Chagall’s ‘White Crucifixion’…

“May His Name Be Blotted Out”:
Francis’ Favorite Painting contains Jewish Blasphemy against Jesus Christ

“Cardinal” Bergoglio wears the kippah at a Jewish event in Buenos Aires

This story isn’t new, and we’ve covered it here before, but it bears repeating, especially as there are many people now who have just recently come to see who and what Jorge Bergoglio really is, the man falsely considered to be the Pope of the Catholic Church by most.

In the 2010 interview book El Jesuita: Conversaciones con Jorge Bergoglio, the then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio revealed that his favorite painting is the White Crucifixion by Jewish artist Marc Chagall, painted in 1938. A closer look at the work reveals that it contains in Hebrew the blasphemous words “May his name and his memory be blotted out”. The Call Me Jorge blog has the full story here.

The interviews from which the book in question was made were conducted by Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti. After Bergoglio became head of the Vatican II Sect in 2013, it was re-released and translated into English, where it is now available as Pope Francis: Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio: His Life in His Own Words (New York, NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2013). Francis’ acknowledgment that Chagall’s White Crucifixion is his favorite painting is found on p. 153, and he also alludes to it on p. 27. He has also since confirmed it on other occasions, and in 2015, the Chicago Tribune published the following article:

For further analysis of this anti-Christ, anti-Catholic painting, so beloved by Francis, see Marian Horvat’s “Jesus on the Cross by Chagall” and Maurice Pinay’s “Pope Francis’ Favorite Painting”.

Francis is no stranger to blasphemy, as we have shown again and again on this blog. Here are some examples:

The facts speak for themselves, ladies and gentlemen. If Francis had received an infernal mission directly from Satan himself to do as much damage to Catholicism as possible, what would he be doing differently?

“And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given to him to do two and forty months” (Apoc 13:5).

Is there any wonder the Vatican is now mulling the rehabilitation of the Pharisees in the Gospels?

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