March 1, 2022

A merciless look at the “unique expression” of the Novus Ordo liturgy – truly, each one is unique!

“Pachamama is a Demon” — dismayed at Francis’ antics, a convert to the Novus Ordo religion shares testimony of a missionary.

Novus Ordo presbyter who thinks “we do not know what we mean by the word ‘god’” wants to lecture you on the Sacred Liturgy. Here’s a preview: “…each situation generates a liturgy, and as the situation changes, so must its liturgy.” Sounds like someone Francis would want to make a “cardinal”!

Do your children feel drawn to members of the same sex? Then Francis wants you to “accompany [them] without hiding behind a condemning attitude”. Heck, it’s not like they’re feeling drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass or something!

Tough ecumenical problems: In Eastern Orthodoxy there is a schism between Moscow and Constantinople, and now Rome doesn’t know whose side to take. Shucks.

How dare they! Über-Modernist rag National Catholic Reporter outraged that Archdiocese of Milwaukee requires people within its organizations “to use bathrooms associated with their birth gender” even if they don’t “identify” with it! (By “birth gender” they mean the sex God assigned to them when He created them, as explained in Genesis 1:27. #BornThisWay)

Meanwhile, the same National Catholic Reporter wants Benedict XVI to give up his “Pope Emeritus” stunt — even though he clearly identifies as that! If the sexually confused get to have their “preferred pronouns … [with] which people identify in advance how they wish to be addressed by others”, how come the theologically confused Ratzinger can’t play “Pope Emeritus”?

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 9604: “Flamenco Mass” with the dancing presbyter.

Surprise face, where are you? Riccardo Cascioli comments on an interesting Vatican-Pfizer connection. But that probably has nothing to do with the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life pushing injections for children despite documented deaths soon after Pfizer jab.

Meet the man who identifies as a traditional Catholic — and loves Francis.

A fox in charge of the hen house: “A retired priest of the Diocese of Arlington, who for seven years oversaw the diocese’s program on protecting minors from clerical sexual abuse, was indicted shortly before Christmas on two counts of sexually abusing a minor.”

From Holy Mass to Holy Mask: Take a look the COVID Liturgy at “Saint” John Paul II parish in Hortolândia, Brazil.

Cathartic therapy: Jesuit writer says we’ll all feel better in a Screaming Church.

Sounds about right: Vatican reporter says Francis and China’s Communist dictator share ‘similar global visions’. At least one of the two doesn’t push a “god of surprises” to get there.

Good news and bad news in the diocese of Linz, Austria! The good news: They don’t need women priests. The bad news: They’ve already got them (sort of).

Why do people turn to an auxiliary in Kazakhstan to know what to think about the Lefebvrists?

Vatican correspondent Bob Mickens writes that “more and more gay Catholics are starting to believe that [Francis] has our backs”. Yes, he wrote, “our backs”….

“Catholicism” in the United States in 2022 A.D.: “I myself identify as a cisgender woman belonging to the LGBTQ community and have tried very hard to advocate for LGBTQ rights here at Saint Mary’s.” Got it! But adherence to Tradition is a perversion, right?

Hilarious: Panel of liberal Novus Ordos is concerned about Schism in the Vatican II Sect. Don’t they know even schismatics are part of the Communion of Saints, according to their boss?!

Yet another useless petition drive: “Preserve the Latin Mass” campaign thinks that if they gather enough signatures, Francis will change his mind.

He just couldn’t wait: Italian Novus Ordo bishop faces charges for getting shot before his turn.

Togolese Novus Ordo bishop alarmed by priest who joined traditional African paganism. Not fair! Maybe he was just taking Francis at his word when he said the different religions are just different ways of coming to the same god? Or maybe he was trying to imitate “Saint” John Paul II?

Off the record: Under cover of darkness, Francis visits record store in Rome.

Almost 60 years after the Council, it’s about time we got another one of those “what Vatican II really said” books….

Now Dr. Peter Kwasniewski “wonders if Pius XI was already being influenced too much by a certain modern way of thinking….” Oh sure… or maybe the Pope knew a little bit more about the Sacred Liturgy and orthodox theology than the Kwas does.

Follow the money: Big Tech and Big Pharma bankroll Novus Ordo Church’s jab-peddling ‘fact-checkers’, a report claims.

The upcoming Synod on Synodality is more Vatican II in action. But there’s a problem: This “Listening” Synod isn’t listening: “Take a look at the world around you. If your first response to the seeking, pain, suffering and questions that’s glaring evident at every level of society, in almost every home and even every heart is: let’s have a meeting on Church process and structure….you’re not listening.” In fact, the synod is a “permanent parliament in which Jesus Christ is no longer preached, conversion to Truth and Grace no longer called for”, a retired Argentinian Novus Ordo bishop says. Just ask the USCBB! Or look at the links provided by the Vatican’s Synod web site.

But what about including the marginalized? Irish Novus Ordo priest who dressed in drag removed from priesthood by his bishop.

Francis makes changes to Novus Ordo canon law: What he did and why it matters (or not). Oh yeah, and the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith also got an adjustment.

Hey, at least he’s got a sense of humor: In meeting with CDF members, Francis feigns concern for the integrity of Catholic doctrine for a few minutes.

In “full communion” with the Vatican II Church: “Fr.” Bryan Massingale says his “dream wedding” would be a pervert-couple ‘marrying before the Church’, especially if they have the right skin color. Massingale is a real sicko, but he teaches at Fordham, and — hey — at least he doesn’t defend the Latin Mass or facing east.

By the way: “Fr.” Richard Rohr is likewise in full communion….

The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia: In only 318 pages, Pedro Gabriel “explains” how Chapter 8 of Francis’ diabolical exhortation declaring adultery to be God’s will for some is not the blasphemous-heretical claptrap you think it is! If you want a preview, this is probably what you can expect.

How low they have fallen: New book tells sad tale of Jesuits’ abortion complicity in the United States.

Marginalized and excluded: Jesuit high school forces unvaccinated students to sit behind plastic barriers at lunch. Meanwhile at the Vatican: St. Peter’s Basilica turns away pilgrims for wearing the wrong type of mask. Talk about rigid rules that exclude!

The most hideous one will win: Vatican launches global contest to design 2025 Jubilee Year logo. Well, at least they’ve got an original motto already.

Semi-trad paper The Remnant writes: “The Modernist institutional Church today has no wine…” Actually, wine is all they have! But wait a minute… what is the “Modernist institutional church”? Is that the same church that Michael Matt insists Francis will never run him out of?

It only makes sense that the world’s most talkative cleric would be happy to come on a televised talk show in Italy — especially if he gets to talk about himself.

Which one is the real false pope? The “Benedict XVI’s resignation was invalid” thesis goes up in smoke as Steve O’Reilly debates Dr. Edmund Mazza.

Two Brazilian nuns raise money for their convent by silly dancing on video. They might get more money if they promised to stop dancing for a donation.

Speaking of Brazil: The spirit of Vatican II is alive in this blasphemous adoration in Sao Paolo.

“Out in Church”: In Germany, 125 sexually-confused church workers demand you respect their perverse inclinations! And their pronouns, too, probably! How convenient that “German Catholic bishops welcome initiative seeking change in Church teaching on sexuality”. Meanwhile, Francis’ hand-picked synod relator general wants a “fundamental revision of the doctrine” on homosexuality. He also thinks that “priests … need to be able to talk about their own sexuality and to be heard if they are having trouble living out celibacy”.

Vatican News is not amused: Dominican Republic and Haiti build separation wall. Still waiting on Vatican News to denounce THIS, though… Hello, Francis? WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts: When Francis apologizes to traditionalist nuns, there may just be something sinister afoot….

Francis declares St. Irenaeus a Doctor of the Church, the “Doctor of Unity”. Minor detail: The kind of religious unity St. Irenaeus aimed at was not the pseudo-unity of ecumenism!

Question: Why does “Bp.” Robert Barron surround himself with extreme muscle men?

In Ireland, the Novus Ordo Church is on its way out, and fast: “More than 21% of Ireland’s entire population of parish priests and brothers — both serving and retired — have died in just three years.” But not to worry: ‘Radical change is coming in the church’!

Francis laments ‘cancel culture’ in annual address to diplomats. That’s funny, considering they’ve canceled Catholicism since the Council.

Sister Act down under: Chart-topping “Rock Band” Nun dies in Australia.

What does “Cardinal” Blase Cupich do when he’s not busy restricting the Traditional Mass in his diocese? Hmmm… performing a pagan Chinese ceremony is definitely an option!

When endless drivel about Tenderness, Encounter, and Building Bridges just doesn’t cut it: The Wall Street Journal reports that Francis is losing Latin Americans.

At Crisis magazine, Michael Warren Davis apparently believes that the so-called Eastern Orthodox have an Apostolic Faith to preserve.

Francis invents new human right: Forgiveness!

Wow, they mean business! Fasting for Facing the People: “Over 100 priests from the Syro-Malabar Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly have begun a fast in front of Cardinal and Major Archbishop George Alencherry’s residence in the city to reiterate their demand that the archdiocese be allowed to continue with the tradition of fully congregation-facing Mass and to be given permanent exemption from a directive of the Synod of Bishops in August last year to celebrate the Mass with the celebrant (priest) facing the congregation for the first half of the Mass and facing away from the congregation for the second half.”

You know something’s wrong when “Cardinal” Joseph Tobin warns of “heresy”!

There is a reason why Francis refuses to visit his native Argentina: “The nephew of Pope Francis’ predecessor as archbishop of Buenos Aires accused the pope of covering up homosexual clerical abuse in a recent interview and blasted Francis for the leadership style ‘of a despot’.” Besides, he emphasizes that Bergoglio is NOT a Peronist! He basically considers that an undue insult to Juan Peron. There’s more on that HERE.

Yeah, THAT’s it: The Frankster is being manipulated! Finally someone figured it out…

Slamming the Papacy instead of the false popes: Rorate Caeli publishes another propaganda piece against “Ultramontanism”, when Ultramontanism, unlike Gallicanism, is the orthodox Catholic position.

In case you were wondering what would make Francis think that his semi-trad Latin Mass adherents see themselves as the “true Church” and are not really interested in being in communion with him and his Vatican II religion, here is a perfect example to consider.

Gnosticism and Tarot divination: Latest episode in the Charles Coulombe saga….

He thought he had joined the Catholic Church: Novus Ordo convert from Islam protests famous French church being used for Muslim prayer.

Top COVID-19 expert accuses Vatican of violating Code of Bioethics.

SSPX Superior General Fr. Davide Pagliarani thinks he has a mission to maintain and transmit Sacred Tradition in opposition to the Holy See.

Fear not, everyone, Church Militant‘s got this: “A core group of 12 excellent priests, who have all been vetted by Church Militant, will collectively produce relevant statements at key regular moments in the life of the Church.”

The Limits of Dialogue: Francis admirer Austen Ivereigh on why his hero has been so tough on traditionalists. With a reply to Ivereigh by Joseph Shaw.

“Cardinal” Raymond Burke says Francis’ praise of LGBTQXYZ Sister Jeanine Gramick reflects “simply the opinions of a man, but they have nothing to do with the Magisterium of the Church.” Fine, but then it’s not like Francis hasn’t also made some of his heretical and blasphemous “opinions” magisterial by including them in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

“New Springtime” update: In Poland, young people don’t see the point of being Novus Ordo.

“Fr.” John Hunwicke is all giddy because he thinks he’s found a great prooftext for his position in Fr. Adrian Fortescue’s The Early Papacy. Except he misunderstands it. When Fr. Fortescue says “cannot”, he really means “cannot” — not “can but isn’t supposed to, and when he does anyway then the faithful need to rise up and resist until he withdraws it.” That’s why he writes: “We believe that God will so guide him that his decisions of this nature will be nothing more than a defence or unfolding of what Christ revealed.” In other words, the Pope’s teaching will always be traditional in actual fact — that is what the divine assistance guarantees. But Mr. Hunwicke can’t accept that since he stubbornly insists that Bergoglio is Pope.

New churches for a New Church: The iconoclasm of the Vatican II religion.

Put on your Surprise Face if you still have one: “Sister Nathalie Becquart, the first woman appointed by Pope Francis to a voting position in the Vatican, is endorsing a radical Catholic LGBTQ+ campaign group that defies Church teaching on homosexuality and gender ideology.” But don’t assume now that Francis just doesn’t know how to fire people….

Miami Vice: Archdiocesan Vicar General finds out he fathered a child — but is allowed to remain pastor of his parish.

A man after Bergoglio’s heart: Novus Ordo Archbishop of Algiers says Catholics ‘must abandon the idea that we have to evangelize’.  Yeah, it was just the Great Commission given by God, so let’s not sweat it….

You’ll never get this from “Pope” Francis: Bishop Donald Sanborn gives spiritual conferences on HELL.

Some things to think about: The King of France, Fatima and the Crisis in the Church.

The Clay Speaks: Three-dimensional clay sculptures confirm Sr. Lucy of Fatima was replaced by an impostor after 1960.

No, we don’t “dare hope” that all men will be saved: Philosopher Ed Feser destroys Novus Ordo mega theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar’s heretical pet thesis.

For the serious student of Catholicism: How to learn Sacred Theology the right away.

New sedevacantist bishop in South America: Bp. Martin Dávila consecrates Bp. Pio Espina (video).

Sorry, One Peter Five, but there is no such thing as “Catholic” Astrology. Duh!

A traditional Catholic school for your children, staffed by nuns: Queen of All Saints Academy offers online schooling in addition to in-person classes.

Yes, we are real Catholics, and as such we believe in the Papacy: The Chair of St. Peter and Sedevacantism.

True or False Catholic Book? Steve Speray refutes the Errors of Robert Siscoe and John Salza. In another post, Speray shows what the Council of Trent tells us about the recognize-and-resist position of the semi-traditionalists. And in a third post, he exposes Vatican II’s Protestant understanding of religious unity.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth joins Generation Zed for an interesting interview on the “Shadow Vatican”.

A blogger warns of false miracles that would deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Louie Verrecchio denounces the Judeo-Apostasy of the Conciliar Church.

And Bp. Sanborn slams Francis for yet another heresy from Heresy-Mouth.

And one for the road…

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