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He Likes to Tango 
“Pope” Francis Loves Immoral Dance

The more you dig into the past of Jorge Mario Bergoglio – the man the world now calls “Pope Francis” – the more incredible things you find, things that make it very apparent that the man is not a Roman Catholic and has no Catholic sense for anything.

If you’ve wondered why the neo-conservative, faux-traditionalist apologists for the Vatican II Church, such as Michael Voris, Tim Haines, the Rev. John Zuhlsdorf, etc., haven’t exactly been volunteering loads and loads of raw information on just who the new “Pope” is – something you’d expect them to do for a newly-elected “Vicar of Christ” – it’s probably because the information to be found reveals a less-than-laudable picture of the man, a picture they wish to keep hidden from you.

You see, if they show Bergoglio for the 1960’s hippie liberal that he is, they would have to apply their criticism usually resevered for other liberals to him as well, and that doesn’t work very well when your whole basic shtick is that you’re “with the Pope” and “defending the Pope and the Church” against all the evil liberals. (For example, you’ll be waiting for a long time before Mr. Zuhlsdorf or Mr. Voris report on Francis’ beach-souvenirs-on-altar sacrilege at St. Mary Major in July.) So, out the door the truth goes if it’s not helpful to the cause. And even that would only be half as bad if they didn’t, in effect, advertize themselves as being the tough guys hammering all the liberals in the church. Our “Pope Francis” page contains a lot of links that show you what we know about Jorge Bergoglio, based on his past record as the “Archbishop” of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2010, Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti published a book named El Jesuita (Spanish for “The Jesuit”), which is an authorized biography of then-“Cardinal” Jorge Mario Bergoglio. In this book, the authors quote Bergoglio on one of the most immoral dances in the world, the Tango, as follows: “I love the tango a lot. It is something that comes from inside me.” Bergoglio’s love for the tango is not unknown. After his election as head of the Vatican II Sect, the mayor of Rome invited people to a special Tango Night “in honor of Pope Francis”.

Yet, the tango is so indecent and sensual that it was explicitly condemned by Pope St. Pius X himself in a pastoral letter in 1914: “The tango, which has already been condemned by illustrious Bishops and is prohibited even in Protestant countries, must be absolutely prohibited in the see of the Roman Pontiff, the centre of the Catholic religion”, the diocese of Rome’s Vicar General wrote on behalf of His Holiness.

This information – and more documented details – can be found in “Tango for Pope Bergoglio” posted at Tradition In Action, here. Be careful, however, as the linked article also contains some photos of tango dancing, which make unmistakably clear how sexually provocative, how foul and immoral the tango really is.

In fact, a quick review of the history of the tango reveals that it first began in brothels, and, even more fittingly to our case here, specifically in the brothels of Buenos Aires. “Originally, the dance was an ‘acting out’ of the relationship between the prostitute and her pimp”, we are told in an article provided by BBC News, entitled “Tango History: From Brothels to Broadway”. And in case people still don’t get it at this point, the article explains further: “Sensuous and sexually suggestive, these tango songs and dances were generally regarded as obscene.”

Yep, so there you have it. And this obscene dance, originating in the brothels of Buenos Aires, being as sexually suggestive as could be, is “loved” by “Pope” Francis and is something “comes from inside” him. He even says he danced it himself: “I danced it as a young man, although I preferred the milonga” (“Pope Francis Loves the Tango”, GMA News).

Does this information about Francis shock you, surprise you? If it does, you have been listening to the wrong commentators, read the wrong blogs, watched the wrong things. Certainly, Michael Voris, Tim Haines, “Fr.” Zuhlsdorf will never tell you these things. Their dedication to exposing the “truth” stops where inconvenient facts start. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot more popular, to beat up on the “evil bishops” and the “liberal cardinals” instead. There is a huge market for this sort of “conservative” commentary, and Voris & Co. seem very happy to do their part to meet the demand. (And if you have a few thousand dollars to blow, you can even go on the ChurchMilitant.TV luxury “retreat” cruise.)

But have they been telling you the truth about Francis? No, they haven’t. Think about this. How credible are they really when they keep talking about “the truth” and “no compromise” and “expose the liberals” and all that – and then distort the facts about Francis so you will continue to believe he is a staunch, no-compromise Roman Catholic, even the Pope?

“In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer,” St. Francis of Assisi warned in a prophecy. Was he talking about our days?

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  1. Ima Man-In-Adress

    I read before that Jorge was a bouncer outside a night club, and had homosexual dalliances. He is extremely immoral. He is evil.

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