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Bergoglio’s Theology of Surprises


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Restoration Radio presents another episode of the “Francis Watch” series, a monthly show dedicated exclusively to discussing all things Bergoglio. Tune in live each month or listen on demand at your convenience for a truly Catholic perspective on Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Anti-Catholic Modernist who falsely claims to be the Pope of the Catholic Church.

In the final Francis Watch episode of Season 3, His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada begin by discussing some of the ongoing aftershocks of the October Synod — not just the “conservative” neo-Thermidorean reaction of people like Burke, Schneider, and Pell, but the musings of Vaticanistas like Roberto de Mattei and Sandro Magister.… READ MORE

All you need is loaves…

Aachen Cathedral used as Storage for Christmas Cakes

Since Catholic church buildings are no longer being used for Catholic worship, the Modernist authorities of the Novus Ordo Sect have decided that they might as well use them for something else — such as food storage. As the above video clip shows, 1,200 loaves of Stollen, a delectable Christmas cake of German tradition, are currently being stored in the Cathedral of Aachen, Germany, which is dedicated to the Mother of God. The loaves will remain there, right inside the St. Michael chapel, until they have aged a little and are ready for pre-Christmas sale.… READ MORE