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It’s a Stang: Francis opened Vatican Youth Synod with Sorcerer’s Staff

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A few days ago we reported on Francis’ opening of the Youth Synod in the Vatican, which is scheduled to conclude on Oct. 28. The pastoral staff, called a ferula, that Francis used represented a new low in post-Vatican II liturgical absurdity. We commented that it looked like a hybrid between a slingshot and a barbecue fork, and indeed it does. However, research by others has now brought to light that this “thing” is more than just another Modernist piece of junk — in fact, it is downright Satanic.

To get straight to the point: The staff Francis used is a so-called stang. A stang is basically a sorcerer’s ritual staff used in modern-day witchcraft (Wicca). It had been presented to him on Aug. 11 of this year during a meeting with young Italians at Rome’s Circus Maximus. The video of the occasion is embedded here (the stang is presented to him beginning at the 15:19 min mark):

The following is a close-up of the top of the staff, taken from the video above. It looks as though there is a face carved into the bump, and there clearly are engravings in the two horns.

The following links demonstrate the connection with witchcraft, with plenty of pictures and more information:

Here we must give kudos specifically to Ann Barnhardt, who was apparently the first to identify this as a stang. We have many disagreements with Miss Barnhardt but want to give credit where credit is due (cf. Rom 13:7).

One very important detail that is not to be glossed over is that the young woman who gave the stang to Francis on Aug. 11 was wearing a red wristband, another occult symbol, as shown in Barnhardt’s second post linked above.

Of course, many people will now say that we cannot assume that Francis knowingly used a Wiccan wizard’s staff for a ferula. Aside from the fact that no one in his right mind would use such a piece of sinister-looking junk in place of the Cross of Christ, it is Francis’ obligation to know what he is using. The burden rests on him to ensure he acts in accordance with the Faith at all times, not on everyone else to constantly find excuses for him. Even more importantly, however, we must point out that for Francis to knowingly use a witches’ staff in the liturgy totally fits the pattern we have seen from him over the years.

Let’s review: Francis has said he has so much energy because instead of going to the doctor, he goes “to the witch”; he has literally stated, “I am the devil”; when receiving a Pagan sorceress at the Vatican, he allowed her to work some of her magick on him; he has stated that his favorite exorcist is a Lutheran layman; he has received a large number of “medical” treatments by a practitioner of Taoism; he has said that Jesus Christ “made Himself the devil” for us; he has given a manuscript of the life of Buddha as a gift to the president of Myanmar; he is on record saying that Pagans “meet God in different ways”; he has kissed a sinister-looking crucifix with occult symbolism; he has paid a visit to Buddhist “relics”; decades ago he sought prolonged professional help from a Jewish psychoanalyst; he continually holds audiences before the blasphemous “Resurrection” sculpture in the Paul VI audience hall; he cracks blasphemous jokes; and he has declared the ultimate Witchdoctor of the Novus Ordo Church, “Pope” John Paul II of Voodoo, cow dung, Koran-kissing, and Assisi interfaith prayer infamy, to be a “saint” worthy of Catholics’ veneration and imitation.

The real question, therefore, is: Why wouldn’t he use a Wiccan stang?

At this point, the Great Apostasy is so far advanced that the “Pope” can use a two-horned staff that is clearly linked to witchcraft, and except for a select few bloggers, practically nobody cares. If soon there is open Satanism being practiced in the Vatican, it will barely elicit a yawn. For his next “Mass”, expect to see a pitchfork or a broomstick.

Two-thousand years ago, St. Paul asked rhetorically: “And what concord hath Christ with Belial?” (2 Cor 6:15). But then again, that was before Vatican II.

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