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March 15, 2019

What’s the best venue for Novus Ordo carnival? Why, church, of course!

Words fail: Vatican endorses puberty-blocking sex change drugs for children.

Look who’s on retreat with “Pope” Francis: the Argentinian “bishop” who is under Vatican investigation for sexual misconduct with seminarians. Let’s hope they don’t share cell phone pictures.

Meet the Java Franciscan friar who has turned organic guru. The spiritual energy reaped from ditching pesticides is amazing!

The St. Gallen Mafia Don is gone: Wicked “Cardinal” Godfried Danneels, who covered up sex abuse, dead at 85. Francis hails him as “zealous pastor”.

Novus Ordo media star “Fr.” Thomas Rosica under fire for Plagiarism: Busted! Caught in plagiarism, “Fr.” Rosica first denies it was intentional, blames interns as he issues apology and then resigns from his college positions. But then it comes to light his practice of plagiarism goes back almost 30 years. Now, his “long habit of linguistic fraud” has alarmed his publisher, who is now running all his books through plagiarism-checking software. There will be serious academic consequences, although naturally Salt + Light stands by their CEO anyway, and the Canadian Knights of Columbus stand by their man as well. Hey, want to read something he definitely didn’t plagiarize? Try this.

Vienna, of course: “Sky of Stones” “art” installation defiles St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The Vatican Swiss Guards now have a web site. So does “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider. So does “Cardinal” Raymond Burke (and of course The Remnant has already declared the new virtual home of the dyed-in-the-wool Vatican II and New Catechism admirer a “lifeline”).

Vatican newspaper laments: Still too much resistance to migrants! Hmm… Why might that be?! But the Frankster knows best: ‘Be free from fear of migrants and refugees’!

That figures: The world has found its leader

The blind leading the blind: Semi-trad rhetorician Steve Skojec argues Francis is definitely Pope because the whole church has accepted him; then says that same church may one day judge he was an antipope. Can’t have it both ways, Steve.

For as long as he’s alive, Resignationism will not die: Did Benedict XVI resign validly? Gänswein, Burke and Brandmüller weigh in.

Three Novus Ordo dioceses join German Lutherans in Climate Fasting… It was about time! We had to wait two millennia for this!

An Argentinian prostitute was scheduled to testify against “Pope” Francis’ friend Gustavo Vera concerning sex trafficking and pedophilia. But she conveniently died two weeks before the trial. Her family doesn’t believe in an accident or suicide, and the victim herself had sent a tweet that if she dies suddenly, “it wasn’t me.” But hey, what a coincidence! Gustavo Vera was a featured speaker at the recent Vatican conference on climate change, human trafficking, and technology. Too bad journalists weren’t invited to the working sessions!

Respecting false religions is so late-20th-century…. Now you have to promote them, too! Naturally, Francis is leading by example on that!

Perfect for starting the season of repentance and penance: After General Audience, Francis meets with unrepentant pervert group “LGBT Catholics Westminster”, poses for photo op. Smiiile! With that kind of “papal” endorsement, it’s no wonder this Novus Ordo church in Montreal supports the sodomite movement.

Ferrara’s do-it-yourself theology: “But what if a validly elected Pope were to defect from the Petrine office without actually abdicating or falling from it, thus retaining the office and its authority while casting off its duties and limitations?” And what if a retired lawyer from Virginia were to make up his own theology instead of adhering to Catholic doctrine on the Papacy?

Formaldehyde Paul got a feast day now in the Novus Ordo liturgical calendar.

Find the contradiction: Peter Kwasniewski uses Francis to prop up Cardinal Newman, then uses Newman to impugn Francis. They’re all losing it in the Vatican II Sect….

Yes, Newman will become one of the next Novus Ordo saints. On a related note: The Newman pregnancy miracle that isn’t.

No fan of Newman: Cardinal Henry Manning worte in 1866: “I see much danger in an English Catholicism of which Newman is the highest type. It is the old Anglican, patristic, literary Oxford tone transplanted into the Church. It takes the line of deprecating exaggerations, [deprecating] foreign devotions, [deprecating] Ultramontanism, [deprecating] anti-national sympathies. In one word it is worldly Catholicism, and it will have the worldly on its side, and will deceive many.” To an extent, this reads like a description of the Rev. John Hunwicke, no?

Half of Millennial “Christians” say it’s wrong to evangelize. Maybe that’s because all “popes” in the Vatican do too.

Biography of the main creator of the “New Mass” released: Annibale Bugnini: Reformer of the Liturgy by Yves Chiron. Read a review here.

The drama surrounding “Cardinal” George Pell: Australian court hands down unanimous guilty verdictVatican issues statement — punishment: 6 years in prison. But something doesn’t add up — some say it’s a witch hunt — and that “something is very, very wrong here” — and Pell will appeal the verdict. Either way, the fact remains that the Pell conviction comes in extremely handy for Club Francis

Meanwhile in France: “Cardinal” Philippe Barbarin found guilty of failing to report alleged sexual abuse of “priest” in his diocese. That’s this guy here, by the way.

Look who’s not in prison: “Mr.” Theodore McCarrick — “Uncle Ted” — now lives in seclusion near rural Kansas. A question that presents itself: Was Uncle Ted one of Bella Dodd’s Communist plants into the Church?

Don’t say you weren’t warned: This month Francis will publish post-synodal exhortation on last year’s Youth Synod (like Amoris Laetitia after the Family Synods). Prediction: The title will include either the words Juventutem or Gaudium or both. And the title will be the only thing translated into Latin for that text.

More estrogen, please: Vatican participates for first time at UN women’s leadership event.

Their “Pope” is doing such a great job keeping the gates of hell from prevailing against their church that One Peter Five suggests tuning the guy out completely. Because nothing says adherence to the doctrine on the Papacy quite like “It is by ignorance of the pope that my children will continue to love truth and justice”!

How many more times are they going to regurgitate the same 1960s slogans? Francis to Greek Orthodox: ‘We have more in common than what keeps us apart.’

The Fun Church at full blast: Dance party inside Our Lady of Lujan Basilica near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Non-Christians, all of them: Francis receives Mormon leadership as they open their first temple in Rome. The Mormon religion was invented in the 1820s. They also had a “god of surprises.” No wonder Francis likes them.

On sodomite Frederic Martel’s In the Closet of the Vatican: First reviews indicate it’s junk“not much substance” — contains both “truth and fiction” — “exposes his motives and mistakes, not truth”. But, reportedly, Martel “presents evidence Pope Francis used family synods to steer Church to accept homosexuality”. Shocker, huh? Here’s a free excerpt of the book.

There’s never been a blasphemy he didn’t like: At World Youth Day in Panama, Francis enjoys a blasphemous play making fun of the Annunciation.

Francis’s visit to Morocco at the end of the month will focus on migration. It was a given that it wasn’t going to focus on Catholicism.

If you think the Vatican is going to “stop homosexual networks in the Catholic Church” because x number of people sign an online petition, James Martin has a bridge he wants to sell you.

And now: The Altar Dogs of Texas! — Good thing we have Francis to remind us that ‘we must rediscover the reality of the Sacred Liturgy’! Just like he did in Buenos Aires with his “Tango Mass” and passing out “Communion” like popcorn

Catholic Family News has the solution: We desperately need that “formal correction” now! That’s really going to fix things! And if not, no worries: There’s always this “very clever” new slate of questions for Francis. Now they’re really showing him!

Antipope Francis has announced he will open the Vatican Secret Archives concerning Pope Pius XII (1939-58).

The Vatican’s Sex Abuse Summit Fiasco: “Cardinals” Burke and Brandmuller weigh in ahead of meeting — “Abp.” Vigano weighs in on opening day — ideology rules: role of sodomite clergy sidestepped because it’s “taboo”. Summit denounced as a “Roman farce”“Marxist” — “Vatican cringe-a-thon” — “this cannot be the Catholic response”“all optics, no substance”no “detailed, coherent strategy for reform”“survivors are stealing the show” — victims disappointed. Francis’ closing speech demanding “impeccable seriousness” was the punchline of the comedy show, especially considering that he’s got his own abuse scandal going… Hang on, make that two. But aiders and abettors of perverts had better watch out: Francis is going to publish a motu proprio against them! Just imagine how things would look if the mainstream media weren’t mostly on Francis’ side

As far as the summit’s credibility goes, this didn’t help, either: “McCarrick Protégé Cardinal Kevin Farrell Given Key Vatican Position”. Or this: Closing homily at Vatican sex abuse summit given by Aussie “Archbishop” who is himself being investigated by his diocese for suspicion of sex abuse

Since the Vatican no longer cares about religious truth, they might as well worry about climate change instead.

Peter Kwasniewski slams Pope Saint Pius X for his 1911 reform of the Roman Breviary. Reality check: “…the Sovereign Pontiff alone enjoys the right to recognize and establish any practice touching the worship of God, to introduce and approve new rites, as also to modify those he judges to require modification” (Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Mediator Dei, n. 58). Once Kwasniewski is found incorrupt and declared a saint himself, then we’ll talk…

Francis the Naturalist again condemns the death penalty and life imprisonment — because “a punishment, any punishment, must not be closed; it must always have ‘the window open’ to hope, on the part of both the prison and of each person.” Ah, but there is hope — supernatural hope — for grace, repentance, mercy, and eternal life! Francis’ “hope” is a Naturalist counterfeit that extends only to the temporal world…

Francis the Communist: ‘Inequality is disastrous for the future of humanity’ — Reality check: “Human society, as established by God, is composed of unequal elements, just as the different parts of the human body are unequal; to make them all equal is impossible, and would mean the destruction of human society” (Pope St. Pius X, Apostolic Letter Fin Dalla Prima Nostra, n. I). More here!

More from the Bergoglian mouth that is heretical or dangerously close to it: “Our God has feelings…” Notice he is not speaking about the Incarnate Christ but about God during the time of the Old Covenant.

He’s a few decades too late: “Cardinal” Rainer Woelki warns against “inventing a New Church”

Nothing to see here, move along: Their lips didn’t lock! It’s all good…

That “bastion of Tradition”, the Society of St. Pius X… puts up a photo of their office staff in the U.S. district headquarters. Somehow no one seemed to notice that all their females are wearing pants rather than dresses or skirts. And why not? Mary-like modesty is so pre-Vatican II anyway! But then they made it worse: After backlash, they truncated the picture to show everyone only from the waist up! Covering up the problem instead of fixing it? Sounds familiar…

Guess who’s giving $322,000 to an organization promoting apostasy, women’s ordination, and witchcraft. And now guess whose money that really is (hint: it’s not their personal savings). Of course that’s in addition to the $305,000 they give to an org headed by a Planned Parenthood champion.

“It’s not a closet. It’s a cage!” New York Times publishes sob story by Novus Ordo sodomite clergy. Those poor victims forgot one thing: It’s a funny kind of cage since it has an always-open door through which they can exit any time they please…

DJ mixes electronic music with “Catholic themes”. What could possibly go wrong?

Francis to clerics from Benevento: “…the devil does not have any [children] — but friends, cousins, relatives of the devil.” Reality check: “You are of your father the devil…” (Jn 8:44); “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil…” (1 Jn 3:10). They always talk about the importance of allowing ourselves to be nourished by the Word of God, but keep uttering claptrap at odds with It…

Put on your surprise face: German Novus Ordo bishop wants his sect to “rethink” teaching on homosexuality.

New survey shows disparity of beliefs between those who attend (what purports to be) the Traditional Latin Mass and those who attend the Novus Ordo happy meal service. That’s because the one represents Catholicism, while the other represents the Vatican II religion!

Perhaps it would be easier if Francis could tell us what in his religion is not an encounter.

We need another interview with “Cardinal” Gerhard Muller as much as Keith Richards needs a Halloween mask…

You may have heard that the Muslim Koran says: “Whoever kills a person is like one who kills the whole of humanity”. The problem is, it doesn’t mean what you think it means: Here’s what they didn’t tell you about that quote.

That’s it: We need a Francis encyclical on homosexuality! Can’t wait to read Sodomia et Gaudium

Speaking of which: Guess which two words have vanished from the Novus Ordo magisterium’s vocabulary

Bp. Donald Sanborn exposes contraception as the root cause of abortion and the recent infanticide laws. In another post, Bp. Sanborn performs an autopsy of the dying Novus Ordo religion.

Steve Speray responds to the argument that the Vatican II antipopes are only material heretics, meaning they are merely mistaken and not denying dogma deliberately. And he looks at the flip-side of the arguments against Sedevacantism.

True Restoration has a FREE new program: “Behind the Headlines” looks at secular news from a Catholic perspective.

And a Catholic blogger dismantles the separation of sanity and state.

And one for the road…

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