The heretic is too orthodox for Francis…

Francis Fires “Cardinal” Müller

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[UPDATE 01-JUL-17 14:56 UTC: Francis names “Archbishop” Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer to succeed Muller as head of the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith]

The Italian web site Corrispondenza Romana reports:

Cardinal Muller dismissed by Pope Francis

His Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since July 2, 2012, has been dismissed by Pope Francis exactly 5 years after expiration of his term of office.

Cardinal Muller is one of the cardinals who have tried to interpret Amoris Laetitia using a hermeneutic of continuity with Church Tradition. This was enough to count him among the critics of the new path prescribed by Pope Bergoglio.

(“Licenziato da papa Francesco il cardinale Müller”, Corrispondenza Romana, June 30, 2017; our translation.)

This decision was presumably communicated to the heterodox “cardinal” today at the private audience which he had with the “Pope”.

Muller denies the dogmas of Transubstantiation, the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Resurrection of Christ. However, these heresies did not seem sufficient for Francis to keep him in his position as the Novus Ordo “defender of orthodoxy”, as Mr. Muller does oppose adultery, which Francis has said in his exhortation Amoris Laetitia may sometimes be “what God himself is asking” of the individual (“Pope” Francis, Amoris Laetitia, n. 303).

The question now becomes: Who will succeed Muller? Rumors abound, and the names of possible candidates include “Archbishop” Manuel Fernandez, “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn, and “Cardinal” Oscar Rodriguez-Maradiaga.

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17 Responses to “Francis Fires “Cardinal” Muller”

  1. Tom A.

    I hope the replacement is someone who is an absolute apostate. Maybe then the RR and neos will wake up from their stupor.

  2. Mike

    “..these heresies did not seem sufficient for Francis to keep him in his position as the Novus Ordo “defender of orthodoxy”, as Mr. Muller…”

    I’ve got to hand it to you for your dry wit! So much material in one excerpt of one sentence.

  3. bartmaeus

    Pell AND Muller – in the one week! Windfall for the Luciferians! cui bono? The Banksters of Mammon, as always:

    • Tom A.

      Pell and Muller are no less evil than Kasper and Marx. The former are in fact worse because they hide their errors under a cloak of false orthodoxy. Better to have the true conciliar church on full display with the latter.

      • bartmaeus

        Questions of orthodoxy aside, my point was that Pell might have been too good at his job in cleaning up the corruption in the Vatican bank. And that wouldn’t do (in the thinking of the elite), since it is integral to the global banking system of the Luciferian elite, who aim to inaugurate a one world government and a one world religion.

        Ratzinger probably was ousted by political forces, acting in conjunction with the Cardinals (“Galen mafia”) who are in their ideological camp. Muller may have fallen foul of the same clique.

  4. Dum Spiro Spero

    “Luis Ladaria, a “conservative” Jesuit who will carry out the reforms. John Paul II appointed him a member of the International Theological Commission in 1992 and a consultant to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1995. In March 2004 he was appointed Secretary General of the International Theological Commission and conducted the Commission’s evaluation of the concept Of Limbo as of 2006.
    In 2008, Benedict XVI appointed him secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and consultant to the Congregation of Bishops and the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.
    He is a member of the team of the Holy See in charge of the dialogue with the Priestly Brotherhood of Saint Pius X, which began on October 26, 2009 and is responsible for the Commission for the diaconate of women.”

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