False pope suddenly opposes paganism!

Francis warns: Traditionalism is ‘Paganism of Thought’!

Chief Talking Bull is determined to protect you from paganism!

What do you know!

During his Native American apology tour through Canada last month, “Pope” Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) veritably “bathed” in paganism. In fact, he even took part in a demonic smudging ritual, at which a sorcerer “ask[ed] the western grandmother to give us access to the sacred circle of spirits so they can be with us….” Nevertheless, when he met with his Jesuit confreres less than two days later and the question turned to Roman Catholic traditionalism, the Argentinian pseudo-pope suddenly discovered a disdain for paganism.

The morning of July 29, 2022, Francis met with a group of Canadian members of the Society of Jesus in Quebec. He does this on every trip — getting together with the Jesuits of the nation he’s visiting — so as to give them the opportunity to ask him any questions they may have so he can grace them with a reply reflecting his infinite wisdom.

It was no different this last time around. In answer to one question regarding change in the church, Francis used the opportunity to slam one of his favorite targets — traditionalism:

The vision of the doctrine of the Church as monolithic, to be defended without nuance is wrong. That is why it is important to have respect for tradition, the authentic one. Someone once said that tradition is the living memory of believers. Traditionalism instead is the dead life [vita morta] of our believers. Tradition is the life of those who have gone before us and who go on. Traditionalism is their dead memory. From root to fruit, in short, that is the way. We must take the origin as a reference, not a particular historical experience taken as a perpetual model, as if we had to stop there. “Yesterday it was done like this” becomes “it always has been done like this.” But this is a paganism of thought! What I have said also applies to legal matters, to law.

(Antipope Francis, in Antonio Spadaro, “Walking Together: Francis in conversation with Jesuits in Canada”, La Civiltà Cattolica, Aug. 4, 2022; underlining added.)

This blather is so typical of Bergoglio. It is dripping with contempt for historic Catholicism, and it thrives on gratuitous assertions made to advance the Modernist program of apostasy.

Just look at what he actually says. He gives lip service to “authentic tradition” as a “living memory of believers”. Yet, what does that mean? What is a “living memory of believers”? Isn’t it precisely tradition as mere memory of the past — a kind of nostalgia — what he at other times condemns?

He smugly contrasts his idea of “authentic tradition” with “traditionalism”, which he claims is “the dead life of our believers.” And what, precisely, does that mean? More importantly, on what data is that definition based? Where is the “dead life” he is talking about? Certainly not in the fast-growing Traditional Latin Mass communities he is frantically trying to get shut down all over the place. If traditionalism were so dead, why is he worried about it? Besides, the concept of “dead life” is obviously an oxymoron. Life is not dead, and what’s dead is not alive.

Besides, if anything is showing sings of death and decay, it’s the apostate Vatican II Sect, of which Bergoglio is the head. Church closings, parish mergers, fewer and fewer religious vocations, the end of one-priest-over-one-parish, etc. — an objective look at the situation shows very quickly where death is found.

Francis’ definition of tradition as “the life of those who have gone before us and who go on” couldn’t be more vague. What does that mean? And how is traditionalism “their dead memory” when what the traditionalists in his church want is precisely the vibrant resurgence of Catholic Tradition so that it touches and makes fruitful every aspect of church life? Francis offers a mere caricature of traditionalism because that allows him to shoot it down easily with a smug feeling of superiority.

Ironically, Bergoglio says, “From root to fruit, in short, that is the way”, when it is he, and his predecessors, who cut off all the abundant fruit of perennial Roman Catholicism under the guise of “renewal” and now do everything in their power to ensure that what is contained in the root will never again bear fruit but instead will wither away.

To represent traditionalism as a movement for the idea that “it’s always been done like this” is disingenuous and disrespectful. The head of the “Listening Church” clearly has the habit of listening only very selectively.

As regards the phrase “paganism of thought”, aside from the fact that it’s based on a caricature of traditionalism, it is amusingly ironic that “Pope” Francis, of all people, should suddenly show an aversion to paganism of any sort. Note well that minting special Vatican “Mother Earth” coins, allowing idolatrous Pachamama worship in the Vatican Gardens, or claiming that the Holy Eucharist “embraces and penetrates all creation” (Querida Amazonia, n. 82) — all of that does not reflect a “paganism of thought”, according to this Jesuit bulwark of faith and morals. And of course he wasn’t terribly worried about paganism at the Quebec smudging ceremony either.

As long as it’s actual paganism, Francis has no problem with it…

The twisting of words and redefinition of concepts is Bergoglio’s specialty. In particular, he has a habit of misappropriating and misapplying theological terminology. By the persistent use of old and familiar terms in new ways, he is gradually changing their meaning. Most conspicuously he’s done this with the concepts of blasphemy, sacrilege, idolatry, paganism, and perversion. Let’s look at a few examples.

Earlier this year he claimed that to cause the suffering of civilians in war is to commit sacrilege. That is manifestly false. At the same time, of course, he shows no concern for what actually does constitute sacrilege.

With regard to blasphemy, he is quick to warn that violence against women is blasphemy, while at the same time he has no qualms about cracking blasphemous jokes and signing and promulgating blasphemous official documents.

Likewise, he will denounce all kinds of supposed “idolatry” (of ideas! of immanence! of space being greater than time! of oneself! etc.), but when actual, literal idolatry is committed, he promotes, excuses, and defends it.

The only time he shows himself concerned about “perversion” is when he applies the term to things like “rigidity”, “clericalism”, and other such real or imagined vices. On the other hand, the most obvious perversions, especially those prevalent in his Modernist church, he never denounces but even excuses because… who is he to judge?!

Similarly, he presents himself as a friend of the concept of conversion, as long as it is conversion to clean energy, to a more sustainable lifestyle, to anti-discrimination, or to non-violence. Conversion to Catholicism, on the other hand, is something he eyes with great suspicion and sometimes condemns outright.

When it comes to the topic of tradition, Francis has made it abundantly clear that he has great contempt for Catholic tradition, while at the same time showing that pagan tradition makes his heart grow fonder.

Our Blessed Lord warned us: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them” (Mt 7:15-16a).

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