Defending Bergoglio has its risks…

‘Popesplaining’ Gone Wrong:
‘Pope’ Francis Rains on Michael Lofton’s Parade

Right: Mr. Michael Lofton, Th.D. candidate and owner of expensive books

As we duly reported on this blog on Jan. 25, 2024, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby — himself a mere layman on account of the general invalidity of Anglican orders — offered an invalid Mass (‘Eucharistic liturgy’) at the Catholic Basilica of St. Bartholomew in Rome, and he did so with the permission of ‘Pope’ Francis (Jorge Bergoglio):

The nullity (invalidity) of Anglican orders was declared by Pope Leo XIII in his 1896 bull Apostolicae Curae. Even the Vatican II Sect officially accepts Pope Leo’s solemn judgment and does not recognize Anglican ordinations as valid.

Consequently, this presented a sort of ‘checkmate’ moment for professional ‘popesplainer’ Michael Lofton, who in April of 2023 had blasted those traditionalists who had (then rashly) accused Francis of permitting an invalid Anglican Mass at St. John Lateran’s Cathedral. It turned out that it was not certain that Francis had given his personal approval or even knew about it beforehand, so Lofton seized the opportunity to argue that obviously Bergoglio hadn’t been consulted about this, or else the sacrilege would definitely not have been permitted to take place.

See for yourself how confident Lofton was in his defense of Bergoglio then (the first 10-20 minutes suffice), and how serious he (rightly) thought it was to accuse the ‘Pope’ of such a terrible crime. The following video was published on Apr. 21, 2023:

But then came Jan. 25, 2024, the last day of the annual ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The highest-ranking cleric in the Church of England, ‘Abp.’ Justin Welby, was visiting Rome to meet with Bergoglio, and on that occasion he was permitted to offer an (invalid) Mass in the Roman basilica of St. Bartholomew — this time with the full approval of ‘Pope’ Francis! In fact, the abomination had been announced beforehand and was part of the official schedule for the ‘Growing Together’ ecumenical summit taking place that week.

Obviously, that was bad news for Michael Lofton!

In TRADCAST EXPRESS 184, we pointed out how much Francis had just rained on Lofton’s parade, and how the ‘popesplainer’, whom David Gordon at Church Militant in all seriousness once referred to as a “magisterial scholar”, somehow did not see fit to report on this frightful scandal:

Approximately 12 hours after the release of TRADCAST EXPRESS 184, Lofton decided to make a 41-minute video apparently reacting to our podcast:

Although Lofton acts smugly throughout his presentation, his video is actually quite disappointing. Instead of interacting with the content of our podcast (TRADCAST EXPRESS 184), he merely interacts with its title. Not once does he quote from our audio, nor does he play any snippets of it.

One cannot help but suspect that the ‘magisterial scholar’ didn’t even bother to listen to our 18-minute audio at all — and is counting on his viewers not to listen to it either — else he would have known that almost all of the arguments he makes in his ‘reaction’ are beside the point.

Lofton’s video is so full of bad and misleading argumentation that we decided to dissect it and refute it step by step. This we did in TRADCAST EXPRESS 185, just released today:

Enough of the ‘popesplaining’ already! In April of last year, when it was easy and safe to defend Francis because there was no concrete evidence against him, Lofton spun a narrative that just blew up in his face. He gambled big, and lost.

Exit Michael Lofton.

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