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Mexican Novus Ordo Bishop says Catholics are Mentally Ill

“Bishop” José Raúl Vera López, O.P.

Mr. José Raúl Vera López, O.P., is the Novus Ordo bishop of Saltillo, Mexico. He was appointed to this post on December 30, 1999, by “Blessed” John Paul II of unhappy memory. Lopez is a prime product of the Novus Ordo religion and comes with approval from the highest echelons, having been (invalidly) “ordained a priest” by false pope Paul VI himself in 1975 and (invalidly) “consecrated a bishop” by false pope John Paul II in 1988 (source).

On August 19, the Mexican secular news site Terra Mexico reported that in an interview with its TV channel, “Bishop” Lopez stated that one would have to be “mentally ill” to think that a homosexual person is a degenerate or a reprobate (which, incidentally, is a position that all Catholics are required to hold). Commenting on “Pope” Francis’ words about “not judging” homosexuals who “seek God” (see our analysis here), Lopez argued that it is wrong to think that homosexuality is a form of perversion [!].

Lopez, who won the Rafto Prize for Human Rights in 2010, believes and argues that homosexuality has its origin in a hormonal imbalance in utero while the baby is being formed in the womb. So, according to him, if anyone is to blame for homosexuality, it is the mother who didn’t provide the needed hormones to her developing child!

The following is a verbatim quote of what this perverted “bishop” said to a mother who was concerned about her son associating with moral reprobates (practicing homosexuals):

“One mother came to me and said that she was being watchful of her son because he was hanging out with ‘those degenerate gays’ and I said ‘so blame yourself for it because that’s the way your son developed in your womb and he didn’t develop into a degenerate or a perverse person. He was born with a certain constitution you are trying to ignore. Calm down, you are the mother of that child and he began to be who he now is inside your womb. So the first one I’d kick out would be you because you are the perverse one who is first in line.’ That’s what I said.”

(“Bp.” Jose Raul Vera Lopez on Terra Mexico TV, August 19, 2013)

The false shepherd then continued:

“Why would I immediately think a gay or lesbian person is perverse or depraved the moment they approach me? That’s how people who are homophobic react. It’s a mental illness in which you see gays as depraved and promiscuous. You have to be sick in the head for that.”

Don’t believe it? Please, watch the video below, which is an excerpt of the interview, in which he says exactly this. The video, though in Spanish, has English subtitles:

Did you get that? Homosexuality isn’t perverted — rather, to say it is perverted is what is perverted! That’s how far we’ve come. Sixty years ago, everyone knew that sexual attraction to someone of the same sex is a mental disorder, and it was classified accordingly by mental health professionals. Then the Gaystapo came along and insisted that it was not a mental disorder but just as healthy as heterosexuality. Now they’ve gone one step further: To say that homosexuality is not normal, natural, or healthy is itself a mental disorder. (Though some homosexual perverts take issue even with that; they say to accuse “homophobes” of having a mental disorder is insulting to people with mental disorders — you can’t make this stuff up!)

In some states they’ve already begun to outlaw therapy that helps homosexuals overcome their disorder. You know it’s only a matter of time before Catholics and all who say that homosexuality is a perversion will be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation (a favorite tactic of fascists) and will themselves be objected to “therapy.” Ironically, this is the ultimate “enforcement of tolerance” — a contradiction in terms if there ever was one. (On the question of non-practicing homosexuals, please see our commentary here.)

So, in lockstep with our morally depraved secular society, this miscreant “bishop” has turned the moral law upside down and thereby falls under the condemnation of Isaias 5:20: “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

These are the kinds of people in charge of what is supposedly the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t think for a minute this man will get even so much as a slap on the wrist from the Vatican for that. He doesn’t question Vatican II, he doesn’t endorse religious orders that prefer the Traditional Mass, and he doesn’t say that Jews must convert to be saved. So, he’s golden. If anything, he might get a promotion.

It’s quite interesting that in the case of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, where there was an internal dispute where a handful of friars thought the “New Mass” of Paul VI wasn’t offered enough, “Pope” Francis immediately stepped in and overturned Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum for this particular order, yet when it comes to people like Mr. Lopez here, who say that evil is good and good is evil, no one will lift a finger to do anything about it.

Of course, this is just one more symptom of the false Vatican II church trying all it can to destroy Catholicism and betray those who are still clinging to the false church in good faith, erroneously believing it to be the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (see more on this here).

Good people in the Novus Ordo, wake up! First they took from you your Catholic church buildings, then the true Faith, then the true sacraments, then they perverted and abused your kids, then they took your money to pay for the abuse lawsuits, and now they’re spitting you in the face calling you mentally ill! How much more will it take before you realize this Novus Ordo monster is not the Immaculate Bride of Christ?!

Lastly, it may come as a surprise to some, but Mr. Jose Raul Lopez is a big fan of “Pope” Francis.

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