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May 13, 2019

Opening of the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles… Can you guess the religion?

Finally, some action: Francis faces Opposition during Angelus Address… They should carry Sede Vacante banners!

Sacred Betrayal: Widow of former Vatican ambassador publishes explosive book outlining corruption, deception, and abuse of power of “Cardinal” Oscar Rodriguez-Maradiaga, Francis’ frontman for reform of church governance. The National Catholic Register has published an interview with the author here.

“Bp.” Athanasius Schneider says Francis “must” correct his Abu Dhabi declaration. And if he doesn’t?! – Well then… he doesn’t.

Not-impressed Francis doubles down, tells his Swiss Guards that religious diversity is a “human wealth”. How poor the world would be if all nations and peoples confessed Jesus Christ and His holy Gospel!

Well, at least he’s got a sense of humor: Bergoglio says that “today there is a need for passionate and creative evangelizers, so that the Gospel may reach those who do not yet know it”! And when you do, he’ll denounce you for “proselytism” and adhering to rigid “certainties”!

England’s Novus Ordo schools back State in LGBT Sex Education law… What did Christ say about millstones again? (–> Mk 9:41)

By their fruits you shall know them: Francis has open doors for abortionist Emma Bonino; but for Matteo Salvini, not so much

And he isn’t talking about pipe organs: Francis encourages Organ Donations even though donors are (probably) not even dead when organs are cut out… Is “Brain Death” real death? A medical expert speaks out.

While we’re on the topic: Vatican says parents must vaccinate their children, even if vaccines come from aborted babies. Will they one day be required to buy or sell? (–> Apoc 13:17)

Irish Archlayman Diarmuid Martin knows that the Church is “imprisoned in its past” — the solution? Why, more Vatican II, of course!

First English interview with new SSPX Superior General: 11 Questions for Fr. Davide Pagliarani.

The new Bergoglian morality applied: Vatican newspaper defends “necessary” hijacking of ship by migrants.

Francis issues Motu Proprio establishing clear guidelines for dealing with sex abuse. Zenit highlights takeaways, Ferrara criticizes: document protects consensual clerical sodomy.

Unholy Week in Brazil: Let’s turn Holy Thursday “Mass” into a Banquet! Hey, at least it wasn’t a Voodoo ritual!

Unholy Week in Rome: Francis uses Palm Sunday to denounce “Triumphalism”

Amoris Laetitia in action: Pastor at French church announces openly adulterous couple admitted to “Communion” again. The pseudo-wife says that for almost two decades she “took communion in other ways, through the Word instead of bread [!]” — but apparently that Sixth Commandment never made it in her study of “the Word”.

The latest from the god of surprises: “Being angry with Christ is a kind of prayer!”

Sandro Magister shares a “startling survey” about homosexuals in Brazilian seminaries. In fact: Homos, homos everywhere… And this brochure says all you need to know about the Vatican.

Now we finally know how to get pro-abortion politicians to be denied ‘Communion’, at least in Santiago de Chile: Have them kneel!

Gaga for sure: Suor Cristina, the “Rocking Nun”, returns to public television

Hey, it ain’t his money: Francis donates $500,000 of your Peter’s Pence contributions to help migrants in Mexico. And that dispute over the Papal Foundation‘s $25 Million grant isn’t over yet… (More on that here.)

Austrian “bishop” of Jesus Clock blasphemy accuses semi-trad web site Gloria TV of “accussatory and defamatory reporting”… But this little mishap was surely no accident…

We all know Francis uses way too many words, but who’s counting? — Well, this guy is!

Now there’s an idea: Commit schism in order to keep from heresy! U.K. Novus Ordo priest declares that he and his associates “withdraw our obedience from Pope Francis and sever communion with the Holy See.” And yet they maintain that “this is not an act of schism”. They may want to look up the definition of schism in their own Canon Law (can. 751) sometime and also the Catholic teaching on the Papacy. And no, we sedevacantists aren’t doing the same thing, for we insist Francis is not the Pope and therefore do not submit to him, whereas these individuals here continue to believe Francis is the Vicar of Christ!

German diocese of Limburg has a great idea: How about giving up Catholicism for Lent?

No mercy there: Trying to be a Catholic priest in a non-Catholic sect has undesirable consequences for young Novus Ordo priest in Australia

Nothing to see here: Francis calls for new ‘supranational’ authorities to enforce goals set by United Nations….

Francis says it, so it must be true: “Migrants are not a threat to the culture, traditions and values of the nation that welcomes them.” Oh yeah? What’s this then?

Taylor Marshall, a former Anglican priest, former defender of Amoris Laetitia, and a promoter of Gnostic gematria, who as recently as last year was still teaching that Novus Ordo doctrine is pure and holy, now wants to sell you a book telling you all about the infiltration of the Catholic Church by Communists and Modernists….

Must have talked about clericalism: Buffalo diocese puts three presbyters on leave for ‘unsuitable’ conversations… A Kiwi “Cardinal” has a great idea about how to fight clericalism!

The patron of Communist terrorists has been “beatified as a martyr” in Argentina, and the Vatican II Sect really does have its own doctor

If you converted to Novus Ordoism because it “felt right”, you converted for the wrong reason… And what will you say to a Mormon who converted to his religion because it “felt right” to him?

Shallow calls to shallow: New book highlights Novus Ordo celebrity monk Thomas Merton’s affair with 25-year-old woman. Historical tidbit: Merton died in 1968 at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, attending an interreligious conference. He was anointed by Fr. Rembert Weakland.

Guess who’s on Time’s 100 Most Influential People List

No longer caring about the salvation of souls, what’s the Vatican up to these days? Oh yeah, trying to influence the global average temperature in 2050

Vatican workshop on immoral Pacifism concludes. Maybe the Swiss Guards could now lay down their arms?

Desecration of what used to be a Catholic church: “Song in Honor of Mohammed” performed in Spanish Novus Ordo Cathedral. Meanwhile, in France: French archlayman “delighted” to participate in dedication of mosque.

“Spite, traps, threats and intimidation” — Looks like some people just don’t care for transparency at the Vatican Bank… Alternate report here.

Just what you’d expect from Communists: After signed agreement with Vatican, Chinese official says the plan is to eliminate Christianity in the country. Vaticanist Sandro Magister calls the deal a “blowout for Beijing.”

Ah yes, we’ve noticed: Novus Ordo priest who was long-time defender of Francis accuses him of “duplicity and dishonesty.” So does Prof. Roberto de Mattei.

After 6+ years of incessant Bergoglian blather, “it really doesn’t matter what he says anymore”, as Christopher Altieri notes.

A thoroughly biblical practice (see Acts 19:19): Polish Novus Ordo priests burn diabolical Harry Potter books. Alas, that didn’t last long: “Priest” who led the burning apologizes. Hmm… maybe that change of heart had something to do with this episcopal charlatan?

No surprise there, considering he’s a false pope: Francis preaches a False Christ in Morocco.

That man’s career is over: “Fr.” Thomas Rosica cannot even spout overtly anti-Catholic stuff without plagiarizing itLife Site has published as many as 57 examples of plagiarism they allege Rosica to be guilty of. Impressive! So now he has taken a sabbatical, but the problem won’t go away.

Next round in the never-ending SSPX drama: Francis appoints French patristics scholar to handle talks with Lefebvrists.

Apostate Franciscan New Age guru Richard Rohr promotes the “Universal Christ”. That’s the same Richard Rohr who… well, just click here.

Chicago paper accuses “Cardinal” Blase Cupich of using cemetery funds to pay for sex abuse costs.

In Philippines, a young man wants to come to his college graduation “Mass” dressed as a woman. Jesuit university president is delighted!

So, are you putting all your hopes in “Cardinal” Robert Sarah? After all, he says that “the Church is dying because the shepherds are afraid of speaking with truth and clarity” and condemns Judas-like betrayal in the church! Too bad he also lauds Francis as a “solid Pope” who “wants to save Christian humanism”!

“Cardinal” Joseph Tobin says it’s “unfortunate” that sodomitic tendencies are “intrinsically disordered.”

One Antipope is enough: National Non-Catholic Register gets antsy about Benedict XVI’s constant interference.

Mr. Zuhlsdorf dodges a bullet: Donald Hying succeeds Robert Morlino as “Bishop” of Madison, WI. Looks like his blogger life will continue!

They’re not even pretending anymore, folks: Conspicuous lack of Vatican support for Family Conference in Verona.

A Novus Ordo missionary priest wonders what church he belongs to… He should look up the Church from before 1958 sometime.

Pantheism through the back door? Burmese “Cardinal” wants “ecological reparation” made to indigenous peoples

Representative of Francis’ supposed bull dog against sex abuse declares on national television that Homosexuality is “part of God’s plan” for mankind. Just like false religions, too, huh? Then again, Mr. Scicluna himself stated during a Vatican press conference that homosexuality isn’t “something that really predisposes to sin”… At Vatican City, the inmates are running the asylum!

The next semi-trad Identity Crisis Conference has a line-up of speakers for you who all know that Francis is not a Catholic but is the Pope whom you’re not allowed to submit to. Let’s see how they’re going to fare keeping the Faith by denying it, this time around…

Victim of its own apostasy: The Vatican II Sect is getting ready to become irrelevant also in Canada.

And now, it’s time for your annual African tribal dance — at church, of course!

Irish pseudo-bishop criticizes “traditional Catholics” who spread “fear of Muslim immigrants”. Watch, in a few years he’s going to shed crocodile tears over the Islamization of his country. Seen it all before.

Sexual abuse is a most wicked thing, but so is falsely accusing another of it: Journalist claims “Cardinal” George Pell’s accuser copied testimony from old Rolling Stone report. Make sure you have a look at this telling timeline here… Meanwhile, in Argentina, the investigation of “Bishop” Gustavo Zanchetta, promoted to a Vatican post by Francis, has begun.

What do you get when Modernists give faculties they don’t have to Gallicans who say they don’t need them? That’s right: Happy Lefebvrists!

After first divesting of Catholicism, the Austrian Novus Ordo bishops’ conference has now also divested of fossil fuels.

Profound “papal” wisdom for athletes: Have clear goals in life!

Less propitiation, more environmentalism: “Catholic theologian” Elizabeth Johnson argues “no one had to die for our sins.” That this woman teaches at the Catholic University of America proves once again that what used to a prestigious Catholic university is now nothing but a laughing stock promoting Modernist-feminist drivel…

Careful, semi-trads and Novus Ordo conservatives: The next conclave will probably make things worse… Speaking of conclaves: New book gives inside account of 2013 Conclave that elected Bergoglio… More here. Meanwhile: “Cardinal” Kasper is quick to deny any “networking” on his part to get the desired outcome…

Washington, D.C.’s new Archlayman, Wilton Gregory, “placed a priest back into active ministry after previously removing him for engaging in homosexual misconduct.” If that’s not renewal!

Conservative Novus Ordo Jesuit Fr. James Schall has died at age 91.

Look who’s talking: Vatican II, Ecumenism, and Dialogue.

Bergoglio has brilliant unsolicited advice for U.S. President Trump: “He who raises a wall ends up a prisoner of the wall he erected”. By the way: The Vatican’s own walls can be seen here. And yes, the Vatican is open around St. Peter’s Square, but try visiting the Vatican Gardens sometime, Benedict XVI, or the Frankster himself without permission.

Quite a find: The Lost Condemnations of Communism at Vatican II.

Another reality check for Malachi Martin fans. (Besides this one.)

Fighting abortion is good and important, but beware of the “ecumenical Woodstock”.

You can lead a horse to water, but…: Louie Verrechio comes very close to Sedevacantism but then still decides against it

Bp. Donald Sanborn dismantles the “Suspended Magisterium” idea of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

A historical gem: Video of the episcopal consecration of Bp. Mark Pivarunas by Bp. Moises Carmona (Sep. 24, 1991).

Former SSPX priest and former FSSP superior, Fr. Josef Bisig, says Abp. Marcel Lefebvre privately entertained Sedevacantism. That would jibe with what Fr. Anthony Cekada argues here.

Peter Chojnowski shares an interview with Sr. Lucy of Fatima he suspects might be responsible for her disappearance and replacement with an impostor.

From a time when the Vatican was inhabited by Catholics: Video of Vatican City under Pope Pius XII.

“Are You Catholic? Are You Confused by the Church Lately?” — Bishop Sanborn offers advice…

Convenient side-by-side comparison of Vatican II doctrine vs. Catholic doctrine: Religious Liberty | Ecumenism

And a sedevacantist blogger unmasks the “Synagogue of Satan”.

And one for the road…

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