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Two More Protestants Confirm Francis told them He’s Not Interested in Converting Them

A few weeks ago, Evangelical Protestant Brian Stiller made some waves among those who still tenaciously cling to the laughable idea that Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is a Roman Catholic, when he reported that Francis had told him explicitly, “I’m not interested in converting Evangelicals to Catholicism.” We reported on the matter at length in a blog post here.

Of course, one immediate “objection” we heard right away was that the Protestant Stiller could just be lying about this, and we can’t assume his report is accurate. (Hey, what in Bergoglio’s tenure and past could possibly lead you to believe he would have said this, right?) This was one of the things that ultimately led blogger Steve Skojec to post the following interesting contribution:

But now, other Protestants who attended the same luncheon with Francis that Stiller reported on have confirmed Stiller’s account that Francis stated point-blank that he was not interested in their conversion. See the following video made by “non-denominational” charismatics John and Carol Arnott of Catch The Fire, who relate their experience of visiting Bergoglio at the Vatican (the bombshell quote comes at 6:39 into the video):

Protestants John and Carol Arnott share their experience visiting Francis

In case you cannot view the video, the quote is as follows:

We were able to hear his heart, and he was saying, “You know, I’m really not expecting any of you to join the Catholic Church. Please understand that’s not what this is about. What we’re talking about is a unified position to go before the world and say we are proclaiming Christ as the only hope of salvation.”

(John Arnott, “Meeting with Pope Francis”; quote from video above)

This heretical claptrap is perfectly in line with everything else Francis has said and done. Please review our post “Francis Not Interested in Converting Protestants” for more analysis and a devastating reality check on how Francis’ heresy contrasts with the traditional teaching of the true Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII and his predecessors.

Since the above video was made, Anglican “bishop” Tony Palmer, who also participated in the same luncheon with Francis and can be seen in the video, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Click here for our coverage of that tragic story.

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