A twisted image for a twisted “mercy”…

The Vatican’s “Year of Mercy”
Logo Fails to Surprise

The Vatican has unveiled its logo for the upcoming supposed “Year of Mercy” that begins on December 8, 2015 and runs through November 20, 2016. Click on the image to see a larger version. Out of all the things they could have done, this is what they came up with: Christ looks like He is skateboarding or ice-skating, He carries a man sideways on His shoulders, and there are three eyes visible, the center one clearly being shared between Christ and the man. One could also say that the image is ambiguous and appears to depict a Christ with two heads and three eyes.

Overall, the logo gives the appearance of weirdness, twistedness, and ugliness — no surprise there. In fact, this reminds one of Francis’ Christmas card 2014, which had a donkey’s rear staring you in the face.

The Vatican has, of course, given an official explanation of the logo:

Along with the logo the Vatican also issued an official prayer for the year of “mercy”:

We note that although the prayer is full of talk about forgiveness, it is short on the essential requirements to be able to obtain such forgiveness from God: supernatural sorrow for sin and a firm purpose of amendment (among other things).

So, what do YOU think about this logo? Leave a comment in our combox below and discuss with others.

Oh, and one more thing — the Vatican’s “Archbishop” Salvatore Fisichella issued the following warning regarding unauthorized use of the logo:

The logo has been registered in the international forum in order to safeguard its rights and to prevent any inappropriate use. It is obvious that permission must be granted by the Pontifical Council for any non-religious use of the logo and that any infringement will be duly prosecuted.


So much for mercy.

Image source: Vatican
License: fair use

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