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Podcast: The Synod, the Dubia, and Chaos Frank

Our latest podcast episode, TRADCAST EXPRESS 179, was published this past Saturday, and it covers recent major Vatican developments that demonstrate how much more the Roman apostasy has advanced. We present it here in a separate blog post to ensure it will get as much exposure as possible. It runs 28:33 minutes in length.

The main topics covered in this podcast are the Vatican’s recent Dubia circus, especially ‘Pope’ Francis’ effective claim that for some people adultery may only be a venial sin. Furthermore, we look at how the false pope tries to authorize blessings for sodomite couples through the backdoor. The last big topic discussed is the Synod on Synodality, which opened Oct. 4 with a ‘Mass’ during which Francis uttered a blasphemous lie. The synodal ‘Spirit’ is put to the test as an American journalist asks the Vatican’s top press spokesman how the synodal assembly will discern the Holy Spirit from other spirits.

You can listen to TRADCAST EXPRESS 179 in the players below:

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