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The Fun Church strikes again!

“Fools’ Mass” in Aachen celebrates Joy of Carnival

One of these three is not a Novus Ordo priest…

It’s that time of the year again: While real Catholics observe the subdued pre-Lenten season of Septuagesima to prepare for the forty holy days of penance known as Lent, the Novus Ordo Sect rolls out its jolly “Fools’ Masses” (Narrenmessen) again, at least in Europe.

A new low has been reached in an abombinable spectable that just took place this past Sunday, Feb. 4, at St. Gangolf church in Heinsberg, Germany, part of the diocese of Aachen. It was called the “Mass of Joy” (Missa de Gaudio?) and featured a singing fools’ trio consisting of a prince, a peasant, and a female virgin (see photo above). The “prince” and the “virgin” were both Novus Ordo priests (Markus Bruns and Rene Mertens, respectively), while the “peasant” was a local Lutheran minister (Martin Jordan).

Among the other “highlights” of this “liturgy” were female acrobats in miniskirts raising their legs and twirling through the air, assisted by a few men who were only too happy to lend them a hand.

The regional German television channel Westdeutscher Rundfunk put together a video report, which we have embedded below (we modified the video slightly by adding a disclaimer). CAUTION! Immodest images

Although the video report is in German, it is really not necessary to understand what is being said — the video images are quite sufficient to show what is going on.

We have taken a few screenshots from the video and annotated some of them. One of the images we had to censor:

“Fr.” Rene Mertens playing a female virgin

No comments needed…

The “sermon” was delivered by Rev. Mr. Willibert Pauels, a Novus Ordo permanent deacon, who used the opportunity to attack clerical celibacy, thus shooting “the arrows of the lascivious” against Holy Mother Church (see Pope Gregory XVI, Encyclical Mirari Vos, n. 11).

A picture of “Deacon” Pauels can be seen here:

But not enough of the blasphemy, the sacrilege, and the impiety. The crowning point was reached when the Lutheran minister happily requested and received “Holy Communion” along with the other fools:

Thank God that what is considered to be “Holy Communion” in the “New Mass” of Paul VI is not in fact the true Body and Blood of Christ but simply bread and wine! But the sin these people commit is the same, for they believe it to be the Body and Blood of Christ, and thus they still sin formally because there is grave sacrilege in intent, and sin is always primarily in the will.

The Novus Ordo “Fools’ Mass” is a foolish pseudo-liturgy conducted by fools to make fools out of people. It is presented by a fools’ church promoting a fools’ religion. None of this has anything to do with Catholicism or the true Roman Catholic Church.

Have no part in this wickedness.

Images source:, video screenshots