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“Pope” Francis Embarrasses Michael Voris:

His Phoniness Directly Contradicts Vortex Host, says Church in Best Shape Ever as Voris Slams “Happy Chatter” Clerics who Pretend All is Well in the Church

In a recent post, we already told you that when Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis) opens his mouth, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will come out. It took only two days for Bergoglio to prove our point. On Sept. 16, 2013, the man the world believes to be the Pope of the Catholic Church said at a meeting with Roman priests: “The Church is not falling to pieces. It has never been better. This is a wonderful moment for the Church, you just need to look at its history” (Vatican Insider; see also Rorate Caeli).

This statement is so patently absurd and laughable as to need no serious comment. But the real story here is not so much the fact that Francis said one more foolish thing, rather, it is the timing of it, which was impeccable. You see, just on this very day, Sept. 16, “conservative” Novus Ordo rising star Michael Voris released an episode of his popular Vortex program that lambastes all those “happy chatter” clerics that pretend everything is just wonderful in the New Church and refuse to face the difficult truths regarding its utterly chaotic and atrocious state, even by Novus Ordo standards.

Voris did not mince words:

“…there is this continual silly public relations campaign spewing out of the bishops’ headquarters … about how good everything is, about how responsible the Church is toward her neighbors and helping her fellow man with social justice collections for overseas and yammering on non-stop about immigration reform.

“Yet in the middle of all this happy talk – not one word about the massive contraction the Church is going under….

“Things are not going well in the Church, not by any measure, and the silence of those who have the pulpits and microphones and internet sites to preach about these things and who do not, are only making the problem worse….

“Under the veneer of all things being vibrant, there is a sick poison. But even more than this – there is not just the ignoring of this sickness, but an active campaign to paint an entirely different picture….

“This mamby-pamby effeminate PR speak has got to come to an end.”

(Michael Voris, The Vortex“The Vibrant Church”, Sept. 16, 2013)

…And then Francis’ mamby-pamby effeminate PR speak that same day, saying that the Church “has never been better”, that she is not falling to pieces and that we are living through a “wonderful moment.”

BAM! This is poetic justice at its finest. We have long criticized Voris and his ChurchMilitant.TV for disingenuously turning two blind eyes to the inconvenient facts about Francis, going so far as to not only omit any reporting of how horrific a liberal the man is, but even outright lying about it (see our coverage here). “There is not just the ignoring of this sickness, but an active campaign to paint an entirely different picture.” Sound familiar, Mr. Voris? This tactic of blasting every liberal in the Vatican II Sect except the fake “Pope” is something we have termed the “Voris Virus”, and now another blog has also started to pick up on Voris’ manifest and disgraceful double standard (see “Michael Voris and the Pope of Nice”).

The more time passes and the more Francis speaks freely, Voris’ decision to lie to his audience and pretend that the “Pope” is a tough-guy conservative will become more and more clear to anyone who watches The Vortex, and this will make Voris lose a lot of credibility. In the not-too-distant future, people who can click on more than just ChurchMilitant.TV will be demanding answers from him. Oh well. Decisions have consequences, and Voris decided to serve his pet agenda rather than the truth. Not only was this a morally wrong decision, it was also a stupid one, because he should have known that before long, people will see through the chicanery.

The lesson for Voris & Co. is this: When you only claim to be giving people the hard truth, without actually doing so, you have to be careful what you say — it may all just blow up in your face before long.

Such was the case also for The Remnant when in February of 2005 they published an article by Christopher Ferrara entitled “Ratzinger Personally Consecrates Neo-Modernist Bishop”, in which they denounced “Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger as being “perhaps the most industrious ecclesial termite of the post-conciliar epoch, tearing down even as he makes busy with the appearance of building up.” Less than 5 weeks after the publication of this essay, this same Joseph Ratzinger became “Pope” Benedict XVI — and Ferrara and The Remnant had plenty of egg on their face.

It was clear that they had to react somehow, but instead of maintaining their opposition to Ratzinger’s Modernism, as Tradition In Action did, The Remnant decided to forget all about the pre-conclave ecclesial termite and their previous extensive criticism of him and instead started pushing a faux “papal restoration of Tradition” line. Yes, they made a 180-degree turn and defended Ratzinger as the great “Restorer of Tradition” who is on our side, trying to fight the wicked Vatican “wolves” surrounding him (see Gregorius’ essay “Refinishing the Great Facade” for more information). This silly position, based not on facts but on a skilled lawyerly spinning thereof (see, for example, Gregorius’ essay “No Friend of Fatima”), they maintained throughout Benedict’s entire fake “pontificate”, and thereby sold out their purported love for the truth to a desired and popular illusion.

Michael Voris, who is likewise putting his ideological agenda ahead of the truth, is now facing the same humiliation The Remnant did when the ecclesial termite came out of the cocoon of the ’05 conclave and had been miraculously transformed into an über-orthodox butterfly. Too bad for Mr. Voris — if he were actually loyal to the truth before all else, he wouldn’t look so foolish now. Those who really love the truth have nothing to fear from it.

To add insult to injury, Voris ends his “Vibrant Church” Vortex episode with these words: “No one likes to be lied to, and, moreover, people have a right to the truth.” If hypocrisy could cause hair loss, Michael Voris would never need another haircut again.

The Sep. 16, 2013, “Vibrant Church” Episode of The Vortex
(click to watch)

A mere 24 hours after this episode of The Vortex appeared, someone created a spoof of it, called “A Vortex You Will Never See”, which you can watch below:

Vortex You Will Never See (Parody)

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5 Responses to “Poetic Justice: Francis embarrasses Michael Voris”

  1. bluewren

    You have got it a little askew.Michael Voris admits to full on homosexuality with men actually.Also promiscuous sexuallity with women.He led a decedent life.So what are you saying there is no room for repentance anymore in the Catholic Church?

      • Stanislav

        Of course sexual orientation is not something you can repent of anymore than eye color. However, homosexual orientation is not a sin, and I don’t think Michael was confessing orientation. He was confessing acts, of which one can repent.

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