“I can’t believe it’s not Catholic!”

Another Monster Church:
St. Francis de Sales in Norton Shores, Michigan

There is something about eyesores. Even though they’re horrendously ugly and therefore inherently repulsive, somehow many people nevertheless experience the urge to look. Perhaps it’s due to an instinctive “this is too ugly to be true” reaction.

On this web site we occasionally feature extremely hideous, blasphemous, and otherwise repulsive Novus Ordo churches that are officially but deceptively branded “Roman Catholic”. Think of the Jesuit “Chapel of Encounter” in Salamanca, “God’s Ski Jump” in Munich, the “Novus Horror Church” of St. Martin in Erdmannhausen, or the horrific pile of junk that blasphemously calls itself “Most Holy Trinity Church” in Vienna, to name just a few.

Today we present St. Francis de Sales Church near Muskegon, Michigan. It was designed by Jewish architect Marcel Breuer (1902-81). Construction began in 1961 and was completed in 1966. The end result is the structure you see in the image above. This beauty is found in Norton Shores, within the boundaries of the diocese of Grand Rapids.

The exterior and interior of this travesty of a church building is well documented in the following clips:

The official parish web site provides a self-guided tour “explaining” its house of horrors.

Whereas true Catholic churches try to bring a little bit of Heaven to earth in order to raise people’s minds to heavenly things (cf. Col 3:1-2) and because the Holy Mass is the Sacrifice of Calvary, these hideous eyesores that are so prevalent in the Novus Ordo religion apparently try to bring hell to people (especially in the Vatican), and quite effectively so.

What immediately stands out about St. Francis de Sales’ church in Norton Shores is the obvious trapezoidal shape of the building’s facade. This is not insignificant, because the trapezoid is considered the most Satanic of shapes in occultism, perhaps because its visual discordance — and frequent asymmetry — lends itself to disorientation and disharmony. If there’s one feature that is most striking about St. Francis de Sales’, it’s the building’s visual disharmony, especially its “hyperbolic side walls”.

For obvious reasons, we’re not going to link to Satanic web sites or to sites where Satanic rituals are explained, but suffice it to say that there is a Law of the Trapezoid and an Order of the Trapezoid connected with Satanism and occultism. People who “must” know about these things can do their own research. The point is not that a trapezoid shape is bad in itself — it obviously isn’t — but that Satanists have a preference for its use and consider it highly suitable for their practices. They believe that it facilitates the demonic, that it gives certain energies to those who are sensitive to it, etc.

Just as there is Catholic architecture, which uses shapes and designs that are particularly suited to the sacred and the worship of the Holy Trinity, so there is also anti-Catholic architecture, Satanic building design, which those pitiful souls use for their nefarious ends.

It’s pretty evident what spirit inspired the design of St. Francis de Sales Church near Muskegon.

Image source: youtube.com (screenshot)
License: fair use

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