shift in emphasis adapted to current circumstances.

But is this really true? Let’s take as a case in point “Pope” Francis’ love of Protestantism that he has expressed on numerous occasions in one way or another. The following posts illustrate quite well Jorge Bergoglio’s position on the Protestant heresy:

Now that we are sufficiently familiar with Mr. Bergoglio’s position on Protestantism, let us have a look at a largely-unknown Apostolic Letter written by His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, to the Vicar General of his diocese of Rome, on August 19, 1900. We are pleased to make this resource publicly available in English translation for the first time:

Please read this letter, which is breathtakingly beautiful, and ask yourself if these words written by Pope Leo XIII could seriously be repeated by Francis or any of his five Modernist predecessors of infelicitous memory. Is the religion of Pope Leo the religion of Francis? Of course not. It would be absurd to think that Bergoglio agrees, even substantially, with the content of Pope Leo’s condemnation of Protestantism spreading in Rome. Francis, by contrast, believes the heretics have a “right” to spread their poison.

How times have changed! In 1900, the Pope condemns the proselytism of Protestants; in our day, the “Pope” condemns the proselytism of Catholics!

Too bad Pope Leo hadn’t yet encountered the “god of surprises” that Bergoglio pulls out whenever convenient, while at the same time denouncing Catholics for allegedly believing in God as a “magician, with a magic wand able to do everything”.

How much worse will it get? It will get as bad as people are willing to put up with. STOP accepting Francis’ claim to being the Pope of the Catholic Church. He is not! The more people start to recognize this and act like it in public, the better for all and the sooner this craziness will end.

Please understand this: If you recognize the Novus Ordo Sect as the Catholic Church, you are part of the problem, regardless of your intentions. Please also see our article addressing the question of whether it even matters if Francis is a true Pope or not:

So, now what, you ask? We have some helpful answers on how to be a true Catholic in our time, here.

True Catholic Teaching on Ecumenism and Christian Unity:

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