Two Novus Ordo Priests compared:

One spoke against Sodomites & Islam — The Other gave a “Blessing” to Homosexual Lovers:


Guess Which One Got In Trouble!

It is good to keep often before our minds just how depraved and phony the Vatican II Church really is. Few examples are as powerful as what happened to Fr. Karl Tropper (pictured above, left) of the diocese of Graz-Seckau, Austria.

Fr. Tropper is a validly-ordained priest who is part of the Vatican II Sect because he mistakenly believes it to be the Catholic Church. Nevertheless he courageously speaks the truth about the perversion that is homosexuality and warns of the grave errors of the false religion of Mohammed, known as Islam, that has gradually descended upon and spread throughout Europe for decades.

Not surprisingly, the Modernist diocese of Graz-Seckau acted quickly: The “bishop”, Fr. Egon Kapellari, first silenced and suspended Fr. Tropper, then temporarily brought him back, but then forced him into permanent retirement on August 31, 2013. The following list of linked articles gives the juicy details:

Thus far the facts on how priests who try to be good Catholics are dealt with in Austria.

By contrast, let’s look at the case of “Fr.” Anton Faber (pictured above, right), rector of St. Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna, the “archdiocese” led by Ratzinger student “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn. On February 14, 2007, Faber invited all “lovers” to come to the cathedral to receive a “blessing” for St. Valentine’s Day. He explicitly included homosexuals (unnatural perverts, sodomites) in this invitation, that is, people who publicly endorse (and typically engage in) a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. (Public heterosexual adulterers — i.e. the “divorced-and-remarried” — were also invited, by the way.) Please see the following list of linked articles for details:

The first such abominable “blessing” had occurred in 2006, and this atrocious outrage has now become an annual event in Vienna. The next one is already announced for February 14, 2014 — on the official home page of the cathedral no less, though the explicit inclusion of homosexuals is conveniently not being advertised there (at the same time, “blessing” gay couples has apparently also gone on for years in the Novus Ordo diocese of Basel, Switzerland, which is the diocese apostate Hans Kung is incardinated in, incidentally).

The Austrian Novus Ordo portal published an eye-witness account by one of the homosexual “couples” that received the “blessing” in 2006. Reportedly, a total of roughly 300 couples were “blessed”, including approximately 30 homo-perverted ones. (Source in original German here.)

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Of course, this is done with the blessing — no pun intended — of Vienna’s “Archbishop”, “Cardinal” Christoph Schonborn, the man who wrote the 1992 so-called Catechism of the Catholic Church and is one of Benedict XVI’s most famous disciples. Among other things, Schonborn is known for the horrendously sacrilegious “Youth Masses” in his diocese, for his friendly attitude towards homo-perverts, and for his efforts to persuade the Prince of Liechtenstein not to oppose homosexual civil unions for his country. The Viennese “cardinal” has even been accused of being a Freemason by an Austrian member of parliament, an accusation that, even if turns out not to be true, is nevertheless valid inasmuch as Schonborn is certainly doing as much damage to Catholicism as Freemasonry could wish him to inflict.

Without exaggeration, Schonborn is probably one of the most diabolical fake bishops the Novus Ordo Church has ever produced. In 2012, Schonborn stabbed one of his own “priests” in the back by overruling a parish pastor’s veto against an openly-practicing sodomite sitting on the parish council. Schonborn had decided to override the veto after a meeting with the pervert, who he says “impressed” him a great deal. (Naturally, the “cardinal” refused to have a meeting also with the courageous pastor, the Rev. Gerhard Swierzek.)

With this track record, it is no surprise that Schonborn should have chosen Mr. Anton Faber as his cathedral rector, for Faber, also a possible Freemason, is no stranger to impiety, blasphemy, sacrilege, scandal, and moral depravity either. With the approval of his “cardinal”, Faber celebrates annual open-air “Barbecue Masses” at the yearly Vienna Country-Western Festival, where people smoke, eat, and drink at picnic tables during the liturgy (see video report here). In 2008, Faber personally gave a tour of St. Stephen’s Cathedral to Atheist-Communist blasphemer Alfred Hrdlicka, who painted a blasphemous depiction of the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy. Hrdlicka’s “art” was displayed in the cathedral museum itself, and when the Atheist blasphemer died on December 5, 2009, “Fr.” Faber himself gave him “Catholic” burial, interring him in a grave whose tombstone is one of Hrdlicka’s aberrant pornographic sculptures.

This is the true state of the Novus Ordo Sect. We couldn’t possibly make this stuff up. Priests who try to be faithful are persecuted, silenced, and thrown out, whereas enemies of Our Lord and His Church are honored, rewarded, and defended. The Vatican II Church is truly the “Judas Church.”

Let no one say the Modernist authorities are incapable of acting — they can act very quickly and effectively if they want to. Why is Mr. Faber still a “Catholic priest” and in charge of the cathedral? Why is Mr. Schonborn still a “cardinal” and in charge of the archdiocese of Vienna? (Recall also that Schonborn could have been elected “Pope” at the conclave earlier this year.)

We all know where the buck ultimately stops — with the man in Rome. Since the death of Pope Pius XII, the “Popes” in Rome, however, have been impostors, false shepherds who have been intent on destroying Roman Catholic doctrine, desacralizing what is holy, invalidating the sacraments, and causing grave scandal and confusion among the innocent faithful (see linked resources below for more information).

Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ warned us against them:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them.” (Matthew 7:15-16)

But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and flieth: and the wolf catcheth, and scattereth the sheep: And the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep.” (John 10:12-13)

The wickedness and hypocrisy of the Novus Ordo Church cry to Heaven for vengeance. May all who read this swiftly come to the realization that the current Vatican institution is not the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ the Lord but a satanic counterfeit that seeks the destruction of the Bride of Christ at all costs. And may we all pray fervently and unceasingly “that the Church of Darkness will leave Rome” (Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich).

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  1. Pedro

    Surprising no one has commented on this article. Perhaps they had to run to the bathroom to vomit? Or perhaps they were so disgusted they fell unconscious? Or perhaps no one is surprised that support of homosexual persons and acts is rife in the Novus Ordo Sect? Let me say thank you to NOW for keeping up their excellent reporting and pulling back the curtain on the Novus Ordo perverts, charlatans and heretics. Keep up your excellent work.

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Thank you very much. The main reason why no one has commented on this post is that we did not have a combox on our web site until (I think) 2015, and so the comments thread on here was not available until then, so not when this post was published.

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