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Francis appoints Berlin’s Homo-Friendly “Cardinal” Woelki as new “Archbishop” of Cologne

On July 11, 2014, the Vatican issued a press release announcing that Berlin’s “Cardinal” Rainer Maria Woelki had been appointed by the Modernist-in-Chief Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) as the new archbishop of Cologne to fill the vacancy left by the conservative (by Novus Ordo standards) “Cardinal” Joachim Meisner, who had resigned in February of this year. Woelki’s appointment is significant for two reasons: (1) Cologne is Germany’s largest diocese; (2) Woelki is soft on the homosexual agenda. Here are the relevant news stories:


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Two More Protestants Confirm Francis told them He’s Not Interested in Converting Them

A few weeks ago, Evangelical Protestant Brian Stiller made some waves among those who still tenaciously cling to the laughable idea that Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is a Roman Catholic, when he reported that Francis had told him explicitly, “I’m not interested in converting Evangelicals to Catholicism.” We reported on the matter at length in a blog post here.

Of course, one immediate “objection” we heard right away was that the Protestant Stiller could just be lying about this, and we can’t assume his report is accurate.… READ MORE