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No Joke: Francis warns of “Islamization”!

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, and you couldn’t use it as one because no one would believe you: The Austrian news magazine Profil reports on its web site that at a recent private audience with Austrian “Catholics”, “Pope” Francis has expressed his concern about an “Islamization” of the nation.

Here is a translation of the brief report:

Pope criticizes Cardinal Schönborn

Francis warns of Islamization — sees “indifferent attitude” in Catholics towards their own faith

As Profil reports in its current issue, Pope Francis has criticized Cardinal [Christoph] Schönborn [of Vienna]. “I have a different attitude to Islamization than your cardinal does”, he stated shortly before the national elections [of Oct. 15] during a private audience for a small group of Catholics from Austria. He said he does “not care for mistaken tolerance” and that he misses “the missionary [element] in this debate”. His biggest worry is not so much the spread of Islam itself as the “indifferent attitude” Catholics have towards their own faith, which leads to this mistaken [notion of] tolerance, the Pope explained during the audience [given] in the German language, which he learned when he was a student in Germany.

(“Pope criticizes Cardinal Schönborn”, Profil, Oct. 21, 2017; our translation.)

Now this really takes the cake! The next thing you know, Francis will denounce Modernism as a pernicious heresy threatening the integrity of the Faith!

What’s remarkable here is the chutzpah with which Chaos Frank makes these statements when he must know that he is the last person on earth who could credibly lament the Islamization of the West! How stupid does he think people are?

Let’s briefly review some of the facts about Francis and Islam to allow every reader to determine for himself how credible it is for the Vatican’s Chief Apostate to “lament” the decline of Catholicism and the rise of Islam. Needless to say, this is just a very small sample:

When speaking to mixed audiences, Francis is notorious for giving endless speeches that never mention God or Jesus Christ (see example here) except as gimmicks to promote his false Gospel of Man. He is a Naturalist through and through. He preaches Christ only to Christians (and even then it’s a distorted Christ and a false gospel). He preaches  Judaism to Jews and Islam to Muslims. He preaches “humanity” and naturalist “goodness” to secularists and pagans.

There is not a Catholic bone in the man’s body. Recall his embarrassing and revealing “10 Tips for a Happy Life”, in which He didn’t mention God at all. The list might as well have been compiled by the Dalai Lama, Ban Ki-moon, or Angela Merkel.

His acceptance speech for the Charlemagne Prize in 2016 was filled with Naturalist blather focused entirely on temporal concerns, with no thought given at all to anyone’s eternal salvation. Instead, the three buzzwords were: integrate, dialogue, and generate. Whatever. Although he did mention Jesus and the Gospel in his address, both were merely used as a prop for works of charity, which were identified with the presence of Christ, whose “mercy … consoles and encourages.” Once again, the focus was on the mundane.

When he addressed the “Catholic” youth in Poland, he lauded them for their alleged search for a “New Humanity” — not, mind you, the “new man” regenerated in the grace of Christ, “who according to God is created in justice and holiness of truth” (Eph 4:24), but rather a Naturalist “new man” who “rejects hatred between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers and can cherish its own traditions without being self-centred or small-minded.”

As far as the threat of Islamization of the West goes, here too it pays to review some headlines from the last year or so:

In his extensive and thoroughly-documented book The Political Pope, conservative Novus Ordo author George Neumayr exposes how Francis’ repeated words and actions have proved him to be one of the biggest cheeleaders for the Islamization of Europe:

In 2016, as a wave of illegal immigrants from Islamic countries crashed upon the shores of Europe, Pope Francis called on all Catholic parishes to open their doors to them.

One of the top bishops in Hungary, a country reeling from the crush of illegal immigrants, told the press that he found the pope’s instruction mystifying. “They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose diocese stretches across the southern part of Hungary. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over” [source].

“On the question of taking in immigrants Pope Francis is wrong,” Jaroslaw Gowin, a Polish Catholic politican, said. “In no case should we take in Muslims” [source].

In stark contrast to his predecessors, Pope Francis has shown no interest in reviving a historically Christian Europe against a potential Eurabian future….

Would Pope Francis, some wonder, even want a secularized Europe to return to Christianity? He sounds at best agnostic on this subject….

In an interview with La Croix, the French Catholic newspaper, Pope Francis broke with his predecessors in denouncing Christian confessional states (states that give a privileged position to Christianity in their constitutions) and gave his blessing to the post-Enlightenment concept of the secular nation-state.

His remarks revealed why the prospect of Eurabia doesn’t bother him. What his predecessors called indifferentism — the heretical notion that all religions are of equal value — crept into his remarks.

On his return to Rome from a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos in 2016, the pope brought back with him three Muslim families. In a sad irony, he left behind a Christian family, whose papers, according to the Vatican, weren’t in order, even though he had just been waxing indignant about indifference to the “undocumented”….

Conservatives who seek to rebuild a “Christian Europe” embarrass Pope Francis, as he explained in his interview with La Croix: “We need to speak of roots in the plural because there are so many. In this sense, when I hear talk of the Christian roots of Europe, I sometimes dread the tone, which can seem triumphalist or even vengeful. It then takes on colonialist overtones.”

Christianity’s influence over Europe should be reduced to humanitarian service, he argued: “Christianity’s duty to Europe is one of service. As Erich Przywara, the great master of Romano Guardini and Hans Urs von Balthasar teaches us, Christianity’s contribution to a culture is that of Christ in the washing of the feet. In other words, service and the gift of life. It must not become a colonial enterprise” [source].

(George Neumayr, The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives [New York, NY: Center Street, 2017], Chapter 7)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who now expresses concern about the Islamization of the West, the decline of Christianity, and “Catholics” becoming indifferent to their faith.

If hypocrisy could make him fat, one would need a bike to get around Francis.

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12 Responses to “No Joke: Francis warns of “Islamization”!”

  1. poapratensis

    Nice article. Really puts much together. More of this needs to be done as Francis so frequently unloads this stuff you can’t keep up with it.

    I would think an article summarizing Francis’s pertinacity in rebuttal to the recent Salza article on The Remnant would be similarly illuminating.

  2. Sonia

    Hmm. Distract to interact (f-over). Lot of ‘interesting’ stuff on the grid. Bergog on Moham…


    Hello MattREALM. Whatever.

    We know. We know Christ V satan. We also know the Victor. So why the crawley pretend confusion…

  3. jay

    Islam is a religion of conquest and theft. It is at its heart a pagan religion that worships a pagan god “Allah’ who was worshiped by pagans prior to Mohammed . The Vatican II sect believes islam and Catholicism have the same roots, until Bergoglio denounces this he cannot call himself a Catholic.

    • Sonia

      Bergoglio is a radical = radix roots; anyway, Bergog IS VII. Islam is antichristism, and given the Novus Ordo is antichrist, Moham and Bergog have much in common, but, Christ has no concord with Belial.

  4. Sonia

    Islam hates Christ and Christians and the Jews because it says so in their wretched book. Hmmm. But Talmudists hate Christ and say Islam is a ‘broom’ to sweep away all Christianity.

  5. Conspirador

    Francis “the humble” I think has achieved what he wanted to accomplish: to destroy Catholic Faith by supporting the muslim invasion in Europe and the damage is done and we will see the fruits of this invasion within 20 years. Next mission: to destroy priestly celibacy and creating a hybrid “Mass” or “ecumenical” Mass.

  6. Lee

    This reminds me of Paul VI (the sick) who said “the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God,” as if it was out of his control to stop it, but in reality his total responsibility for letting it happen. The Vatican II popes are complete anti Catholic frauds.

  7. bartmaeus

    What he appears to be saying is: the Catholics must begin proselytizing in order to convert the flood of Muslim Salafists into a “New Pentacost” for the Church.

    So I guess he is giving a dispensation to the Austrian Catholics for proselytizing, which is, of course, a great sin against ecumenism.

    We, elsewhere, stand at our posts, awaiting a similar dispensation in order to begin the King Kanute, Quixotic venture into the no-go areas of the migrant ghettos in order to preach the Gospel . . . of . . .

  8. Is it I, Lord?

    He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Our Lord said, ‘Let your yes mean yes, your no mean no.’ Jorge is a snake.

  9. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Here’s my take: being a Modernist (actually, technically, a Postmodernist), he feels that all religions, which are a form of human opinions, have equal validity. Proselytism, according to him, is attempting to impose your beliefs on someone else, which attacks the equality of all opinions and suggests that some opinions are closer to the Truth than others.

    Now, we’ve assumed this Modernist belief is one way — proselytizing Muslims or Protestants into the Novus Ordo is bad — but it apparently goes the other way too, at least for him: converting Novus Ordos to Islam is proselytism too, and also bad.

    Traditional Catholicism, of course, is the religion of the Truth, and believing there is a true religion at all attacks this core Modernist belief about the equality of human opinions. So for the Modernist, converting people away from traditional Catholicism is good. That’s the only exception. But since the Novus Ordo is also a false religion, it gets Modernist legitimacy as a valid human opinion system like Protestantism or Islam.

  10. Sonia

    “indifferent attitude” in Catholics towards their own faith”. The problem with that statement is that Bergoglio’s ‘Catholics’ are Novus Ordites, so they are indifferent to a faith that is increasingly alien to them.
    Meanwhile, what is left of Catholicism in the swamp of the Islamic States is being ‘swept’ away.

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