How the Fun Church celebrates shrovetide…

Costumes, Booze, and Messy Pranks:
Ecumenical Fools’ Mass in Switzerland

It is the time for carnival again, at least in some parts of the world, and no one does carnival quite like the Vatican II Church.

In German-speaking countries, for example, people can find so-called ‘Carnival Masses’ (or ‘Fools’ Masses’) in churches affiliated with the pseudo-Catholic sect during the days preceding Ash Wednesday.

We have reported on such evils many times in the past, but this year there has been one deserving of an especially dishonorable mention: The abomination that just took place in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Willisau, Switzerland, on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024.

As the parish has no permanent Novus Ordo priest assigned to it, the ‘Catholic’ presider over this madness was ‘pastoral leader’ Andreas Wissmiller. It is easy to identify him: He’s the guy with the ponytail. He was joined by the local Protestant pastor Uwe Tatjes. Although it was no Eucharistic liturgy, the insane celebration was nevertheless referred to as a Narren-Messe (“Fools’ Mass”).

The following video shows the entire pseudo-liturgical farce, followed by a 16-minute video summarizing just the ‘highlights’ of the madness:

Naturally, this disgusting spectacle had to take place in a magnificent old Catholic church building with beautiful artwork (see interior and exterior). They would probably never pull this off in one of those brutalist architectural aberrations so prevalent in Europe, because there is nothing to defile.

Since a sacrilegious and blasphemous chaos liturgy is not difficult to square with Protestantism, it was easy to make this an ‘ecumenical’ celebration.

One struggles for words to describe the scenes in the videos.

In addition to the usual clowns and witches, dancing, joking, and band-playing that has become standard for such events, what took place in Willisau last Sunday also included some messy pranks in the sanctuary, especially at the very end.

The Novus Ordo presider processed in with a mock pastoral staff on which was spiked a stuffed toy sheep.

A member of the regional fools’ guild joined the two non-Catholic clerics behind the altar for some fun. At one point they toasted each other with a glass of beer.

That the Protestant pastor pulled out his guitar to play and sing Ubi Caritas, was the least of the problems.

For the ‘sign of peace,’ some jolly fellows passed out alcoholic drinks — no joke! Adults each received a bottle of apple-flavored liqueur (containing 16% alcohol per shot). Children were given lollipops. The booze was downed collectively at the cue of the über-fool standing behind the altar. Immediately following was the collection — a smart move, since a tipsy giver will typically be more generous than a sober one. (Although we must question the complete sobriety of anyone attending such an absurd spectacle to begin with.)

We might add that Willisau is located in the diocese of Basel, where the ‘Catholic bishop’ in charge is 57-year-old progressive Mr. Felix Gmür. He was appointed to the post by ‘Pope’ Benedict XVI in 2010. Back in September of last year, Gmur called for the ordination of women and the abolition of mandatory priestly celibacy. Given his track record on theological and liturgical matters, one cannot take seriously the joint directive signed by Gmur and others to end liturgical abuse a year ago (possibly only at the behest of the Vatican).

As we can see here once again, pretty much anything goes in the Vatican II Sect in terms of liturgy. Except, of course, the Traditional Latin Mass, which since 2021 has been strictly regulated and may not even be advertised in parish bulletins.

Only a fool can’t figure out what’s going on here.

Image source: screenshots taken from YouTube
License: fair use

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