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For 17,000,000 Dollars:

“God’s Ski Jump” opens in Archdiocese of Munich

The Modernists have done it again. With the generous support of the Kirchensteuer (Germany’s quasi-mandatory church tax), the Novus Ordo Archdiocese of Munich and Freising has put together one heck of an expensive heap of junk they call “Blessed Rupert Mayer Catholic Church” in Poing, a small town near Munich. The final price tag ended up being a whopping 14.6 million Euros — approx. 17 million U.S. dollars — and the photo above gives a first hint as to what it got them. No wonder it has been nicknamed “God’s ski jump” (Sprungschanze Gottes) by the people.

On June 10, 2018, the pretend-archbishop of Munich, “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx, solemnly dedicated the new church — as solemnly as solemn gets in Novus Ordo Land, that is. Asked about his opinion of the new “sacred” building, Mr. Marx said: “It is a beautiful, welcoming church. It is radiant, it is open, it joins heaven and earth when you enter, and it is a gathering space for the entire people of God. So I like it very much.”

The following two video clips, from which these words are taken (our translation), give a glimpse of how monstrous this mockery of a Catholic church is:

The construction of this bizarre building took seven years of planning and three years of execution.

This pseudo-church seats 350 people and is as inviting and spiritually edifying as a public bathroom. The following photos will convince you that we’re not exaggerating (click each photo for a larger version):

When you can’t figure out what a building is supposed to be,
you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a Novus Ordo church

The view from the choir loft shows all there is to see: not much

Behold the “altar” — its shape is trapezoid, the most satanic of shapes in Occultism
(the thing on the right is supposed to be the pulpit)

You guessed it: This is the “tabernacle”.
Modernists spare no effort to make it as hideous and repulsive as possible

Connect the dots already: This piece of “art” by Jerry Zeniuk graces a dividing wall near the entrance —
how much of the $17 million was spent on this?

The Jesuit Fr. Rupert Mayer (1876-1945), to whom the church is dedicated, was part of Munich’s Catholic resistance against the German Nazi regime in the 1930s and ’40s. He was declared “blessed” by Antipope John Paul II in 1987. That this church is actually a great dishonor to this honorable priest — not to mention a frightful blasphemy against Almighty God — has probably not even occurred to the “Catholics” celebrating the dedication of this architectural nightmare.

Art is the mirror of the soul. What you see above, ladies and gentlemen, is the utter abandonment of the true religion by the Modernist hierarchy and their hapless sheeple. It is the architectural and liturgical expression of the apostate spiritual wasteland that is the Vatican II Sect. It is the false Novus Ordo theology expressed in stone and cement, in art and liturgy.

By contrast, here is what a real Roman Catholic sanctuary looks like:

The sanctuary of Mount St. Michael’s in Spokane, Washington

Just guess which of these two starkly contrasting views the Novus Ordo Sect tries to sell you as a “New Springtime” of Catholicism…. He who has eyes to see, let him see!

It is obvious that what we are presented with here is the expression of two different religions: One is centered on God, the other on man. One expresses the Roman Catholic religion, the other the religion of the Second Vatican Council. One expresses Supernaturalism, the other Naturalism. One offers the Divine Sacrifice of Calvary, the other shares bread and wine as a memorial meal. One is the sanctuary of the true God (cf. Ez 37:26-28), the other the abomination of desolation (cf. Dan 11:31; Mt 24:15).

“They have possessed thy holy people as nothing: our enemies have trodden down thy sanctuary” (Is 63:18). There is simply nothing Catholic left in the Modernist church. The good news is that this false religion is on its way out. It is sterile in more ways than one, and it will eventually collapse under its own irrelevance.

Pray that all the souls so unhappily caught up in this infernal anti-Catholic sect will quickly come to realize that they have fallen victim to the “operation of error” (2 Thess 2:10), before their souls are ruined eternally.

So… now what, you ask? Find help here.

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