For the next “Catholic Woodstock” event…

Snake Eats Cross:
Logo for World Youth Day 2019 released

What would you expect from a religion that goes from THIS to THIS and calls it “renewal”? You’d expect… well, you’d expect exactly what we got. Read on.

The next World Youth Day — appropriately nicknamed the “Catholic Woodstock” by the secular press — is scheduled for January 22-27, 2019, and it is going to take place in Panama City, Panama. Already preparations for the event are under way, and that includes, first of all, the release of the official logo.

It was released yesterday; and yes, it is as bad as you feared. You can see it here:

What does this look like to you? A doodle from a car mechanic? A sketch with a red X pinpointing stomach problems for the gastroenterologist? Or did someone let his four-year-old have the markers again?

Whatever it is, it is horrifyingly ugly — but this is par for the course for the Novus Ordo religion.

But not to worry: On the official WYD 2019 web site, the Novus Ordo authorities in Panama posted an official explanation of the logo, which was designed by 20-year-old Ambar Calvo, so you too can understand what is really being depicted:

As the press release states, this logo was chosen as the winner from 103 total entries. If this is the best selection they could come up with, we’d hate to see the other 102 submitted works.

Truth be told, this logo seems to depict a snake that is about to devour the cross, although calling this sloppily-written “X” a cross would be to dignify it well beyond its merits. What separates the snake’s head from the rest of its body is the “Panama Canal”. That the figure on the right is supposed to represent the Blessed Virgin Mary can only be guessed by those accustomed to the logo of the March of Dimes. No, the five dots are not supposed to represent the Hawaiian islands, and you get extra brownie points if you can find an “M” in this emblem.

For those who didn’t notice, the whole thing is drawn in the form of a heart, a very popular shape in the Vatican II religion, which has long abandoned the Crucifix.

In a way, the recurring World Youth Day logo drama is quite similar to that of the Olympic Games, whose emblems also tend to be aesthetically challenged; although at least the Olympic Games committee does not claim to stand for goodness, truth, and beauty.

Rarely is a Novus Ordo logo actually beautiful, dignified, and — oh yeah! — Catholic. Think of the logo for Francis’ upcoming trip to Colombia, the disgraceful “Year of Mercy” emblem, the Madonna-less logo for the Fatima anniversary, or the undignified “love” logo for the U.S. visit. All these rival the logo for the last World Youth Day (2016 in Cracow, Poland) in terms of ugliness, as does the Vatican’s Easter 2017 greeting card — although the winner for most hideous logo of the millennium would have to be the one used for Francis’ 2015 visit to the Philippines.

Speaking of ugliness: If you missed Francis’ trip to Fatima, be sure to check out these pictues of him wielding a “ventilator monstrance”, with which he could have poked a few eyes out.

That the emblem for World Youth Day 2019 in Panama should include another “cross-eating” monster, similar to the Pacman-style devouring of the cross by the Mohammedan crescent in the Egypt trip logo, is not really surprising, by the way. The more dishonoring of the Cross of our Blessed Lord something is, the more Francis likes it. He does, after all, think nothing of cracking a joke about the Most Holy Trinity, and he is not ashamed to use the Crucifixion of Christ as the punch line of a joke and bragging about it in a book!

Folks, there is nothing more to be said. The Novus Ordo religion is as ugly as sin itself, and they’re not afraid to show it again and again and again.

Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

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48 Responses to “Snake Eats Cross: Logo for World Youth Day in Panama released”

  1. Eric H

    The thing on the upper right looks like a knife about to chop off her head. Search google images for “knife blade with holes” to see the artist’s inspiration.

        • Sarah Hodgins

          THAT’s what it’s called! Yes, a scimitar. Pro Islam. Tho the Muslims I know actually revere the Blessed Virgin. I am trying to get them to pray to her, not easy!

          • EIA

            Muslims revere someone called Marian by them, and who they don’t regard to be the Mother of God; so it’s not the Blessed Virgin Mary.

            To all who request or will accept it, I would offer them catechism classes or a copy of the New Testament and a Catechism. And I’d answer any sincere questions they may have about the only true faith. If they believe, they should be advised to request baptism. And this should be done discreetly for obvious reasons. All Muslims are potential Catholics. So, most importantly, we must pray for their conversion, just as one would want Catholics to pray for one, if one had been born a Muslim.

            I would not accept a copy of the Koran from a Muslim or enter into “interfaith dialogue”.

          • Sarah Hodgins

            Well, they THINK it’s the Blessed Virgin, so it’s kind of a stepping stone. No, I don’t want their Koran and I will never go to their temple either!!

          • EIA

            Be assured I didn’t mean to imply you would want a Koran. I included that last sentence to make sure it was understood by anyone who reads my post that the offer of a catechism, etc., is not meant as a quid pro quo. Is that better?

            I believe it’s a serious error to see their Marian as a stepping stone to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but please elaborate. Who do you ask them to address in prayer: The Marian who is not the Mother of God or the Mother of God? Do they understand who you mean? How do you know they do? If they understand you mean their Marian, why expect them to pray to her? If they understand you mean the Mother of God, why expect them to address her in prayer before being catechized?

          • Sarah Hodgins

            What do you mean by, ” the offer of catechism is not meant as a quid pro quo”? It probably is a serious error, and she may stop short at “Holy Mary, Mother of God” but I was hoping her present life troubles would persuade her to pray with me anyway. Because the real Mary knows who we are praying to…

          • EIA

            You are presupposing you are praying to the same person. But what does Islam’s Myriam have in common with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, apart from a similar name, and a son with the same name?

            By “…the real Mary knows who we are praying to…” should one assume you mean that the Mother of God knows who both of you are praying to, and that she knows that both of you refer to her, and only her, and not to some other Mary? But how could the Blessed Virgin Mary know this, given that your friend is not referring to the Mother of God? Indeed, her religion explicitly denies this is who Myriam is.

            By “…we pray…” you are affirming there is or would be a unity with her in prayer. How can there be a unity in prayer if there is not a unity in faith?

            By “… I was hoping her present life troubles would persuade her to pray with me anyway…”, do I understand correctly that you wish to pray with her, even though she’s not Catholic and presently denies Christ’s divinity?

            By quid pro quo I meant doing something in exchange for someone doing something else. I argued against this in the case of catechizing Muslims (applies to other non Catholics too). In other words, Catholics should not be willing to accept the Koran in exchange for Muslims accepting catechesis and catholic literature such as the New Testament, etc.

          • Sarah Hodgins

            I see…so their Koran speaks of a “Jesus” who is not the real Jesus, and so the Myriam/Mary is not the same either. My neighbour/friend (the Muslim) told me that there is a whole long chapter about Mary in the Koran, but I don’t want to read it. No, we don’t pray together. I am trying to convince/encourage her to pray the Rosary. I will not pray her prayers. Unlike a lot of Muslims, she seems to see all religions as the same. She is the one who has issues and she is the one who will need to give up Islam and come to the real God. I agree that we should not need to “trade” religious materials!

          • EIA

            I was glad to hear from you. The Koran’s “Jesus” was invented around the 7th century and denies the truth of God the Son’s Incarnation. The Koran could have 100 chapters on “Myriam”, but if she is not the Mother of God, then, who is this character? Some have pointed out that it may refer to Moses’ and Aaron’s sister, also named Myriam; others that it pulls from 2nd century apocryphal writings. Whatever the case, its author built caricatures of a so called Jesus and a so called Myriam to replace Truth.

            As you probably know, the New Testament was entirely written in the 1st century; and the first of Paul’s letters and Mark’s gospel were written only 20-30 years after Christ’s cruxifiction. However, Muslims claim the New Testament is corrupted, but offer no proof, and that the Koran tells the truth, although written 600 years after Jesus.

            But what would a Muslim show one if asked for an authentic copy of the original uncorrupted New Testament to compare. They haven’t ever shown it, so one must assume it doesn’t exist. On what basis do they claim it’s corrupted given nothing to compare it to? But they go ahead and claim it anyhow, for otherwise they have to reject the Koran as a false book. And if they do that, they will be deemed apostates.

            How should Christians try to convert members of a religion which explicitly rejects Christ’s divinity, and obligates its members to war against Christians who don’t submit? What does your friend (and her Imman?) consider her duties as a Muslim to be? If she truly believed all religions are the same, why won’t she pray “Holy Mary, Mother of God…”? Why would it make any difference if they are all the same? Perhaps she knows about Mr. Bergoglio’s “all-religions-can-save-you” heresy, and she is testing you? Perhaps she calculates that if you agree you will think nothing of joining her, and do just like Mr. Bergoglio et al and other Muslins do?

            If it’s necessary to read the Koran (or a Muslim school textbook!) to understand how Muslims are taught to think, and for the purpose of converting them, then one should read it. But one shouldn’t accept a copy from them, for one doesn’t know how it will be interpreted, regardless what is said.

            “…This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son (1 John 2:22).” Hopefully, through prayer, at some point your friend will accept the heavenly grace being offered to her to accept the true Christ.

            St. Paul described our struggle as against principalities. “Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. Therefore take unto you the armour of God…” (Ephesians 6: 11-20).

            “He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth” (Matthew 12:30; Luke 11:23).

          • Sarah Hodgins

            Thank you for your awesome and detailed post. Yes, you are correct, it’s more about prayer and the struggle against principalities. I don’t know if my friend knows much about Francis…she is a very unusual, open type of Muslim who has a variety of “Christian” friends (various denominations) and was fiancee to a Catholic (Novus Ordo) for a while. She is not strict like the Lebanese Muslims in my town (town is 60% Lebanese and she is from Morocco; they are all Muslim but have absolutely nothing else in common). I am just praying for her that she will convert. She is very lonely so far from her family, and she has been quite sick the past several years. I am trying to teach her the Truth. It’s pretty unlikely anyone will convert, especially to the old school REAL RCC. But I keep hoping. I hope the prophesies about the Church triumphing in the end are true because it sure does’t look good these days. In fact I am really sad now because my Church is 2,000 miles away and today is my 1 year anniversary into the the true RCC and my first Communion. May 22, 2016. St. Rita, PATRON SAINT OF DESPERATE CASES (LOL) is my Patron Saint, and it was also Trinity Sunday. I have been blessed that I was able to visit there this past Easter and had Holy Communion THREE whole times! Four times in total in my whole life. I just keep praying the Rosary every day…there is not much else to do….
            What does EIA stand for? It looks like on of those Airport codes!

          • Dum Spiro Spero

            Muslims blaspheme against the Virgin Mary, you have to know this:
            Muhammad’s Sexual Fantasies of Virgin Mary
            02/10/2017 by Raymond Ibrahim
            “Recently during his televised Arabic-language program, Dr. Salem Abdul Galil—previously deputy minister of Egypt’s religious endowments for preaching—gleefully declared that, among other biblical women (Moses’ sister and Pharaoh’s wife), “our prophet Muhammad—prayers and peace be upon him—will be married to Mary in paradise.” (Note: the Arabic word for “marriage” denotes “legal sexual relations” and is devoid of Western, “romantic,” or Platonic connotations.)”

            “If few Christians today know about this Islamic claim, medieval Christians living in Muslim-occupied nations were aware of it. There, Muslims regularly threw this fantasy in the face of Catholic and Orthodox Christians who venerated Mary as the “Eternal Virgin.”

            Thus, (San) Eulogius of Cordoba, an indigenous Christian of Muslim-occupied Spain, once wrote, “I will not repeat the sacrilege which that impure dog [Muhammad] dared proffer about the Blessed Virgin, Queen of the World, holy mother of our venerable Lord and Savior. He claimed that in the next world he would deflower her.”

            As usual, it was Eulogius’ offensive words about Muhammad—and not the latter’s offensive words about Mary—that had dire consequences: he, as well as many other Spanish Christians vociferously critical of Muhammad, were found guilty of speaking against Islam and publicly tortured and executed in “Golden Age” Cordoba in 859.”

          • Judy Spady

            You think that makes you want to throw up…wait until you learn what the Talmud says about the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Do you know what it says? It calls Mary a prostitute who became pregnant while menstruating and it says that Jesus is a “b_stard” (I can’t say it) boiling in excrement. SICK!

            The muslims are definitely lost souls and we should pray for their conversion as well as the Jews but Traditional Catholics MUST understand that the real evil we face in this world is the Talmudic Jews for their “Holiest Book” (i.e., The Talmud) tells them to murder all of the Goyim (anyone who isn’t part of their tribe) in order to rule the world.

            A movement called “Christian-Zionism” or “Messianic Jews” infiltrated the Vatican at the highest levels long ago with their final accomplishment being the Vat2 Council so that is the real evil behind the Novus Ordo. Learn more at

          • Sarah Hodgins

            Yes, I have seen enough of the Talmud to throw up and it is truly disgusting. I had not seen what it said about our Blessed Mother. Sick. I recommend everyone reads (or reads at least part of) The Plot Against the Church and/or AA1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, in order to see how Freemasons, Illuminati, Communists and others are all ONE GROUP backed by the Jooz . Fascinating but extremely disturbing stuff. Doesn’t it break your heart? Thank you for your comment Judy…there are not many people who know this stuff….

          • Sarah Hodgins

            This explains why all the Protestants are pro Israel…poor deluded souls

          • EIA

            Thank you for this illuminating post. I looked it up and indeed the former Egyptian minister declared these blasphemies about the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. However, it’s disturbing that on Saint Eulogius I could confirm the conflict he had with Muslims over their blasphemy, and for which he was martyred, only on an Orthodox Church site. I wouldn’t have known of this unless you had posted. So, thanks.

  2. Junior Ribeiro

    The signs of stench are so clear that only being very blind, or blinding at noon not to understand that the Vatican II Sect is an Infernal monster that devours and tramples on the Vine of the Lord!

    • Sarah Hodgins

      It is tragic, heartbreaking and still bewildering to me how so many millions, no — BILLIONS– seem to have no issue at all with Vatican 2 and “Francis”. Is it because they grew up in it and were taught not to ask questions?? What is wrong with them????????? Seriously, what is wrong????

  3. Nicholas

    I immediately saw a serpent devouring a cross. This is sick. A five-year old could sit down and design a more appropriate logo. How hard is it to write Panama 2017 with a cross and the papal seal? Much like the bizarre three-eye logo for the year of mercy, they purposely designed a logo that could have diabolical interpretations.

    • Pedro

      All should remember that the Vatican II sect has a so-called leader who likes surprises. Surprise, no Catholic dogma or art here!

  4. Whyfor

    It looks to me rather hammer-and-sickle-ish. I’d like to know how some who readily read Masonic symbolism interpret it.

    Did you notice that the last line of Press Release No. 1 from World Youth Day refers to it as World You Day?

    • Judy Spady

      I agree and I saw the same hammer-and-sickle reference which I would bet is the case since it is the Bolshevik/Communists who are the ones that infiltrated the Vatican at the highest levels (not the muslims). The Judeo-Masonic evil is what corrupted the Vatican and runs it all. Traditional Catholics MUST UNDERSTAND this and I highly recommend reading the book “The Devil’s Final Battle” by Father Kramer. Also, please use our website to learn the truth of the real evil we face which is the Talmudic Jews who brought communism into the world. God Bless.

  5. Pascendi

    Their monthly missals and countless Novus Ordo websites feature the same bizarre form of art. Apparently N.O. layfolk now identify it as catholic art.

  6. Theycallmechuck

    If you turn the symbol upside down it looks like an entwined 666 with a scimitar arm tossing a cross in the air. When I first this logo (right side up) I immediately thought scimitar. That’s what it looks like. The symbolism in modern art says one thing. Ugly.

      • Judy Spady

        I absolutely LOVE this book and highly recommend it as well as “The Devil’s Final Battle” by Father Kramer. The Talmudic Jews are the biggest evil we face so forget about the muslims and get prepared for worldwide communism because it’s coming.

        Thanks Dum Spiro Spero for the link. I will add it to our website.

        God bless.

    • Sarah Hodgins

      I remember reading about a pope in the 18th, 19th or possibly 20th century (not sure which Pope) who fainted when he received the news that a secret letter from a high ranking Mason had been intercepted. The Mason was instructing other Masons on how to specifically destroy the Church by sending in a false pope…have you heard anything about this? I can’t find it online now

  7. Novus Ordo Watch

    Folks, please stay away from the theology of Michael Hoffman. To my knowledge, the man is basically an SSPXer who believes, quite explicitly apparently, in a defective church. Books like “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” are precisely the kind of books that would be placed on the Index of Forbidden Books. Hoffman believes that the Church can defect, that she can abandon her mission, that she can teach heresy and error and change her teaching. Stay away from this stuff. You will lose the Faith.

  8. Novus Ordo Watch

    The “papal infallibility invention”? May I ask what religion you are?

    For the sake of those who may not have seen my other response to you from earlier, here it is again:

    >>> Folks, please stay away from the theology of Michael Hoffman. To my knowledge, the man is basically an SSPXer who believes, quite explicitly apparently, in a defective church. Books like “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” are precisely the kind of books that would be placed on the Index of Forbidden Books. Hoffman believes that the Church can defect, that she can abandon her mission, that she can teach heresy and error and change her teaching. Stay away from this stuff. You will lose the Faith. <<<

    Looks like you've already lost it. Denying papal infallibility is heresy.

    • Sarah Hodgins

      It makes no sense for a Christian to believe or teach that the Church can defect or fail or go apostate or whatever… even heretical Protestants believe that Jesus promised His Church will never be destroyed. This Hoffman guy must be a nutball

  9. Novus Ordo Watch

    Here too I will repeat what I just posted in response to another comment of yours:

    >>> Folks, please stay away from the theology of Michael Hoffman. To my knowledge, the man is basically an SSPXer who believes, quite explicitly apparently, in a defective church. Books like “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” are precisely the kind of books that would be placed on the Index of Forbidden Books. Hoffman believes that the Church can defect, that she can abandon her mission, that she can teach heresy and error and change her teaching. Stay away from this stuff. You will lose the Faith. <<<

  10. Sarah Hodgins

    Who is Michael Hoffman and which book did you read? The One True Church has never disappeared and it never will; otherwise Jesus would be proven a liar. He warned us about this, and so did various people over the centuries. It is our own fault that we are in this mess, and we have to endure it. The most important thing is to accept the Will of God, even though it seems very challenging at times.

  11. Sarah Hodgins

    Hi, I did not see this comment until after I read your other one. The Occult is satanic, so technically it has been at least somewhat active in high places the whole past 2,000 years (and really, from the beginning of time). You know from The Plot Against the Church, that from time to time Occultists (whatever they may have been called at the time) have infiltrated the Church in order to try to destroy her; it’s just that in the past 100 years or so, Jesus has allowed them much more power.
    If you have not seen it already, google the vision/prayer of Pope Leo 13.

    Not only that, but Freemasons have been deliberately planning to get “one of their own” in power for well over 100 years. (Forgive me if you are aware of this already – some people may not be aware). People who are sedevacantists can accept that there are very ugly deceptions within what appears to be the Church because we have been warned. We also cannot deny the tons of evidence showing that what appears to be the Church, is in fact a ridiculous counterfeit. (I grew up atheist/protestant and even as a protestant, I would have considered myself a far better Christian than Francis. At least I didn’t believe in divorce or remarriage!)

    It is a great mistake to not be extremely devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She has far more power and authority than even Saint Michael, and she will be the one who saves us in the end (with St. Michael’s assistance, of course. I in no way mean to disparage him!!)

  12. Sarah Hodgins

    I didn’t realize that you created that website yourself! Nice work. I am sure others have warned you to be careful with a lot (most?) so-called traditional Catholic websites/resources out there…many of them are Novus Ordo masquerading as traditional. Very very few are reliable. I know it sounds loony… but those Masons aren’t stupid. Vatican 2 was a brilliant takeover and they are still working to fool as many as possible (even tho Francis may blow it all with his ridiculous and pathetic “pope” portrayal).

    Have you seen Tons of awesome audio books!

    Another favourite of mine is

    The following site has some good things and some supplies for sale, but is not 100% legit:

  13. Sarah Hodgins

    Trump and Hillary are 2 sides of the same coin. Freemasons are quite brilliant. Evil. And quite brilliant.

  14. Sarah Hodgins

    Judy, are you Catholic? Protestant? Muslim? (jk). Yes, I do have to say I have more sympathy for Muslims now that I understand more of what is going on…Christians and Muslims are being set up against each other by a third party most likely for WW3. However, it is also true what others have commented here, namely, Muslims are still infidels and they have some truly disgusting beliefs (although I have trouble believing that my neighbour/friend believes all that about the Virgin Mary. There must be variations in their beliefs because my friend seems to have a lot of respect for “Myriam” and I cannot see her approving ANYONE deflowering her! But who knows????)

    Anyway I also wanted to point out that Protestants (which I was for about half my life so please don’t think I hate Protestants) are heretics whom traditional Catholics cannot really team up with. Partly because we can’t team up with any heretics, and partly because I HAVE NEVER MET A PROTESTANT WHO IS ANTI ISRAEL. From my understanding, Jooz began every single real heresy and Protestantism (Lutheranism, Calvinism, etc) is no exception. So it makes sense that they would be buddies.

  15. Sarah Hodgins

    Hi again, you wrote: “the popes didn’t do all that much to stop the growth of the new religion within the Church”. Which new religion are you referring to? And which popes?

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