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Surprise! Francis Downplays Blasphemy, says “Not Offended” by Hammer-and-Sickle Crucifix

This is hopefully the last post we have to write on the Communist hammer-and-sickle “crucifix” abomination that Bolivian President Evo Morales gave to “Pope” Francis on July 9. If you haven’t seen our prior three posts on what transpired in the last few days, please make sure you read them first so you understand the context. Here they are, in chronological order (though if you suffer from high blood pressure, you may not want to click):

In the beginning, the Novus Ordo press and bloggers did their darndest to spin this story into Francis having effectively been “set up” by Morales, and many, based on some initial incorrect and selective reporting, even claimed that Francis had “rebuked” the Socialist president and was leaving the blasphemous gift behind in Bolivia. For example:

Even though it should have been clear from an examination of the video that Francis was in no wise expressing displeasure at the blasphemous item, the Novus Ordo “papal” excuse factory ran into major problems as things progressed in the days that followed: First the Vatican spokesman “Fr.” Federico Lombardi made clear that no offense was taken at the Communist present, then Francis audaciously dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary (!) a medal he had received which also bore an emblem of the same blasphemous hammer-and-sickle cross, and today the news arrived that Francis was asked directly what he thought about the Bolivian president’s provocative gift, and… well… he responded. Take a look (transcript follows video):

Here is the transcript, as provided by Catholic News Agency (we speak about the text in blue further down below):

Aura Vistas Miguel, (Radio Renascenca): … Holiness, what did you think when you saw the hammer and sickle with Christ on it? And where did this object end up? What did you think when you saw the hammer and sickle with the Christ on it, given to you by Evo Morales? And where did this object end up?

Pope Francis: … It’s curious, I didn’t know this, nor did I know that Fr. Espinal was a sculptor and also a poet. I learned this in these days. I saw it and for me it was a surprise. Secondly, you can qualify it in the genre of “protest art” – for example in Buenos Aires, some years ago, there was an exhibit of a good sculptor, creative, Argentine, who is now dead. It was protest art, and I recall one, it was a crucified Christ on a bomber that was falling down, no? It’s Christianity, but a criticism that, let’s say, Christianity allied with imperialism, which is the bomber. The genre that first I didn’t know, and secondly, I would qualify it as protest art, which in some cases can be offensive, in some cases. Thirdly, in this concrete case, Fr Espinal was killed in 1980. It was a time when liberation theology had many different branches. One of the branches was with Marxist analysis of reality. Fr Espinal belonged to this, this. Yes, I knew because I was in those years rector of the theology faculty and we talked a lot about it, about the different branches and who were the representatives, no? In the same year, the general of the Society (of Jesus), Fr. Arrupe, wrote a letter to the whole Society on the Marxist analysis of reality in theology. Stopping on this point saying, “it’s no good, these are different things, it’s not right, it’s not correct.” And, four years later in 1984, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published the first small volume, the first declaration on liberation theology that criticizes this. Then comes the second, which opens to a more Christian perspective. I’m simplifying, no? Let’s do the hermeneutic of that time: Espinal was an enthusiast of this Marxist analysis of the reality, but also of theology using Marxism. From this, he came up with this work. Also the poetry of Espinal was of this kind of protest. But, it was his life, it was his thought. He was a special man, with so much human geniality, who fought in good faith, no? Making a hermeneutic like this, I understand this work. For me it wasn’t an offense, but I had to do this hermeneutic, and I say it to you so that there aren’t any wrong opinions.

Vistas: Did you leave it there?

Pope Francis: No, it’s traveling with me. Maybe you heard that President Morales wished to give me two honors, the most important of Bolivia (editor’s note: the Condor of Andes) and the other of the Order of Fr. Espinal, a new order (editor’s note: the Senate of Bolivia approved it June 30). If I … first, I’ve never accepted honors. I don’t do it. But, he did it with so much good will and with so much pleasure to please me. And, I thought that this comes from the people of Bolivia. So I prayed about it, what I should do. (I thought,) If I bring it to the Vatican it’ll go to the museum and end up there and no one … I thought about leaving it with Our Lady of Copacabana, the Mother of Bolivia, which will go to the sanctuary. The two honors will be in the Shrine of Our Lady of Copacabana, the Madonna, while the Christ is coming with me. Thanks.

(“Full Text of Pope Francis’ in-flight interview from Paraguay to Rome”Catholic News Agency, July 13, 2015; bold print and italics given.)

In this wordy reply, Francis is rationalizing and justifying the most disgusting blasphemy. Communism is particularly hostile to Christianity. It is tyrannical and cruel and philosophically the very antithesis of Catholicism. It is opposed to the natural law, to justice, to Faith, and to charity. It is entirely naturalist and materialist and denies the supernatural. Marxism is pure evil, and the hammer and sickle are the symbols of Marxist Communism.

But it is no surprise that Francis is not offended at this woodcarved blasphemy, because he himself thinks the holy Crucifixion of our Blessed Lord is a good punchline for a joke:

What’s curious is that no one among the journalists thought to ask — and Francis certainly didn’t think to speak about — whether God is offended at the blasphemy. Of course it’s difficult to remember the Most Holy Trinity when you’re constantly focused on man and have only earthly concerns. In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the following post:

Or perhaps Francis simply takes the position of the aptly-named “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx, currently the head of German Novus Ordo Bishops. Marx once brilliantly asserted, “Gott kann man gar nicht beleidigen” — “It is impossible to insult [offend] God” (source). We’re not kidding when we tell you that Novus Ordo bishops are the most useless people on earth.

By the way, Bolivia’s Evo Morales is on record stating in 2009 that he considers the Catholic Church to be his “main enemy”. Now, after meeting with Francis, he says: “For the first time, I feel like I have a pope: Pope Francis.” It’s extremely telling how all the wrong people love Francis.

If Francis’ carefree treatment of the outrageous blasphemous crucifix shocks you, then you really haven’t been paying attention and don’t know what kind of man Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) really is. If you need an introduction, or perhaps just a refresher, here is a convenient one-stop shop for all things Francis:

Now, as regards the text we colored in blue in the above transcript excerpt: Francis is talking about “an exhibit of a good sculptor, creative, Argentine, who is now dead. It was protest art, and I recall one, it was a crucified Christ on a bomber that was falling down.…” Here Bergoglio is referring to an exhibition by the Argentinian atheist blasphemer León Ferrari (1920-2013), one of the vilest and most God-hating men to ever have walked the face of the earth. He was the founder of CIHABAPAI (“Club of Impious Heretics, Apostates, Blasphemers, Atheists, Pagans, Agnostics, and Infidels”) in Buenos Aires.

Hatred of God is the greatest sin, and of this sin Ferrari was plenty guilty. The “art” he created and exhibited in Buenos Aires under the watch of then-“Cardinal” Jorge Bergoglio was so frightening that we hesitate to even tell you about it. What Francis so casually dismisses as “protest art” by “a good sculptor” that “can be offensive in some cases” was nothing short of terrifying and shocking blasphemy! When the exhibit took place in Buenos Aires in 2004, Bergoglio’s brilliant advice to calm the righteous anger of his people was to “respond with tenderness”. Our post with details and links to the Leon Ferrari blasphemous “art” exhibit and “Cardinal” Bergoglio’s response can be found here (you won’t see any photos embedded there, only linked):

Ferrari’s blasphemy reminds us of that perpetrated by Alfred Hrdlicka, the Austrian Communist pornographer-blasphemer who depicted the Last Supper as a sodomite orgy in the diocesan museum (!) of Vienna and received ecclesiastical burial by “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn’s right-hand man, “Fr.” Tony Faber.

Words fail at the wickedness of the Novus Ordo Sect and those in charge of it.

We would like to encourage you to help repair the horrible blasphemies perpetrated, encouraged, permitted, tolerated, downplayed, minimized, or excused by those in the Novus Ordo Church:

Francis and his pseudo-Catholic sect are like Marxism: pure evil.

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