“Pope” Francis helping Homos….

Argentina’s Largest Newspaper Reveals:

“Cardinal” Bergoglio Supported Homosexual Civil Unions

The following interesting piece of news comes from Marielena Montesino de Stuart’s blog:

Bergoglio’s  biographer, Sergio Rubin, wrote a special report in … Clarín, outlining (on page 8) how Bergoglio had shrewdly approached the issue of gay marriage, by taking a “moderate” approach in support of homosexual civil unions — and instructing his peers to do the same. The Episcopate of Argentina (the equivalent of the USCCB) opposed him — and Bergoglio was forced to confront the issue….


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One Response to “Bergoglio favored Homosexual Civil Unions in Argentina”

  1. Gresu

    Only in the conciliar/post Vatican II Council’s new religion church is this allowed. Bergoglio to date has never renounced his heretical view(s); therefore, he is not Catholic, how can he be pope?

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