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Kosher Frank: ‘Pope’ Francis blows the Jewish Shofar, gives World Jewish Congress an Office in Vatican City

shofar is the horn of an animal, usually a ram, that is used as a wind instrument. It has its origins in the Old Testament, going back as far as the book of Exodus: “When the trumpet shall begin to sound, then let them go up into the mount” (Ex 19:13b).

The shofar is used for religious purposes only. In our day, sounding the shofar is chiefly associated with apostate Judaism, where the musical horn is used for many different reasons, as explained in their religious texts such as the Kabbalah and the Talmud.

Aside from liturgical use, the shofar is blown also as a call to battle and to “serenade the Creator.” The William Davidson edition of the Talmud notes another reason for the use of this instrument: “In order to confuse the Satan, for this double blowing of the shofar demonstrates Israel’s love for the mitzva, and this will confuse Satan when he brings his accusations against Israel before the heavenly court, and the Jewish people will receive a favorable judgment” (Rosh Hashanah 16b:1; bold print given).

In recent times, use of the Jewish musical horn has also become popular among so-called “Christian Zionists”. Two years ago, shofars were blown as part of an interreligious political rally of Novus Ordos, Protestants, and Jews in the United States, at which ‘Abp.’ Carlo Vigano and Dr. Taylor Marshall were featured speakers:

On Dec. 2, 2022, Jorge Bergoglio — otherwise known by his stage name, “Pope Francis” — received at the Vatican a delegation from the Marshall T. Meyer Latin American Rabbinical Seminary located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was on that occasion that the seminary rector, Rabbi Ariel Stofenmacher, brought a shofar as a gift, and of course Francis promptly decided to try it out.

The purpose of the visit was described by Vatican News (Portuguese edition) as being a collaborative project between the “Holy See” and the Jewish seminary “to renew formation in that region [Latin America] from a common spiritual perspective. The greater intention is to transform lay and religious leaders into agents of social change” (computerized translation).

Rabbi Stofenmacher handed Francis a paper bearing the title “Proposal for Social Change”, which another Vatican News article (Tamil edition) describes as “a proposal to renew the training of clergy from a common spiritual perspective” (original / translation). Bergoglio collaborating with Jewish rabbis to change “Catholic” religious formation from a “common spiritual perspective” — what could possibly go wrong?

A few days prior, the Jewish delegation had attended an interreligious congress on the “spiritual radical”, rabbi, philosopher, and theologian Abraham Heschel (1907-1972), hosted by none other than the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. The theme of the conference was: “Molded by the Other: Abraham Heschel, a Common Master Beyond Time and Space.” More information on Rabbi Heschel is available here.

There is nothing Catholic left in Rome.

A rabbi blows the shofar (image: Shutterstock/David Cohen 156)

Jorge Bergoglio has long had a very warm relationship with the spiritual successors of Annas and Caiaphas, whom he believes to be the “Chosen People” who still have a valid covenant with God, both in his time as “bishop” in Buenos Aires (see here and here) as well as in his work as “Pope” (see Evangelii Gaudium, nn. 247-249). After his usurpation of the Papal Throne in 2013, it took him just over a year to render homage at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

The following links provide a good refresher regarding not only Francis’ but the entire Vatican II religion’s beliefs about apostate Judaism:

According to a Dec. 1 article that appeared in the South African Jewish Report, Francis has given the green light for the opening of a World Jewish Congress office in Vatican City:

The WJC has prioritised interfaith engagement in recent decades, focusing on intensifying ties between world Jewry and the Catholic Church. In a further step towards co-operation, [Ambassador Ronald] Lauder announced the creation of a WJC office in the Vatican. His organisation would work not only to enhance collaboration between Jewish leaders and the Holy See in international forums, but also to assist those most in need worldwide, including the victims of the war in Ukraine, he said.

(Alana Baranov, “Revelations in Rome as Jewish leaders meet the pope”, The South African Jewish Report, Dec. 1, 2022)

With all of that, it is obviously not at all uncharacteristic of Bergoglio to be blowing the shofar. It fits his own anti-Christian theology only too well.

A real surprise would have been for him to plead with the Jews to recognize their loving Redeemer and Savior, the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, who died for them as much as for the Gentiles:

The true Messiah was not joking when He warned the Pharisees that “if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sin” (Jn 8:24) — shofar or no shofar.

Title image source: Facebook (Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano Marshall T. Meyer)
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