News Digest October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

The ‘bad habits’ began in 1965…

The Traditional Latin Mass may be on its way out in the Vatican II Sect, but at least Hindu cremation rituals are still permitted

A new religion advances: “Ecumenical climate pilgrims” walk from Poland to Scotland. Mother Earth will be so pleased!

It’s not like she was veiled and kneeling: Lesbian Methodist receives Novus Ordo communion at “Cardinal” Blase Cupich’s worship service.

“Fratelli Tutti” Foundation launched in the Vatican. You weren’t waiting for a Pascendi Dominici Foundation, were you?

It is undeniable that “Pope Francis sees in Fr. [James] Martin something appealing about what he thinks the Church and the pastoral ministry should be.” For example, celebrating “LGBT Pride Month”! That could just get him promoted to “bishop”!

Put on your surprise face: Vatican Agency directly tied to Communism, Abortion, and Idolatry.

Caring for the earth is so 2020: Now Vatican points out need to care for Outer Space!

What are these people smoking?! Opening “Mass” of Australian Plenary Council preceded by Pagan smoking ceremony.

In Philadelphia, we might have found the answer: “Catholic university run by Jesuits teaches course on marijuana.”

Francis says Vatican II shaped his theology, including in social teaching. Yeah, we’ve noticed!

Not the Babylon Bee: Aleteia lists four reasons Novus Ordos should go back to church. Spoiler Alert: None of them is about what we owe to God!

This should be the record for putting multiple negatives in a single headline: “Vatican archbishop walks back criticism of protest on anti-homophobia bill”.

Can never learn enough from the avowed enemies of Christ: Francis’ private library of Judaica gets a new addition! The least the false pope can do is issue a stamp in gratitude!

Painting, painting on the wall: One photo of Francis that says it all!

“Renewal” in Cincinnati: Archdiocese begins restructuring process that could end up closing 70% of all parishes. Vatican II theology has consequences!

Jesuit “Fr.” Tom Reese lays down some rules for his Novus Ordo cafeteria.

After all, who is he to judge? In Slovakia, Francis rehabilitates “gay bishop”.

Obscene Gala: Vienna’s “Cardinal” Christoph Schönborn has found another way to defile St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

You know there’s a problem when a “Catholic” teacher is nominated for “Atheist Person of the Year” award.

Diocese of Fresno makes it possible: Nothing like an ecumenical double-church!

Sounds about right: Vatican’s Synod on Synodality will consult non-Catholics, lapsed Catholics. Must be the “Spirit” speaking through them too!

Rigidity and clericalism: It’s always nice to see Francis exhorting seminarians not to become perverted.

You know the German “Synodal Way” is off the rocker when even Modernist “Cardinal” Walter Kasper disapproves! But fear not, Germans — Francis has your back!

Remember the transsexual’s kids baptism scandal of Buenos Aires? Well, Francis just appointed the man to the Vatican Congregation of Bishops!

To promote COVID shots, the Jesuits at America dust off the old concept of sins of omission. For Francis, the shots are an encounter “act of love”.

More victims! TV documentary showcases “gay priests” breaking their silence.

First marginalize, then exclude: “The Church raises a wall against non-vaccinated persons.” As Francis requires all Swiss Guards to be injected with the foreign substance, ex-Swiss Guard decries mandatory vaccination as ‘scandalous’ and ‘inhumane’.

Papers, please: Vatican begins requiring COVID-19 “Green Pass” for visitors.

“Hail, Pachamama”: Blasphemous parody of Hail Mary promoted by Caritas of Argentinian diocese.

If only “Bishop” John Stowe were as concerned about souls as he purports to be about bodies

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 44,812.

It looks like one of Francis’ mobile tabernacles has gone rogue. So much for the Frankster’s reckless 2016 statement. It’s a shame that a man had to die to refute the fake pope.

Counting Rosaries is pre-Vatican II. Now we count planted trees!

Hellboy competitor discovers sin: Franciscan “Fr.” Daniel Horan says it’s “unchristian and sinful” to refuse to play make-believe with the sexually confused: “Why Catholics should use preferred gender pronouns and names.”

Apostasy on schedule: “Abrahamic Family House” in Abu Dhabi to open in 2022.

The Rev. Kevin Cusick thinks it is possible to be “Catholic despite the Pope”.

Another ‘Queen’ of England: Novus Ordo bishop marks 75th anniversary of sodomite icon Freddie Mercury’s birth.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Women pretending to be men “unknowingly admitted” to Novus Ordo seminaries, episcopal committee alleges.

When it comes to the environment, Francis wants you to act “with urgency” — when it comes to the salvation of souls, there’s plenty of time to dialogue and avoid all kinds of proselytism

Bergoglian Naturalism strikes again: Francis talks about perseverance but with no reference to the final, supernatural goal.

Want to kill your kid? At this Jesuit-run university, student insurance will cover 80% of the assassination service’s fee, as long as it’s done before birth.

Sodomites of the world, rejoice! “In Historic First, Vatican Instructs Spanish Bishops To Disavow Ex-Gay Group”.

A Brazilian Novus Ordo bishop has resigned over a sin of clericalism on a video call with another man.

Ghost hunts, divining rods, and more: The Occultism of Charles Coulombe.

In Malaysia, please don’t forget to register for your “Drive Thru Communion.” Only the vaccinated, of course!

“‘Hellish noise’ from parties at London flat owned by Vatican angers neighbours.” We’ll just leave it at that.

When you’ve got nothing to say but want to send a letter anyway: Francis delivers profound spiritual message to John 17 Movement.

And why wouldn’t he? Francis approves appointment of Communist “bishop” to Wuhan, China.

Caution! Vatican unveils official image of 2022 World Meeting of Families.

Only in the Vatican: Man dressed up as Spiderman greets man dressed up as Pope.

Can you guess who was an agent for the American Jewish Committe at the Second Vatican Council?

Über-Novus Ordo site Where Peter Is wants to tell you about “the encounter with the sacred mystery of the other.” Don’t you know it’s a “sacrament”?! Heck, encounter is even going digital now!

An unrepentant sodomite wants to know when the “Church” will finally come around to her way of thinking. She’s hanging out with the Episcopalians in the meantime.

Vatican “Academy for Life” wants everyone to jump aboard the Ark — not of Salvation, of course, but of Fraternity.

Irish Novus Ordo bishops signal preference for inclusive Bible while another calls for “women priests”. Meanwhile, a real Irish Catholic takes on the Freemasonic Lodge in Limerick and declares: “Freemasonry is the Virus”.

This showcases how to get yourself dismissed from a Novus Ordo seminary.

Gung-ho about its new Latin-language podcast, Vatican’s editorial director Mr. Andrea Tornielli wants to collaborate with a scandalous sodomite ex-“priest” to help with the project.

Ready for confession? Not until you’ve examined your ecological conscience!

Yeah, that’s it: By resigning, the old Modernist Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) “offered himself to Jesus Christ as a victim of the Church!”

Can’t indoctrinate them soon enough with Wojtyla’s pornology: Australian catechist’s book introduces John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to “babies and little ones”.

Stealing $835,000 from a school is a lousy thing to do, but it’s even worse when you have taken a vow of poverty.

Look who just got a promotion: “Cardinal” Joseph Tobin appointed member of Vatican’s highest court.

Meet a “devout Catholic” who can’t keep his lies straight — the only thing that never changes is that he’s for abortion. Oh, and who knew? Promoting abortion is not a “state of sin”, Vatican’s “Cardinal” Peter Turkson says.

Rest assured, Chaos Frank knows when conversion is required! (And when it’s not!)

Vatican murder mystery: 38 years after teen’s disappearance, brother condemns Vatican’s ‘silence’.

There is a credible report that “Fr.” John Corapi has returned to Novus Ordo religious life.

The semi-trads at The Remnant believe a Pope can unleash an “unholy war on sanctifying grace” in the official exercise of his office.

A sedevacantist contrasts the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation with its Novus Ordo counterfeit.

Just how much of a Traditional Catholic are you? Louie Verrechio has a test for you.

Historical tidbit: “The Nuns that Quit” (1967 Article in Ladies’ Home Journal)

A writer refutes Roberto de Mattei on the Pope Honorius controversy.

Question: Is the Roman Pontiff infallible in his ordinary magisterium? Chapter VI of a 19th-century work by the aptly-named theologian J.M.A. Vacant.

True Restoration on the role of the husband and father: “The Catholic Home: The Head of the Home”.

The Catholic Sacrament of Extreme Unction vs. the Novus Ordo Anointing of the Sick: Last Rites and Wrongs.

A Review and Tribute: Pope Pius XII – After 50 Years.

Kennedy Hall provides a sober analysis of the Gnostic dangers in the “Q” phenomenon.

New blog established: The Catholic Archivist seeks to preserve Traditional Catholic articles, books, and resources.

Now with English subtitles: The only movie ever made about Pope St. Pius X, “The Secret Conclave”.

A writer provides some clear ideas on Church membership and the Church’s visibility.

Louie Verrecchio examines the theology of the ever more popular “Abp.” Carlo Maria Viganò. He also issues an important correction on the famous “Suicide of altering the Faith” quote of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) and responds to the criticism of Karl Keating.

The Sister Lucy Truth investigation in a nutshell: Fatima Fraud: Our Case for an Impostor Lucy (full film).

Back in print! Morals In Politics And Professions: A Guide For Catholics In Public Life by Fr. Francis J. Connell (imprimatur 1946) FULL DISCLOSURE: Novus Ordo Watch makes a small commission on items sold through our Amazon links

The first Pope on video: Watch a colorized version of incredible footage of Pope Leo XIII in 1896.

Tradition in Action presents “a beautiful and noble example of a counter-revolutionary ‘inculturation’, exactly the opposite of the class-struggle that Progressivism and Communism want to establish in society, setting one class against the other.”

And a blogger discovers another Epic Fail in Taylor Marshall’s “greatest literary accomplishment of my life”.

And one for the road…

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