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This explains a lot…

Analyze This:

In new Interview Book, Francis reveals he spent 6 Months in Therapy with Jewish Psychoanalyst

[UPDATE 01-SEP-2017 19:45 UTC: Psychoanalysis was condemned by the Catholic Church until “Pope” Paul VI]

The French-speaking world is going to be enriched tremendously this coming Wednesday, Sep. 6, for it is then that a new book will hit the shelves entitled, Pape François: Politique et Société (“Pope Francis: Politics and Society”). The work is an “unedited dialogue” between French sociologist Dominique Wolton and the head of the Vatican II Sect, “Pope” Francis.

In other words, it’s another interview book, and it’s long — very long. At 432 pages, it is quite possibly a record for Jorge Bergoglio. And no wonder, because Wolton and Francis met for as many as twelve 2-hour meetings over the course of a year to produce the content for this book. (This shows that Francis has plenty of time for the projects he really cares about. Obviously, meeting with the family of Asia Bibi, who is still on death row in Pakistan for “blaspheming” Islam, didn’t make the cut.)

In its Sep. 1, 2017 edition, the weekly supplement to the French daily Le Figaro just published an exclusive preview with excerpts of the book. Francis’ unmistakable face graces its front cover, next to which appear the words, Le Pape, est-il de gauche? — “Is the Pope a Left-Winger?”. This must be the new version of the now totally obsolete and formerly rhetorical question, “Is the Pope Catholic?”.

The U.S.-based Jesuit rag America summarizes the new book as follows:

In this 432-page book, Pope Francis: Politics and Society. Conversations with Dominique Walton [sic], the Jesuit pope shares hitherto unknown aspects of his personal life and his vision of the world. He talks about many subjects including the migrant crisis, pedophile priests, “the fear” that is gripping Europe today, politics and religion, dialogue between religions, globalization, the inequalities in today’s world, ecology, relations with Islam, fundamentalism, ecumenism, the family, communion for the divorced and remarried, joy and much else.

(Gerard O’Connell, “In new book, Pope Francis says he consulted a psychoanalyst, speaks about the women in his life”, America, Aug. 31, 2017)

The fact that Francis acknowledges having been influenced by a Communist woman (a certain Esther Ballestrino de Careaga) and that he “accepts the civil union of people of the same sex”, is hardly deserving of mention, as it is simply par for the course for Jorge Bergoglio.

But there is a really big smoking gun that is sure to generate headlines for a few days. As Gerard O’Connell reports in the same America post, in this new interview book “Pope Francis reveals that he consulted a Jewish psychoanalyst once a week for six months when he was 42 years old and that it ‘helped me a lot at a moment in my life…when I needed to clarify things.'”

Breathe in. Breathe out. Did he really just say that?

“Fr. Bergoglio? Dr. Hinklestein is ready to see you now!”

Yes, he did. Apparently the Jesuits weren’t able to find a Catholic (even Novus Ordo) mental health professional for the then-“Fr.” Bergoglio, so he had no choice but to consult a female Jewish Freudian to help him “clarify things.”

Oh, but what’s wrong with that, you ask?

Let’s be clear about one thing: Of course there is nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist if one has a need. However, psychoanalysis is a different animal altogether.

Psychoanalysis was developed by the Austrian Jewish atheist Sigmund Freud. It is seriously flawed at its very root because it misconceives human nature, placing instinct over intellect and denying anything above and beyond the natural material world, including the very existence of the soul.

For those interested in a traditional Catholic critique of Freudian psychoanalysis, we recommend the books What’s wrong with Freud? (1941) and Sex Psychology (1937) by Dr. Rudolf Allers. A comprehensive introduction to real Catholic psychology in the Thomistic tradition can be found in “Fr.” Chad Ripperger’s tome, Introduction to the Science of Mental Health (2013).

Throughout his “papacy” and many years prior to it, Francis has shown that he is enamored with Jews. He constantly receives rabbis at the Vatican, either in audience, or for kosher meals, or to have a good time, or whatever. His close friendship with Rabbi Abraham Skorka — with whom he has even co-authored a book — is well known. When he visited the Chief Rabbis in Jerusalem, of course he covered his pectoral cross like a good goy boy. His favorite painting is a blasphemous rendition of the Crucifixion of Christ, and so it stands to reason that he would crack a joke with our Lord’s Redemptive Sacrifice as the punch line.

The truth is that Jorge Bergoglio’s mind is saturated with Jewish ideas. The influence of Rabbi Abraham Heschel, of the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas, and of the existentialist Martin Buber on his thought is very evident. For someone who claims to be a Roman Catholic and in fact the head of the entire Church and the Vicar of Christ, that is a very big problem.

We must keep in mind that the apostate Jews of our day are the declared enemies of Jesus Christ. They have nothing to do with the Jews of the Old Covenant, whose fleshly descendants they might be (in many cases, they are not even that), but whose spiritual heirs they are most definitely not (cf. Jn 8:42-45; Jn 6:64). They are those “who say they are Jews, and are not” (Apoc 3:9). In 1928, Pope Pius XI reinforced the Catholic teaching on this matter:

Francis is on record claiming that today’s (apostate) Jews are still the Chosen People. This alone is heresy and diametrically opposed to the true Catholic doctrine, which holds that Catholics are the Chosen People, because they are the true disciples of Jesus Christ (cf. Mt 21:43; Rom 11:19-23). For this reason Pius XI was able to refer to himself as “the leader of the chosen people” (Encyclical Ubi Arcano, n. 51).

A wise man once said that it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled. The truth of this adage is verified in the case of Jorge Bergoglio a thousandfold, for despite the clear evidence that has presented itself for the last 4+ years on an almost daily basis, most people are still unwilling to acknowledge that “Pope Francis” is a fraud, a charlatan, an anti-Catholic, a blasphemer, and an apostate — most certainly not the Pope of the Catholic Church.

Alas, there are simply none so blind as those who refuse to see.

And so the latest news is that in the late 1970s, as a Jesuit “priest” Jorge Bergoglio spent six months on the couch being psychoanalyzed by a Freudian Jew.

Perhaps all who read this post can agree at least on one thing: that this explains a lot.