Vatican Allows Blessings of ‘Irregular’ Couples:
An Initial Commentary and Analysis

The Dicastery for the Destruction of the Faith’s declaration Fiducia Supplicans, officially approved by ‘Pope’ Francis and published on Dec. 18, 2023, has hit the Novus Ordo Church like a nuclear bomb:

At the moment, ‘Catholic’ experts (and wannabe experts) are busy discussing what the document means, but not only that. As usual, there is disagreement even on what the document says. No one causes chaos like Chaos Frank — and just before Christmas, to boot!

Although we are still working on a substantial analysis of Fiducia Supplicans for our readers, for the moment we can at least present a brief and somewhat cursory commentary as we try to juggle all of the following at the same time: (a) stay on top of the latest developments; (b) collect and parse the major reactions that have been flooding in; (c) analyze the content of the document; (d) compile an intelligent, documented commentary on it. (Of course we also still try to ‘watch’ everything else that is happening in Novus Ordo Land.)

In this post, then, we present our podcast on the topic, TRADCAST EXPRESS 183, released Dec. 19. It is 22 minutes in length and filled with a flood of solid information. You can listen to it, free of charge, right here:

Those who prefer a direct link to the audio can find it here.

More TRADCAST EXPRESS episodes are available here; and our full-length, more elaborate TRADCAST episodes can be accessed here. If you find our podcast informative and beneficial, please share it with others and perhaps consider supporting it.

As promised, more on Fiducia Supplicans and the fallout from it shortly. In the meantime, please stay tuned — it won’t get boring!

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