Judas did it for 30 pieces of silver – Bergoglio does it for free…

“Cardinal” Bergoglio (now “Pope” Francis) Honors Pro-Homosexual Jewish Rabbi who Mocks Christ and Attacks Catholic Church

Skorka poses with Bergoglio for the award – afterwards, they hugged (see below)

Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who favors state-recognized “civil unions” for homosexuals, received an honorary doctorate degree from the Novus Ordo “Pontifical Catholic” University of Argentina in 2012. In his speech at the event, Skorka did the following:

  • Praised Zionism
  • Falsely claimed that the Nazi ideology is rooted in Catholic theology
  • Claimed Christianity cannot be known without Judaism [Skorka’s “Judaism”, of course, is not the Judaism of the Old Testament but the apostate “Judaism” established by Annas and Caiphas at the rejection of Christ]
  • Referred to Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ as a “Dude”
  • Claimed that Our Lord’s teachings about charity are contained in the Talmud
  • Concluded his talk by saying, “We [!] await the Messiah. He will come when God so ordains.”

All of this took place at the supposedly “Pontifical Catholic” University of Buenos Aires, in the presence of “Cardinal” Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Rector Victor Fernandez, and the “Apostolic Nuncio”, all of whom remained, of course, silent at the outrage. Call it the Silence of the Shams.

Note: At this point, the article detailing this is available only in Spanish; you can try a computerized translation here.


Video Excerpt of the Event (Spanish):

Reality Check:

  • Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews (Pius XII Missal): “We pray for the faithless Jews: that Our Lord and God may lift the covering off their hearts, so that they may acknowledge Jesus Christ Our Lord…. Almighty, eternal God, who does not reject the Jews in Your own mercy: hear our prayers which we offer for the blindness of this people, that acknowledging the truth of Your light which is Christ, they may be pulled out of their darkness. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.”
  • The Golden Arrow Devotion – Reparation for Blasphemy
  • Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Image sources: Universidad Catolica Argentina / youtube.com (screenshot)
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