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“Fighting Over Feet” – The Vortex of March 30, 2012

The Vortex, a news and commentary broadcast from a “conservative” Novus Ordo perspective, is the flagship program of ChurchMilitant.TV (an organization that was previously named RealCatholicTV).

We have long published severe criticisms of The Vortex and its host Michael Voris — not for being Novus Ordo, but for using a most hypocritical double standard when it comes to criticizing liberalism: Voris very happily trashes liberals and their anti-Christ agenda at every opportunity (and rightly so), yet he absolutely refuses to apply the same standard to the most powerful and dangerous liberal in the entire Vatican II Church: “Pope” Francis.

Not only does Voris not hold Francis to the same standard, he deliberately and systematically omits to inform his viewers of those things that Francis does or says that would require Voris to condemn him alongside the others. And yet, he likes to present himself as a no-compromise, no-nonsense, won’t-take-liberal-crap-from-anyone defender of the truth. The reality is, however, that his dedication to the truth ends where the ugly facts about Francis begin.

But not enough. Voris goes one step further still: In addition to ignoring the inconvenient truth about Francis, Voris lies outright and claims that Francis is a conservative and anti-liberal: “This Pope is proving to be one bring-the-lumber-lay-the-smack-down kind of guy”, the host of The Vortex raved in his April 12, 2013 broadcast (be sure to watch it here), deceitfully entitled “WWF Papacy!!!” (at the 2:51 min mark). There have been numerous episodes in which Voris either states outright or at least implies that Francis is a super-orthodox conservative Catholic, when we know without a doubt that such is not at all the case (if you’re not familiar with the facts on Francis, you may want to start here or check the list of links below).

The above video of The Vortex was published on March 30, 2012, about a year before the election of Jorge Bergoglio as “Pope Francis” of the Vatican II Church. It is entitled “Fighting Over Feet” and is a stern denunciation of the all-too-common liturgical practice in the Novus Ordo Church of washing the feet of women on Holy Thursday, despite the fact that Novus Ordo liturgical law actually forbids it. In addition, Voris’ presentation also contains an eloquent explanation of the significance of the foot washing ceremony, first enacted by Our Lord Himself the day before His Passion (see John 13:4-11), giving the theological reasons why only the washing of men’s feet is allowed.

That was 2012. A little less than a year later, “Pope” Francis was elected, and, as was widely reported in the mainstream press and on countless news sites and blogs, on Holy Thursday, he did exactly what Voris condemned so forcefully — he washed the feet of teenage prisoners in Rome, including two women, one of whom was even a Muslim (see story here)! Here is some video footage of the scandal:

Now, if you’ve watched Voris’ “Fighting Over Feet” broadcast attentively, you’d expect him to level the exact same criticism now at Francis, because all the same reasons that Voris enumerated about why washing the feet of women is a theologically-absurd abuse, apply just as much to when Francis does it than when anyone else does it.

But what did Voris do? Did he denounce Francis for this scandal? Did he criticize him for it, even if not as harshly? Did he at least politely express his disagreement?

No, not at all. There was nothing but defeaning silence from ChurchMilitantTV’s “tough guy”. He didn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole and apparently hoped it would go away and no one would ever find out. Not only is this a great disservice to the truth and a betrayal of his own stated cause, it is also, in a way, a testimony to what he must think of his audience. Does he not realize that most of his viewers watch the news, read the paper, or go on other web sites? Does he think that if he ignores it, no one will ever know? Does it not occur to him that he’s mocking his audience and also making himself look foolish in the process?

One can truthfully say that by utilizing such a hypocritical double standard, Michael Voris’ credibility is zero. He cannot claim to be a stalwart servant of the truth, a defender of the Faith, or someone “giving it to you straight”. That’s over.

The world needs truth, not lies or half-truths; and we need people who are willing to uncover and follow the truth no matter to what undesirable conclusions it may lead. We don’t need any more spinmeisters that twist facts to make them fit their desired agendas or their pet theses. We have enough of those.

Whose side, then, is ChurchMilitant.TV on? “He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth”, Our Lord warned (Luke 11:23). It is totally understandable that as people struggle to make sense of what has happened to the Catholic Church after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, they take different positions, in good faith, at different times (e.g., Novus Ordo, indult, SSPX, sedevacantist), and these things can be discussed and talked about. But for goodness’ sake, don’t resort to lies and deception! Face reality. Face the evidence. Be honest! A humble, honest, and sincere man never has to worry about what the facts may reveal because he seeks to conform himself to them, rather than make the facts conform to his desired idea of what reality should be.

So, in a nutshell, Michael Voris refuses to condemn “Pope” Francis for what he excoriates other liberals for. If the things Francis has said and done had been said or done by, say, “Cardinal” Mahony, “Cardinal” Dolan, or “Cardinal” McCarrick — or even “Cardinal” Bergoglio before his election as “Pope” — can you imagine what Voris would have had to say about it? He would have cranked out one Vortex after another, exposing and condemning the anti-Catholic liberalism of these people. But now that Bergoglio is wearing white and sports the name “Francis”, principle goes out the window and Voris pretends these inconvenient facts don’t exist.

Yes, this modus operandi of his, which we’ve dubbed the “Voris Virus”, has been mentioned many times before at Novus Ordo Watch. Frequent visitors to this site may wonder why we spend so much time critiquing Voris and ChurchMilitant.TV in particular. The reasons are simple: (1) They are distorting the truth; (2) They are distorting genuine Roman Catholicism; (3) Their position, which is propped up by lies and omissions, only serves to keep people loyal to the bogus Novus Ordo Church, which they might otherwise see for the counterfeit that it is; (4) They have lots of money and are therefore very influential just for that reason alone — an advantage Novus Ordo Watch does not have and therefore needs to make up for by constant critiques and exposés.

Let us never lose sight of how serious all this is. These are matters of eternal life. These are matters of salvation. These are matters of the True Church vs. the Counterfeit Church. The “conservative” Novus Ordo position is based on lies and a refusal to face the truth, and yet it is extremely popular and convenient for many. It is therefore proving to be a real stumbling block that keeps people from seeing the truth about the Vatican II Sect. We must therefore oppose it most forcefully.

The entire force of the Conciliar revolt comes from the fact that it has apparently been imposed by the authority of the Church. How many bishops, priests, religious, and laymen, would have swallowed the lies of the heretics if they had not believed themselves bound to do so by the voice of Christ’s Vicar on earth? Questioning the authority of these men renders their revolution of doubtful authenticity.

(John Lane, “Concerning an SSPX Dossier on Sedevacantism” [PDF], p. 65)

The more people realize that the Vatican has been hijacked by anti-Catholic charlatans who are merely masquerarding as Catholic authorities, the better. Surely the restoration of the True Catholic Church can only be hastened as people abandon the False Vatican II Church in Rome.

Reality Check:
What Michael Voris will never tell you and hopes you’ll never find out


This doctored photo illustrates the Voris double-standard

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