Refuting a common misconception

Sedevacantism and Calvary:
A Brief Response to Cor Mariae

The Cor Mariae web site is an online discussion forum dedicated to promoting the “resistance SSPX” movement, that is, the splinter group(s) that came out of the Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X a few years back around the time Bp. Richard Williamson was expelled by the Superior General, Bp. Bernard Fellay. As this forum is part of the false opposition to the Novus Ordo Sect, we keep a close eye on it.

On May 7, someone at Cor Marie published a post entitled “Sedevacantism and Calvary”, in which the poster quotes approvingly from a brief anti-sedevacantist article called “A Monster with No Head”, which itself appears to be part of a larger work called Old Battle, New Fronts.… READ MORE

16 episodes in the first 3 months…

Our Mini Podcast

Three months ago, on February 5, we launched our new mini podcast program, “TRADCAST EXPRESS”. We have produced 16 episodes so far, and it seems that people enjoy these intentionally brief, timely, and hard-hitting express productions very much.

The idea behind TRADCAST EXPRESS — as opposed to our regular, full-length TRADCAST program, which continues to be produced as well — is to publish podcasts relating mainly to current events and happenings in the Novus Ordo Sect at a moment’s notice, without it requiring a lot of time or effort on our end to produce and release.… READ MORE