News Digest December 15, 2016

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST
December 15, 2016

Ecumenist Indifferentism in Action:
Eastern Orthodox allowed to have Mass at “Roman Catholic” Parish in Utah

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10 Responses to “News Digest December 15, 2016”

  1. Geremia16

    The pre-“Vatican II” NOW website was much better. Just to load this page, my browser counted 69 requests that downloaded a total of 4.1 MB and 27s to completely load. (My internet connection is faster than >95% of other users’, so the issue isn’t on my end.) Plus, the old one supported the secure HTTPS protocol.

  2. Sonia

    Regarding the latest reports, the father of lies obviously likes to delegate. A N.O. ‘Archbishop’, who probably hasnt adressed Catholic reality since childhood, is basically advocating ‘shades of grey’ (how topical – makes one wonder what his bedtime reading material is), and the ‘messy’ as giving ‘clarity’, since Catholic doctrine and dogma, clean, clear, plain yes or no, he deems ‘false’ because of Its clarity.

    From the current feigning Nope – more offensives against Our Lord and King with the Nope’s blasphemies and false Novus Ordo antichrist fascism (every communist is a fascist at heart).

    Across the Novus Ordo continuum, foxes, wolves, and haters of Truth strut upon the stage of life seemingly oblivious to the truth that noboday gets out alive.

    ‘Oh Lord, let us not be made the portion of foxes.’

  3. ClareB

    About the New Order religion’s encounter with its New Order Scene… which will be embraced by the Novus Ordoites… and they will adjust appropriately! As retail Christmas tree lots carry replicas of various sized boats (and pronto, China first no doubt), can you see the Novusordo Noahide Nutters all rushing out, buying a boat and sticking it in their living rooms? Decorating it with rocks and seaweed, barnacles and drift wood? A real New Order pagan symbol for them to contemplate. A boat. Boatmass.

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