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Francis’ Cosmic Apostasy —
New Articles by Miles Christi

Before our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven, He warned His disciples: “For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, and they shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect” (Mk 13:22). These words have presumably never been fulfilled more concretely than in the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man the world knows by his stage name of “Pope Francis”.

Miles Christi (“Soldier of Christ”) is a prolific Catholic writer whose work we have featured on this web site several times before. He is the author of numerous compilations and studies of Francis’ false magisterium. His work Three Years with Francis: The Bergoglian Deceit is a book-length exposé of Bergoglio’s apostate religion.

Now Miles Christi has released two more articles online, in various languages. All of them are in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Here are the links:

“Francis, Teilhard de Chardin, and Pantheism”

“Selected Pieces of the Bergoglian ‘Magisterium'”

For years, Miles Christi has been cataloguing the heresies, errors, scandals, blasphemies, and impious practices of “Pope” Francis. These latest two articles add further material to the already-substantial case against Francis. Feel free to pass them on to family and friends, informing them about the true face of the Argentinian apostate masquerading as the Pope.

Prior studies by Miles Christi, likewise published in multiple languages, include the following:

All of this is well-documented material for anyone who still needs to be convinced — or wants to convince others — that Jorge Bergoglio is not a Roman Catholic and is most definitely not the Pope of the Catholic Church. Thank you, Miles Christi!

Note: Miles Christi is an independent writer and not to be confused with the Novus Ordo clerical group Miles Christi, which submits to the “pontificate” of Jorge Bergoglio.

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6 Responses to “Francis’ Cosmic Apostasy – New Articles by Miles Christi”

  1. Pascendi

    Miles Christi has done us a wonderful service by revealing and demonstrating the foundation for Francis’ ramblings.
    If the actions of our political leaders so often seems irrational, they become clear when we understand the real goals behind them and we realize they’re not intended for the good of the populace.
    Likewise Bergoglio’s confusing statements become crystal clear when we understand the philosophical foundation behind them. He’s a gnostic evolutionist. This evolutionism isn’t simply the man from ape theory that immediately comes to mind. Bergoglio and his dishonorable predecessors believe that man evolves into God. They’ve disguised this anti-Catholic philosophy/blasphemy as actual Catholicism by having the appearance of possessing the authority of Peter.

  2. Sonia

    The ‘error has rights’ brigade marches on down the broad broad antichrist way. Bergoglio is the brainchild of the Judeo-masonic-Protestant bequest. The unyeilding and spotless Catholic Truth is the single target of the Novus Ordo Anti-popes.

    “Also among man’s rights is that of being able to worship God in accordance with the right dictates of his own conscience, and to profess his religion both in private and in public.” Roncalli aka John XXIII, Pacem in Terris, 1963. Roncalli, when called on how this contradicts Catholic doctrine by the Holy Office, said he wasn’t ‘offended by a few spots if most of it shines.’ P in T was the first ‘papal’ encyclical to be publicly praised by freemasons.

    • aabroad

      Thank you very much for your work, Miles Christi. Gathering of these quotes is a truly valuable exercise. The first work here on pantheism is very dramatic, when one sees the development right through the recent popes’ words. I think I have seen them all before, but to see these all in one place gives a shocking force to this doubleplusuncatholic teaching.

      The second piece is tougher going, simply because one is forced to wade through Bergoglio’s hopeless verbiage. Years ago, as part of my meandering search towards the true Faith, I read descriptions, defences and the writings associated with various other religions, and I was so often faced with similar such meaningless sentences, constructions and concepts, all smoke-and-mirrors really, jargon instead of meaning, fantasy and falsehood trying desperately to masquerade as a true, consistent teaching. So now, at least for me, it is laughably obvious that the conciliar religion is now just one of those pretentious, posturing counterfeits. It can only appeal to people who don’t actually listen to what is said!!

  3. Miles Christi

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