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Another Jorge in more ways than one…

Look at whom Francis just appointed “Bishop”!

“Fr.” Jorge Cuerva embraces a transsexual and his homosexual partner at the baptism of “their” children

One of the most powerful and lasting ways in which a Pope can influence the Church is by appointing bishops. If the men he appoints are virtuous, learned, pious, zealous, courageous, prudent, and good at governing, teaching, and directing souls, the Church will be blessed for generations to come. If they are weak, lukewarm, timid, immoral, stupid, lazy, of questionable orthodoxy, etc., then the Church will be seriously harmed.

The same is true, of course, for false popes and false bishops (reminder: the Novus Ordo rite of bishops’ ordination is invalid). Take Francis, for example: His lasting “gift” to the world is not some encyclical text that nobody reads — it is the men he appoints as “bishops”. They are men according to his own heart who will govern Novus Ordo dioceses throughout the globe accordingly, collectively shaping the church for decades to come.

One latest such example is “Fr.” Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva, whom Francis just appointed auxiliary “bishop” of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. According to the Vatican Bulletin of Nov. 20, 2017:

The Holy Father has appointed as auxiliary bishop of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, the Rev. Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva, of the clergy of the diocese o San Isidro, pastor of the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Cava in Beccar, assigning him the titular see of Lacubaza.

Rev. Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva

The Rev. Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva was born in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, on 12 April 1968. He carried out his studies in philosophy and theology in the seminary of the diocese of San Isidro and received priestly ordination on 24 October 1997.

He holds a licentiate in theology, with specialization in Church history and canon law, from the Catholic University of Argentina. He also holds the qualification for legal practice, from the Catholic University of Salta.

He has served as vicar of the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Cava (1997-2005) and pastor of the parish of Santa Clara de Asís (2005-2014). He is currently pastor of the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Cava in Beccar, vice president of diocesan Caritas, regional assessor of pastoral care in prisons, secretary of the Commission of Pastoral Care in Prisons of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina, and chaplain of various prisons in the province of Buenos Aires.

(“Resignations and Appointments”,, Nov. 20, 2017)

“Fr.” Garcia Cuerva’s claim to fame is having baptized, in a solemn public ceremony, the two adoptive children of a homo-pervert couple in Buenos Aires. Here are the sordid details:

The elegant Basilica of the Most Holy Sacrament, where perpetual adoration takes place, is one of the preferred churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for marriages and ceremonies of high society. On August 25, 2012, the church was the stage for a sequence of scandals.

Homosexual Roberto Carlos Trinidad submitted himself to surgeries to change his sex and became “Florencia” Trinidad… He/she has lived with another man, Pablo Goycochea, for more than a decade. “Florencia” is a TV star in several series on Telefe – Channel 11 on Buenos Aires television. Some time ago, the homosexual couple adopted (purchased) two children born on the same day from a clinic that does artificial insemination in San Diego, California.

On the first birthday of the “twins,” “Florencia” and her partner decided to have the children baptized. The Catholic religious authorities found nothing better to do than give permission for the ceremony to be performed at the Basilica of the Most Holy Sacrament. This is not to say that those children should not be baptized; the point at hand is that these baptisms should never have been publicly celebrated as an exaltation of homosexuality, as indeed it was. [N.O. Watch comment: Actually, these children should not have been baptized, since they will obviously not be raised in the Catholic faith by their perverted pseudo-parents.]

Thus, after reportedly giving Communion to the homosexual couple, Fr. Jorge Garcia Cuerva … officiated with all pomp and circumstance at the ceremony of Baptism. How can one not see in this broadly publicized event a blatant support of the Catholic Church for homosexual “marriage” and change-of-sexes surgeries?

(“Homosexual Ceremony in a Basilica of Buenos Aires”, Tradition in Action, Sep. 16, 2012)

Not surprisingly, the event was a huge hit for supermarket tabloids (click image to enlarge):

The cover of Gente magazine (we added the green circle and yellow text)

“She” is a he: Roberto Trinidad with the two children he purchased

But wait, the “best” part is yet to come: All this took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina — which means it happened right under the nose of a certain “Cardinal” Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who now goes by the fancy stage name “Pope Francis”!

And now this same Bergoglio has rewarded this same “Fr.” Cuerva by making him a “bishop”.

Any questions?