Bergoglio talks tough — but is he credible?

Interview No. 10:

“I will use a Stick against Pedophile Priests”

So much for the vacation month of July being “quiet” as far as news from the Vatican and its Modernist-in-Chief, Jorge Bergoglio. After explicitly admitting he’s “not interested in converting Evangelicals to Catholicism” (no, really?!) and high-fiving Protestant televangelist James Robison, Francis has given yet another interview, once more to Eugenio Scalfari, the former-Catholic-turned-atheist editor of the Italian La Repubblica newspaper. This happened on July 10. In total, according to our reckoning, it is the tenth interview Francis has given, though we have left out some press conferences and a video message or two which others may also count as interviews (it’s simply too difficult to keep it all straight and keep up with it all — the man just can’t keep his jaws together).

At this point, no comprehensive and reliable English translation has been made available, but here are some links to the interview and its content:

Apparently Francis presents himself in this interview as the big tough guy ready to fight all the pedophiles and sex abusers in his church. Unfortunately, this picture is not exactly credible, as the following links reveal:

So, while it’s easy to talk tough and hope no one cares to look at the past, it is always actions, past and present, that indicate a man’s true position, rather than what he says.

So, will Francis use a “stick” against pedophiles? Well, maybe a toothpick…

Of special note in this interview article are perhaps the last lines Scalfari penned, relating how he and Francis parted: “We hug again. I confess that I was moved. Francis caressed my cheek and the car started.”

How sweet. Don’t cry for me, Argentina!

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