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Crazy New Interview:

Francis denounces “Idolatry of Space greater than Time”, says “the True Religions are the Development of the Capacity that Humanity has to Transcend Itself towards the Absolute”

October 31 is almost upon us — officially “Reformation Day” in Martin Luther’s Germany — and the Novus Ordo Antipope Jorge Bergoglio will use the occasion to travel to Lund, Sweden, to celebrate the 499th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation with his fellow-non-Catholics there in the Lutheran Church of Sweden — a “Christian” denomination that is pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-sodomy, and has a woman “Archbishop” as its head. It is only at the behest of the region’s “Catholics” that Francis decided to stick around for another day while there, to celebrate “Mass” for the Feast of All Saints with them. Originally he was going to go straight back to Rome after paying his obeisance to the work of the world’s most notorious heretic, Martin Luther. (We saw a preview of this just the other day, when a statue of Luther was set up in the Vatican’s audience hall and Francis happily received a huge copy of Luther’s 95 Theses.)

On the eve of his trip to Lund, Francis agreed to the umpteenth interview, this time published by the Modernist Jesuit rag La Civiltà Cattolica, formerly a splendid Catholic publication established during the reign of Pope Pius IX. The interview was conducted by “Fathers” Ulf Jonsson and Antonio Spadaro, S.J., and published in the original Italian as well as in a working English translation. You can find the latter here:

We have picked out for you what we believe to be the most salient statements Francis made in this 8-page interview — please proceed at your own risk:


  • “I remember well when Archbishop [!] Antje Jackelén came here to the Vatican in May 2015 on an official visit. She gave a very nice speech. … Then I was also able to greet her husband. They are truly pleasant people. Then as pope, I went to preach in the Lutheran Church of Rome. I was very impressed with the questions that they asked then: that of the child and that of the woman on intercommunion. Beautiful and profound questions. And the pastor of that church is really good!”
  • “Luther took a great step by putting the Word of God into the hands of the people. Reform and Scripture are two things that we can deepen by looking at the Lutheran tradition.”
  • “Continuing to dialogue and to study the issues clearly belongs to the theologians…. I have asked Patriarch Bartholomew if what was told about Patriarch Athenagoras was true, what he said to Paul VI: «Let the two of us go ahead and we will put the theologians on an island to discuss among themselves». He told me that it was a true remark.”
  • “Personally, I believe that enthusiasm must shift towards common prayer and the works of mercy — work done together to help the sick, the poor, and the imprisoned.”
  • “There is a policy we should have clear in every case: to proselytize in the ecclesial field is a sin. Benedict XVI told us that the Church does not grow by proselytism, but by attraction. Proselytism is a sinful attitude. It would be like transforming the Church into an organization. Speaking, praying, working together: this is the path that we must take. Look, in ecumenism the one who never makes a mistake is the enemy, the devil. When Christians are persecuted and murdered, they are chosen because they are Christians, not because they are Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Catholics or Orthodox. An ecumenism of blood exists.”
  • “Every person is capable of becoming a terrorist simply by using the tongue. I don’t speak of the quarrels that are done openly, like wars. I speak about a sneaky terrorism that you do by throwing words like «bombs» and that do a lot of evil. … This terrorism is difficult to subdue.”
  • “There are idolatries connected to religion: the idolatry of money, of enmities, of space greater than time, the greed of the territoriality of space. There is an idolatry of the conquest of space, of dominion, that attacks religions like a malignant virus. And idolatry is a false religion, it is wrong religiosity. I call religion «an immanent transcendence», namely a contradiction. But the true religions are the development of the capacity that humanity has to transcend itself towards the absolute. The religious phenomenon is transcendent and it has to do with truth, beauty, goodness and unity. If there isn’t this openness, there is no transcendence, there is no true religion, there is idolatry.”
  • “I have an allergy to talking about spaces, but I always say that you see things better from the peripheries than you do the center.”
  • “If the young don’t prophesy, the Church lacks air.”
  • [Regarding what a person loses who does not believe in God:] “It is not losing something, but is about not adequately developing a capacity for transcendence.”
  • “I see a healthy coexistence [between “Catholics” and Swedish culture] where each one can live their faith and express their witnessing living an open and ecumenical spirit. You cannot be Catholic and sectarian. We must strive to be together with others. «Catholic» and «sectarian» are two words in contradiction. This is why at the beginning I wasn’t planning to celebrate a Mass for the Catholics on this trip. I wanted to insist on an ecumenical witness.”
  • “Don’t remain closed in rigid perspectives, because in these there is no possibility of reform.”

Comments would be superfluous at this point, but let’s recall what St. Paul told St. Timothy under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost: “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding the profane novelties of words, and oppositions of knowledge falsely so called. Which some promising, have erred concerning the faith” (1 Tim 6:20-21).

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8 Responses to “Crazy New Francis Interview before Sweden Trip”

  1. bsackamano

    It’s appropriate that Luthifers Day corresponds with the major occult holidays All Hallows Eve(29-31) and the occult Halloween on Nov 1, another example being April 30 Walpurgisnacht and May 1 Beltaine . This stuff is the typical reactionary aspect of satan against all things Catholic aka All Saints(last Sunday October) in this example. It has been suspected that Luthifer himself was a Rosicrucian(his personal crest being a rose in a heart see CV), he is certainly one major example of the apostates and heretics over the ages. Sweden is a completely de-Christianized country, home of rabbid feminism and the people are zombies, just look up their odd lifestyle, it’s also home to the disgusting Swedenborg Rite which the elite in that country certainly practice. Swedenborg was a two face, one version for the naive and the real dark occult version for the insiders. The 1968 film Sweden: Heaven and Hell is a good reference, and it references the name of Swedenborgs major work. Another of his major works is called “The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugal Love”, a wholy sex magick laden tome. I hate to say it but Scandinavia is one huge pagan materialistic abomination.

    • ClareB

      My comment is due to your mention of Swendenborg. I see that
      the film you referenced is on You Tube and I’m going to take a look at it this
      evening… but I must use the Watch Wire’s advice first: Caution [Modernism]

      Jorge Bergoglio’s copious outpourings, as in the Wire’s
      highlights above, make me think of James Joyce who used the stream of
      consciousness technique in some of his novels.
      The article about Joyce in Wikipedia says Joyce (1882-1941) “contributed
      to avant-garde modernism” and also links an article about ‘post-modernism’ that
      makes a good read (many more modernist authors, artists, architects, etc.).

      Wikipedia’s article, “stream of consciouness”, says:

      “The term “Stream of Consciousness” was coined by philosopher
      and psychologist
      James in The Principles of Psychology

      consciousness, then, does not
      appear to itself as chopped up in bits … it is nothing joined; it flows. A
      ‘river’ or a ‘stream’ are the metaphors by which it is most naturally
      described. In talking of it hereafter, let’s call it the stream of thought,
      consciousness, or subjective life.[3]

      …..Born into a wealthy family, James was the son of the Swedenborgian
      theologian Henry James Sr ….”

      Is it any surprise that William James also wrote a
      “philosophy of religion”?

      The first sentence of the ‘Swedenborgian” Wikipedia article

      The New Church (or Swedenborgianism) is the
      name for several historically related Christian denominations that developed as
      a new religious movement, informed by the
      writings of Swedish
      scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772).

      Well, well…connections, eh what? Is it any surprise that
      Novus Bogus Jorge is going to Sweden? Maybe one of his post-modernist author
      pals will write a commentary on Jorge’s quotes about what Jorge actually said
      while he was there…the title could be a catchy modernist grabber… such
      as…“Cresting At Flood Stage” or “A River Runs Its Banks” or “Me, Mine and, Well,

  2. Sonia

    Protestants, whether they believe in the Incarnation (the non-Christian bros and sistas included) just love the idea of a Pope AS an antichrist. While a Vicar of Christ never could be, the Novus Ordo and their Trad friends are giving anti-Christ anti-papists the time of their life – feeding their arrogance, complacence, ignorance and confusion – all the stuff Diablo prefers.

    What would Cardinal Manning say now, seeing that 99% accept persons who are little anti-catholic anti-Christs being hailed as Christ’s Vicar? And have done so since the death of the twelfth Pius. Cardinal Manning – drawing on all the teachings of the Church – including St Bellarmine – foresaw a Rome gone pagan, without a Pope and a Church banished and in exile…whether he saw an exiled Church without a pope? But we have a Church with the Ghosts of Papacy’s past. There are no Papacy’s present. Cardinal Manning also knew the attack on the Church and her Vicar had one point – to remove the Real Presence. To empty the tabernacles through heretical viruses. They have been very effective.

    • Siobhan

      In that first paragraph you write here–oh, so-so true. Yes, too, viruses–that mutant continuously-with a new emphasis, “dialogue” & form of “accompaniment” ongoing.

  3. No Comment

    And the “normie” Catholics online at Catholic Answers Forum still believe this clown is the true pope of the true Catholic Church. Whom you must not question. I know, because CAF banned me immediately for bringing up the Argentinian Apostate’s stunning remarks from last summer that people living in sin “have the graces of marriage, as long as they have love and fidelity to each other”…but when it comes to those who took the trouble to marry within the Novus Ordo Church, the joke’s on them because “the vast majority of our sacramental marriages are null (!)”

    How can these people listen to this imposter spout anti-Catholic absurdities day after day, and still consider him the true pope? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with them??!

  4. aabroad

    It is probably true that, in these interviews, Jorge does simply talk off the top of his head, impromptu. And he may not have explicitly and deliberately planned all the specific topics and comments. However, he has had a long life of experience and “study” within the “Church” over which he has bound to have thought about and considered all these issues, in some detail, from time to time. Therefore he cannot be ignorant of traditional teaching on these issues, or of the novelty, not to mention heresy, of many of his remarks. The question then arises as to just how calculated and cynical he is being? One gets the feeling that he is becoming more and more bold in his explicit heresies, as if to test the mettle of any possible opposition, as if to dare any of the “cardinals” and “bishops” to contradict him.
    For any run-of-the-mill lay Catholic to utter “the true religions” would be explainable by long submersion in the Zeitgeist, but for it to appear as a locution in a premeditated official interview by a putative Pope is (or should be) earth-shattering in its consequences.
    Yet all the usual suspects, Catholic Answers, Church Militant, Catholic Culture, etc, will undoubtedly move us along quickly, saying there is nothing to see…

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