‘Fiducia Supplicans’ in action!

Vatican Announces St. Peter’s Basilica
Is Open for Blessing Gay Couples

A tip of the hat for this story goes to the Secretum Meum Mihi blog.

This morning, the ‘Holy See’ held a press conference regarding restoration work to be done on the Baldacchino over the high altar at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Since ‘Cardinal’ Mauro Gambetti, the Archpriest of St. Peter’s, was among the panelists, journalist Franca Giansoldati of Il Messaggero used the opportunity to ask him whether, in light of the authorization given by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith in the declaration Fiducia Supplicans, couples in perverted sexual unions ‘irregular unions’ could receive a blessing also in the famous papal basilica.

The archlayman replied in the affirmative, though he also made clear that no requests had been received yet. Here is the original exchange in Italian, starting at the 1:14:45 mark:

If that isn’t going to trigger a new wave of ‘pilgrims’ now! We can already imagine what advertisements travel agencies are going to put out in the near future for a ‘Romantic Roman Getaway with Subsequent Blessing’:

Don’t get your gay couple blessing at your ugly local Novus Ordo church from a grumpy pastor who may be reluctant to give it. Get it — pardon the pun — straight from the Vatican, in historic St. Peter’s Basilica, with the newly-restored Baldacchino in the background!

As Vatican News recently reminded us, “love is never wrong”, so enjoy decadent Rome like you’ve never experienced it before!

Book your spontaneous trip now and put the ‘Roman’ back into ‘romance’!

And why not? After all, the famous Vatican basilica is a popular tourist destination, and what better place could there be for a spontaneous blessing for those in ‘irregular unions’?

After all, Fiducia Supplicans itself states: “Such a blessing may … find its place in other contexts, such as a visit to a shrine, a meeting with a priest, a prayer recited in a group, or during a pilgrimage” (n. 40). Bingo!

Just imagine the vacation pictures we’re going to see — of Kevin and Devon, Jean and Janet, Robin and Morgan!

However, it would be wrong to conclude from this that ‘anything goes’ in St. Peter’s Basilica nowadays. That is clearly not the case. The Traditional Latin Mass, for example, is only allowed to be offered in the basement (crypt). They wouldn’t want unsuspecting tourists wandering in on a scene like that by accident!

Meanwhile, the Vatican is still trying to figure out how to deal with the requests that have been flooding in for special ‘papal’ blessings on parchment sheets for sodomites and other pseudo-couples. As Francis keeps saying, his job is not easy!

The year 2024 promises to be a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them.

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