Catholic Hero or Anti-Catholic Miscreant?

Friend or Foe?
The Mysterious Malachi Martin

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them” (Mt 7:15-16). This stern warning came from our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ within no less serious of a context than our very salvation.

Our times are terrible and frightening, and many there are who prop themselves up as guiding lights and prophets, as it were, to lead us through the apostasy perpetrated upon the world by the Modernist Vatican II Church.

Anyone who investigates the disaster that has befallen the Catholic world since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, is bound to stumble upon one name before long: Malachi Martin. Father Malachi Martin, to be exact. He was ordained a priest for the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1954, but was laicized eleven years later by the Novus Ordo Vatican.

Martin (1921-1999) is frequently adduced as a Vatican insider, traditionalist pundit, and an authority on theological matters, specifically regarding the Novus Ordo changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council, at which he was present as a peritus for “Cardinal” Augustin Bea. He claimed to have read the Third Secret of Fatima, wrote hair-raising novels that were a mix of fiction and fact (which he referred to as “faction”), and has been promoted by many good-willed but misled souls as a friend of Tradition and champion of Catholic orthodoxy.

But what are the facts? Below you will find links to plenty of information about the mysterious character that was Malachi Martin. In a nutshell: Stay away from this man and anything that has to do with the occult.

Reality Check on Fr. Malachi Martin, SJ:

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6 Responses to “Friend or Foe? The Truth About Fr. Malachi Martin, SJ”

  1. zanzibar

    He’s a hero who stood in the face of evil and refused to back down. A great man who sounded the warning to those who choose to hear. We love him. Always.

    • Kim Bo

      Hmm don’t know what to think. After Frank took over I knew there was something seriously wrong. I was a Protestant to Novus Ordo convert in 2003. Martin’s interviews fueled my search for tradition the first year of Frank’s “pontificate”. I have gone from FSSP to SSPX to an independent sede chapel—largely in part to Martin. I wonder if he were alive now whether or not he would have morphed into a sedevacantist like the rest of us here. From what I understand he was somewhat of a liberal before Vat 2, but when he saw the horrific changes happening, he woke up.

      BTW the man who states Martin had an affair with his wife is also a diagnosed schizophrenic.

      There is a new movie out about his life on Netflix—Hostage to the Devil.

  2. Sonia

    In another Art Bell interview Martin says as plain as day that ‘abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor.’ He also told Art Bell that white witchcraft was innocent as it merely saw the beauty in nature. The long and the short is he spoke with a forked tongue.

  3. Origen

    I do not know who is responsible for running this site. I could only hope and pray that whoever is responsible here would speak nothing but truth. Christ is the truth and in the end we will all answer to the truth. I can’t say for sure if Fr. Martin was privy to anything worth while or not. Nor do I know the state of his soul. So there will not be a subjective judgement made here by me. What has me puzzled, at times, is why Fr. Martin did not hold faith over obedience. The popes usurped the authority of God. The popes did not reveal the third secret of fatima nor did they make the consecration. All of this being said I know, for sure, that if I held the power to save millions of souls by revelaing the third secret I would have. I vaguely remember hearing Fr. Martin explain on the Art Bell show why he didn’t and at that point I remember thinking but you are just as responsible by not revealing the secret. I would have to go back and listen to this again to know exactly what he said. Again though, if it were me, I would have to say the salvation of souls is pure love and the highest law of all laws is love. I would have revealed it and I believe anyone whose conscience is similar to mine would do the same. I will not say much more because I was about to go off on the present state of the church and I do not want my anger to come out. Pax et bonum.

  4. Origen

    I went back and looked for the transcript and then listened to the talk where Fr. Martin mentioned about not having authority to reveal the secret. The transcript on line is not exactly what he said. This is the transcript pertaining just to that part:
    A.B.: -“Should it be revealed?”

    [2] M.M.: “I’m one small man but I have no authority to do that. I can’t make that decision… It would have such dire effects, on much more than Christians.

    After I listened to the audio this is what Fr. Martin said:
    Malachi Martin said
    Here’s my difficulty Art I’m one small little man. I have no public authority to do that. I do not know if that would be the Will of God and since it would have such dire affects on much more than Christians or many others. Um I can’t make that decision do you understand what I’m trying to say? I can’t make that decision. I have no assurance that it’s God Will and if this is the question of His supreme Will in regards to the world, the human race, it’s existence, it’s continuance and it’s future, I have no authority.

    After listening I remember now more of what I thought, BULLSHIT!!! If the Most Holy Trinity, made a direct message clear, Through the Mother of God, that this secret was to be revealed and the Popes refused to obey a direct mandate from Heaven you can bet your life on this that I would take it on as my obligation to reveal the message. If it was not the Will of God it would have never been revealed. This is a case where free will interfered with the Will of God. Anyone who read the secret and did not reveal it after four popes refused to (at least at the time of this audio it would be four popes since 1960) would, I would assume, in some way be held responsible. That’s enough from me.

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