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Theater of the Absurd at Nativity of Mary church in Aschaffenburg, Germany

This just in from Germany: The notorious ‘Nativity of Mary’ (Maria Geburt) parish in Aschaffenburg, home of the craziest liturgical and extra-liturgical spectacles, recently featured a dance performance of which they have now shared three brief video clips.

What you are about to see is so whacko that it rivals the ‘Ash Wednesday of Artists’ shrieking performance in a Cologne basilica in 2019. Please proceed with caution.

To be clear: This did not take place as part of a ‘Mass’ — but it was inside the church, where they usually gather for their ‘Eucharistic celebration’. Here we go:

This madness took place on Saturday, Sep. 30, 2023, under the title ‘On the Joy of Setting Out’ (Vom Glück des Anfangens). A better title would have been ‘On the Joy of Insanity’. The dance moves were reportedly spontaneous and improvised.

There really is no commentary needed. The clips say it all. We will just point out that of the few people that bothered to show up for this madness, it is difficult to find someone visibly younger than 50 or 55.

The pastor in charge of this whole circus is one ‘Fr.’ Markus Krauth. The diocesan ‘bishop’ is Mr. Franz Jung (b. 1966) in Würzburg. Jung was hand-picked to become a Novus Ordo bishop by ‘Pope’ Francis in 2018. If you are wondering why ‘Bp.’ Jung would approve of or tolerate what goes on in Aschaffenburg, you will wonder no longer once you’ve seen the ‘Stations of the Cross’ in his own cathedral.

Furthermore, here are some news stories on ‘Bp.’ Jung from 2022:

The Novus Ordo Church is a soul-destroying hellhole.

Let us pray God will put an end to it soon.

Image source: YouTube (screenshot)
License: fair use

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