A very important reality check

Hey, Dubia Supporters! Where were you when John Paul II allowed Protestants to receive “Communion”?

John Paul II made it possible: Protestant Bro. Roger Schutz, wheelchair-bound, receives “Communion” from “Card.” Ratzinger (and no, he did NOT convert to Catholicism beforehand) / image credit: Getty Images (ullstein bild)

These days a good portion of the Novus Ordo world is up in arms about “Pope” Francis’ attempts to permit unrepentant public adulterers to receive the [Novus Ordo] sacraments, and rightly so. A veritable schism seems to be forming at this time, as countless clergy and laymen are rallying behind the four no-compromise “cardinals” who have made it clear that they will not stand for this attempt to dispense from the Sixth Commandment.


‘Tis the season!

An Advent Message
from Novus Ordo Watch

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