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Report: “Archbishop” of Santiago ordains public Homo Couple to Novus Ordo Priesthood

What do you know… Only a few days after we learned that the Vatican’s new instructions on seminary formation do not ban seminarians who are gay only “temporarily”, we now have a report that the “Archbishop” of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Julián Barrio Barrio, has just “ordained” two men who are publicly known as sodomite lovers, according to Gabriel Ariza of the Spanish web site InfoVaticana. We have translated Ariza’s article into English for our readers:

The Archbishop of Santiago ordained two homosexuals to the priesthood whom he knew to be a couple

Julián Barrio has committed a grave offense by conferring the priesthood on two men, knowing their status as active homosexuals who live together as a couple.

That morning in Santiago de Compostela would not leave the clergy and faithful of the Galician capital indifferent. The rain falling on the glass of the episcopal palace would not be able to wash away the grave offense that the bishop was deliberately going to commit against his own church.

At noon, in one of the most spectacular and most visited cathedrals in the world, six men were to be ordained priests forever by Archbishop Julián Barrio.

The ordinance [forbidding the ordination of homosexuals] is not new and Archbishop Barrio was not unaware of it, but he preferred to ignore the doctrine, many times expressed and gleaned by the tradition of the Church, when he ordained as presbyters, as priests of the Catholic Church, two men who had publicly manifested themselves as homosexuals and also presented themselves to parishioners as a couple.

Not only did Don Julián [Abp. Julián Barrio] know about this, one of his vicars dined at the house of the couple, who are artists, a few days before the ordination. The ordination of these priests, whose identities we will not make public for obvious reasons, created unrest in the clergy of Compostela, who cannot understand how their archbishop can “impose heavy burdens on others” that he himself avoids.

The Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Julian Barrio, is walking a tight rope

The matter, amply known to the diocesan curia, has reached the ears of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy, which is now studying the matter. This may mean an unexpected resignation by Barrio from the Compostela Archdiocese, something that already happened in a similar case involving his fellow bishop Manuel Ureña, who was removed as Archbishop of Zaragoza after a scandal with a deacon.

This is not the first scandal involving Archbishop Barrio. Two years ago InfoVaticana revealed the existence of several notebooks in which the [cathedral] electrician, who was [also] the perpetrator of the Codex Calixtinus heist, related the sexual encounters of some members of the cathedral chapter house with seminarians and pilgrims.

The Doctrine of Various Popes

This episode, which has been ignored by the Galician ecclesiastical authorities, is especially grave in light of Francis’ recently published document in which he reiterates that “homosexual persons may not be admitted to sacred orders.”

It is the Congregation for the Clergy, with the express approval of Francis, that has published the document The Gift of the Priestly Vocation — Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, on the formation of priests.

“It would be gravely imprudent to admit to the sacrament of Orders a seminarian who does not enjoy free and serene affective maturity. He must be faithful to celibate chastity through the exercise of human and priestly virtues, understood as openness to the action of grace, rather than the mere achievement of continence by will power alone”, the document says.

(Gabriel Ariza, “El Arzobispo de Santiago ordenó sacerdotes a dos homosexuales sabiendo que eran pareja”, InfoVaticana, Dec. 12, 2016; italics added.)

The author of this report, it is clear, firmly believes the Novus Ordo Sect to be the Catholic Church and is counting on “Pope” Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) and his underlings to set things aright. However, considering that Francis personally appointed as a theological consultor a “priest” (Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.) who says that sodomy can be “Eucharistic” and “be expressive of Christ’s self-gift”, it might not be a good idea to bank on Bergoglio stepping in and removing Mr. Barrio Barrio. In fact, he may just make him a “cardinal”.

Besides, if Barrio can convince Francis that he thought the homo-perverted “priests” he just ordained only practice sodomy temporarily, and that to remove him as “Archbishop” of Santiago for this would result in the media spreading copro… well, you know… Francis’ favorite C word…, then Bergoglio will surely turn any slap on the wrist he had planned for Mr. Barrio, into a tender caress straight from the culture of encounter that seeks to promote a sense of “belonging” and “inclusion” in accordance with the god of surprises, who never tires of forgiving….

Welcome to the Vatican II Sect, where evil is good and good is evil (cf. Is 5:20), where black and white is replaced by fifty shades of grey, where wanting a straight answer is forbidden and paying for abortions is a peccadillo.

One tremendous relief in all of this is that the “ordination” of these two perverts was not valid, since the Novus Ordo rites of priestly ordination and episcopal consecration are invalid, and so “Archbishop” Barrio Barrio himself is but a fancily-dressed layman. This is the consoling flip side of “Pope” Paul VI‘s destruction of holy orders — now the Modernists themselves can no longer profane sacraments because they are no longer valid clergy themselves.

By the way, this pretend-archbishop was assigned to his current post by none other than “Saint” John Paul II in 1996. He is the same Julián Barrio who in 2014 permitted the beautiful Catholic cathedral of Santiago to be desecrated by Shintoist and Buddhist rituals (see our report on this here), so he is definitely a man in the mold of “Pope” Wojtyla, whose fascination with Paganism was a veritable hallmark of his false pontificate, as is explained and illustrated with copious documentation on our John Paul II page here.

You may put on your surprise face now.


Image sources: Wikimedia Commons / unknown
Licenses: CC BY-SA 2.0 / fair use

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30 Responses to “Report: “Archbishop” of Santiago ordains Homo Couple to Novus Ordo Priesthood”

  1. turn2

    What will Francis do? That remains to be seen, but if he is consistent with certain past pronouncements he’s made, we can have a pretty good idea of what he won’t do: 1) he won’t “judge”, since these men are clearly seeking to please God (sic), and he never judges anyone, save for his condemnations of such types as “rigid” millennials who like the traditional Latin Mass, “bead counters” who pray the Rosary, those who attempt to engage in the “solemn nonsense” of converting non-Catholics, etc., and 2) he won’t “obsess” over it, because homosexuality, like abortion, is something people should just lighten up over, especially when there are so many more important things over which to be concerned, you know, like climate change, building walls, the death penalty, and the scatological implications of fake news.

  2. Tom A.

    If NO orders are invalid (which I am not convinced of yet), then this has got to be a great example of “fake news”. Fake bishop ordains fake priests.

    • Sonia

      By their fruits we can know. And by the teaching of every Pope – Pius XII the most recent – who laid out meticulously the rite of ordination.

      VII and its tease-train pretend to overturn it and change all the sacraments, and revolutionise doctrine, overturn discipline and raze dogma. Result – the Novus Ordo nurtures fake news and fake priests, fake parishes, fake bishops, and, yep fake ‘popes’.

      • Tom A.

        I would say that Pius XII laid out the rites of ordination for the Roman Catholic Church of which the NO sect is not a part of. Therefore their rites should be evaluated for validity, not based on Pius XII but more like how Leo XIII evaluated whether or not Anglican ordinations were still valid. We simply should not judge the NO sect as Catholic, but as schismatics (with valid ordinations) or heretics (without valid ordinations). A case could be made either way.

    • Mike

      Tom, you don’t need to be convinced that the new rites of orders that the miserable Paul IV invented are outright invalid. That they were introduced by the same good folks who brought us the incredible Novus Ordo Mass, which denies sacred Truths revealed by God right in His face is reason enough to be doubtful about them. That there are real changes in the essentials of the Form at least gets us to doubtful territory. And you know that in practice, a doubtful sacrament is as worthless as a completely invalid one.

      • Tom A.

        Yes I agree that there is doubt and because of that I avoid the NO church. There is doubt and that is why I stated I am not convinced of invalidity and I add now, nor am I convinced of validity.

        • CumExApostolatus

          Wasn’t all doubt removed, in perpetuity, by the Apostolic Constitution (Papal Bull) of Pope St. Pius V, “Quo Primum”?
          I repeat, Pope St. Pius V stated his decree was to be adhered to in ‘perpetuity’.

          • Novus Ordo Watch

            “Quo Primum”, if I remember correctly, doesn’t address the issues of validity. But the same Pope did issue “De Defectibus” which goes into that.

            As far as the “perpetuity” clause goes, this is often misunderstood. Although the decree Quo Primum is still in force because no valid Pope has ever rescinded it, the “valid in perpetuity” clause has nothing to do with it. A true Pope COULD abrogate it. “Valid in perpetuity” is simply canonical lingo that essentially means, “This decree does not expire.” But of course the same authority that institutes a law can also revoke it, and so a future Pope could certainly do that.

            As proof that what I’m saying is correct, simply look at the decree of Pope Clement XIV that suppressed the Jesuits. It uses the same language; it too was made “valid in perpetuity.” But Pope Pius VII revoked it again.

        • Mike

          That’s where I leave it. In the case of a positive doubt, the Church forbids us to approach those sacraments. I take the minimum retreat necessary in this crisis.

  3. strickerm

    What will Jorge do? He will promote the fake archbishop to fake cardinal as a reward for the fake archbishop’s fake effective use of discernment and mercy.

    • Sonia

      Yeah. I once asked a fake priest about the fake rites. His answer, oh God wouldn’t fool everyone. My thought, God isn’t fooling anyone – doctrine, discipline the Holy shebang is plain, historically, currently, in every which way, if anyone with Catholic sense seeks. Most choose to stay on the operation of error train…why? Fear, indifference, only God knows. Otherwise we cleave to Holy Mother Church.

  4. PESh

    This is likely the first public example of this. It surely happened more discreetly before. NO Seminary became homo bordellos. The New York Archdiocese starting with Cardinal Spellman fell under the complete control of the Lavender Mafia. Chicago had Bernardin (read Randy Engel’s Rite of Sodomy if you don’t mind being depressed).

    Tom A suggests that NO orders aren’t invalid. Now the form of the Rite of Ordination was little changed, with the secondary parts seeing complete changed, but the Rite of Consecration was far less lucky. The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus is more clearly problematic (and why was it changed?). A bishop is needed to ordain a priest. Cardinal Ottaviani okayed the RoC, but this good man was content to accept some superficial changes to the General Instruction. He offered no further challenge to the New Mass, after the ‘Ottaviani Intervention.’ Even if somehow the Rites were unproblematic, there remains the fact that Signor (or Fr) Bergoglio or Francis the Fake is a walking, talking heresy machine.

        • Tom A.

          None needed. It is a shame that we are forced to ponder such possibilities. Where there was once clarity there is now confusion, where there was certainty, there is now doubt. Where there was once dignity and majesty there is now banality and buffoonery.

  5. juan323

    There is one thing they got right…the necessity of grace. It is such a profound point. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli calls it “confidence in God.” Even as we are saddened by this, let’s not forget God will make up the difference.

  6. dustpan33

    Will the happy couple “concelebrate mass” together? This bizarre sect continues to reach new lows. I don’t know how anyone can take it seriously at this point.

  7. john martin

    While I think this bishop should be laicized, it seems your wholesale denial of the post Vatican II Popes and Church as valid is both arrogant and presumptuous.
    Formal, ex-cathedra false teachings have not been promulgated, in spite of some serious errors on the part of some post VII Popes.
    Your website could cause even greater damage to the people of The True Church of Christ by virtue of your schismatic position.

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