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Director of ‘Catholic’ Sodomite Ministries receives Handwritten Encouragement from ‘Pope’ Francis

The ‘Catholic’ Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, has published a hand-written note from ‘Pope’ Francis sent to a certain Stan ‘J.R.’ Zerkowski.

This Mr. Zerkowski is not just anyone. According to his Facebook page, he is…

And that’s not all. Zerkowski is also the — please pardon the pun — proud author of Coming Out and Coming Home, a work published in 2022 by Butler Books. It is subtitled “A gay Catholic man’s journey from marginalization to ministry, with a few miracles along the way.”

Coming Out and Coming Home includes a foreword by ‘Bishop’ John Stowe, OFM Conv., a man who is the ultimate in Novus Ordo wokeness. He may very well be the worst Novus Ordo bishop in the United States — not an easy distinction to earn, considering the competition. Stowe is the official [false] shepherd of the Lexington diocese. He is notorious, among other things, for his ‘Pride Month’ video messages every year in June.

In 2020, one of the parishes under Stowe’s nose — historic St. Paul’s Church in fact, which is only about 2 miles away from Stowe’s hideous Christ the King Cathedral in Lexington — not only celebrated sexual perversion but blasphemed the Mother of God as “Our Lady of Pride”. We covered this abomination in some detail three years ago:

As part of its evil celebration of one of the seven capital sins, St. Paul’s parish even published on its web site a “Prayer to Our Mother of Pride”, which — surprise! — was authored by none other than J.R. Zerkowski!

Here is a secular news clip of the flamboyant shenanigans at St. Paul’s from 2021:

We might add that in a shameless video message released in May of 2021, still posted at the home page of Fortunate Families, Zerkowski speaks about “how proud our Blessed Mother is of her LGBTQ+ children.”

So this J.R. Zerkowski sent a message to ‘Pope’ Francis recently. He wanted to share with him, probably rather proudly, what is being done in the diocese of Lexington in favor of Sodom and Gomorrah. Zerkowski himself explains:

Recently, I wrote to Pope Francis, telling him about Fortunate Families, LGBTQ Ministry [of] Historic St Paul, and the Diocesan LGBTQ Outreach Commission. I explained what we do locally and nationally with parishes, the hierarchy, educational institutions, etc. I wanted him to hear from the lay people in this ministry.

I thanked the Holy Father for opening the door to ministry, and explained the difficulties we still face. And I told him that his openness has saved lives. I mentioned that as the Synod unfolds in Rome, he’s got a special place in our prayers, and asked for his.

On Friday, October 13, I received a handwritten note from Pope Francis, thanking us for our efforts. After sharing this with Bishop John, he indicated it should be made public.

(Source: “A Greeting from Pope Francis by JR Zerkowski”)

A scan of the hand-written ‘papal’ note has been published at the Lexington diocesan web site, where we also find a translation of the original Italian. This is what Francis wrote:


Mr Stanley Francis Zerkowski,

Dear brother,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

Thank you for your ministry. I pray for you, please continue to do so for me.

May the Lord bless you and the Madonna watch over you.



Let no one say this was just a standard ‘papal’ response that doesn’t mean anything. It was handwritten by the Frankster himself! Besides, it very much fits the pattern we have come to expect from this false pope:

On the flip side, does anyone remember Kim Davis? She was the clerk who in 2015 refused to issue a marriage license to a sodomite couple and was not only fired but ended up in jail for several days because of it. That same year, when Francis came to the United States, she was able to arrange for a visit with the man she thought was the Pope, but as it turned out, ‘His Holiness’ had no interest in her and quickly distanced himself from the meeting afterwards:

At the same time, Francis’ meeting with an actual sodomite couple the previous day was extremely warm, full of joy and affection, as video of the encounter shows. Any questions?

It is perhaps a cruel kind of irony that the county on behalf of which Kim Davis refused to issue the marriage license is part of the diocese of Lexington.

Image source: composite with elements from Diocese of Lexington and Facebook
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