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Two more Logos! For Francis’ Trips to Bangladesh and Myanmar

These days it’s hard to keep up just reporting on all the logos, slogans, and official songs released for the never-ending, excessively carbon-emitting “Apostolic Journeys” of “His Holiness” around the globe.

After the recent unveiling of the logos for Francis’ upcoming Chile and Peru visits scheduled for early next year, the Vatican has now released the official emblems for his trip to Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma), which is to take place from Nov. 27 – Dec. 2, 2017.

The logos are displayed above (click image for a larger version). Not surprisingly, both of them have a distinctively Naturalist flavor. “Love & Peace” and “Harmony and Peace” are the slogans, which could have been uttered just as well by the Dalai Lama, Ban Ki-moon, or Jimi Hendrix.

The Myanmar logo has nothing Christian in it at all but instead features a girlie heart enclosing an outline of the nation’s map in rainbow colors next to Mr. Bergoglio the way he likes to see himself: as another Saint Francis releasing a dove.

The logo for Bangladesh at least has somewhat of a Cross in it, but that’s the only positive thing that can be said about it. The overall shape is supposed to be the outline of a dove, although it might as well be a genie rising from an oil lamp.

Precisely what any of this is supposed to have to do with Catholicism, is anyone’s guess. This is nothing but Freemasonic, Naturalist claptrap that promotes a lowest-common-denominator “human” pseudo-religiosity so clearly condemned by the true Catholic Church (for example, see Popes Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus, St. Pius X’s Notre Charge Apostolique, and Pius XI’s Mortalium Animos).

This is nothing new for the Vatican II Sect, whose representatives claim to seek peace and harmony for the world, yet continually eschew the only possible way in which it can be obtained, namely, by preaching the true Gospel so that people will voluntarily submit themselves to the sweet yoke of Christ (cf. Mt 11:30). This is necessary for a true and lasting peace to flourish because divine grace is needed to aid us in our human condition, to overcome our sins, perfect our nature, and make us virtuous so that we may bear wrongs patiently, forgive our enemies, and do good to those who hate us.

Naturalists like Francis and the entire Modernist Vatican II crowd do not believe this, because they typically deny original sin and its effects and hence also its divine remedy. They believe that it is possible to eliminate strife and quarrels among individuals and nations by merely natural means, by dialoguing, by hugging, by playing soccer, through “encounter”, by planting trees, by lighting candles, by trying to be a better person — all without the grace of Almighty God. They seek a Naturalist brotherhood among men, a kind of “super-church” that is more universal than the Catholic Church, that seeks to embrace and unite all people, but not in the Kingdom of Christ but only in the kingdom of man. Yet, our Blessed Lord was very clear: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you” (Jn 14:27). Why do Francis and his henchmen look for peace precisely “as the world giveth”? Because they have no Faith. They do not believe the Gospel.

The Vatican has not yet published the program for the Antipope’s visit to Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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3 Responses to “Two more Logos! For Francis’ Trips to Bangladesh and Myanmar”

  1. Sonia

    Aptly Novus Ordo. “Red, Gold and Green” ribbony, stupid, antichrist and salvificly useless, just like a karma chameleon:

    “If I listened to your lies would you say, I’m a man without conviction, I’m a man who doesn’t know,
    How to sell a contradiction…” Oh I reckon Jorge sells contradiction more blatantly than his fathers in apostasy.

  2. 2c3n1 .

    They seem like the rainbow flags that promote homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. In other words, it looks gay. And why shouldn’t it be? We are talking about a religion that promotes homosexuality with a priesthood that’s reportedly half gay. Fronline put out documentary on the Vatican a few years ago and below is part of the transcript:

    ROBERT MICKENS, Vatican Correspondent, The Tablet: I came here when I was a seminarian in 1986. And I remember I had this very wide-eyed idea of the Vatican, of these holy cardinals and holy men. And I was shocked within a matter of weeks, months, at the careerism, at the sexual innuendo, the— just the whole kind of non-holy life I hadn’t expected.

    VATICAN GUIDE: [through interpreter] A large part of the hierarchy is homosexual. Certainly, at the top levels of the church, in the Curia, and many important people, such as bishops and archbishops, are gay.

    NARRATOR: He’s a Vatican guide who says he’s had relationships with several priests.

    VATICAN GUIDE: [through interpreter] Here in Rome, it’s very easy to meet a gay priest, on a bus, in a church, and important churches like St. Peter’s. It’s even easier when you go to gay clubs and gay bars. You see them in the bars, and then at the altar the following Sunday.

    NARRATOR: The world he is describing was captured by reporter Carmelo Abbate, who began a two-year investigation when a gay friend told him he’d just had sex with a priest.

    CARMELO ABBATE, Author, Sex and the Vatican: [through interpreter] The priest went on to say, “Actually on Saturday, there will be a party here in Rome, in a club in Testaccio, with me and lots of other priests. We’ve also booked two escorts from Turin, from Piemonte, who will be the entertainers at the party. If you like, you’re invited. I’d love you to join us.”

    NARRATOR: Abbate went with his friend to the party and took a hidden camera.

    CARMELO ABBATE: [through interpreter] My objective was to write a story for my newspaper, not to make videos. But I knew very well what I was going into. I knew very well how the Church authorities
    could react. So I wanted to make sure I had evidence to support my story.

    NARRATOR: The priest hosting the party greeted them, flanked by the two escorts.

    CARMELO ABBATE: [through interpreter] I would have said that half of the people there might have been priests. And it wasn’t just a guess, they introduced themselves as priests.

    NARRATOR: Some worked at the Vatican, others in the institutions that cluster around the Vatican in Rome.

    CARMELO ABBATE: [through interpreter] The party in Rome ended at my friend’s house. At the end of the party, we all went back to his place. Then my friend and the French priest locked themselves in a
    bedroom, and I went to sleep in another room.

    NARRATOR: The next day, Abbate continued to film.

    CARMELO ABBATE: [through interpreter] Then came the moment that I found most shocking of all, and that was the moment that opened my eyes to what was really going on. It wasn’t just a matter of
    sex. It was something more. So there we were in that atmosphere, in that house where they had had sex all night long, and with that man wearing vestments, and he took out all his paraphernalia and started to
    celebrate Mass.

    NARRATOR: For his book, Abbate says he met and interviewed many other priests in Rome who live double lives.

    FRANCESCO CACACCE: [through interpreter] There is a widespread culture here in Rome of tacit consent, in the way that we know, but we don’t talk about it.

    NARRATOR: Francesco, a former seminarian, says he had a relationship with a priest who has since risen to a high position in the Vatican.

    FRANCESCO CACACCE: [through interpreter] He kept telling me that he was giving me his body, but his soul belonged to the Church, to God. The reasoning goes, “I’m a priest, but I have this need.
    I’ll satisfy it and then go back to being a priest.” It’s a bit like vestments. “I wear them, I’m a priest. I take them off, and I’m just like anyone else.”

    ROBERT MICKENS: Unless you spend some time inside this kind of culture, it’s very hard to believe that it could be like this. One of the biggest problems in the whole hierarchical structure, the clerical
    structure, is this hypocritical presence of so many homosexuals, gay men, many of whom would not even classify themselves as gay men because they’re so conflicted.

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