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All bets are off as Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, the Argentinian apostate layman claiming to be the Pope of the Catholic Church, meets Barack Obama, the infanticide-promoting Socialist resident of the United States. Obama has long outed himself as an admirer of “Pope” Bergoglio, joining other high-profile leftists such as Hillary ClintonElton JohnMadonnaBernie Sanders, and others.

After visiting fellow-revolutionaries Fidel and Raul Castro in Cuba earlier in the week, Francis now marches on Washington, New York City, and Philadelphia to further promote his show of “humility”, “mercy”, and “love” that are nothing of the sort.

Nevertheless, we dare make some predictions:

  • Francis will largely ignore the most recent horrors perpetrated/uncovered in the United States: The Supreme Court’s decision Obergefell vs. Hodges, which “legalized” “gay marriage” in all 50 states (thanks to the “Catholic” judges), and Planned Parenthood’s butchering of children not merely inside the womb (as we already knew) but also outside the womb, harvesting their organs and tissues and selling them to “clients”
  • Francis will not rebuke Mr. Obama for anything, in any way, but smile alongside him for plenty of photos
  • Francis will not lift a finger to rebuke, correct, or discipline hypocritical “Catholic” leftists like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and others like them
  • Francis will happily greet and chat with everyone on the controversial White House guest list
  • Francis may drop a few hints that he “disagrees” with what Obama, the abortion industry, and the pagan left stand for — but this will only be done in a very soft and covert way (much like “Cardinal” Dolan did at the dinner with Obama and Romney in 2012) to pacify some conservatives in his own ranks, who will cling to these veiled words as “proof”, “ignored by the media”, that Francis really does oppose the moral decay of Western society — any such mild critique will be heavily outweighed by words and actions to the contrary
  • Francis will virulently condemn his pet peeves: climate change, consumerism, social injustices, deforestation, coldness of heart, refusal to welcome “immigrants” and “refugees”, rigidly clinging to “ideologies”, a church “turned in on itself”, etc., ad nauseam, all of which concern the here-and-now, and nothing which concerns man’s supernatural destiny, the true and ultimate goal of all human activity
  • Francis will happily participate in “interfaith” activities
  • Francis will happily kiss children, the sick, and the disabled — while ignoring that Planned Parenthood, which Obama & Biden worship, literally makes a killing on these very people insofar as they are still inside the womb and “unwanted” (sometimes even outside the womb)
  • Francis will boldly preach his Naturalist Gospel of Man
  • Francis will not say much that in essence the Dalai Lama couldn’t also say
  • Francis will ignore that which a true Pope worries most about: the salvation of souls
  • Joe Biden will gladly use the photo ops with Francis to promote his own campaign for president

…And Michael Voris and his Church Disneyland crew will be doing a lot of spinning!

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