Approves of what they do, just not what they call it…

“Bishop” Bonnemain endorses “Equal Marriage Rights” for Sodomites, just wants different Label

This took place about two months ago, but it has lost none of its relevance:

Mr. Joseph Bonnemain, the Spanish-born Opus Dei member currently pretending to be the Roman Catholic bishop of Chur, Switzerland, has gone on record in a televised talk show that he has no problem with homosexuals “getting married” civilly. He would simply prefer that it be called something else.

The broadcast aired roughly a month before Swiss citizens voted on whether to make a same-sex parody of matrimony legal in the Alpine nation. You can imagine how the referendum went. The full video of the talk show is available here (in Swiss German):

According to an Aug. 20, 2021 report of, when Bonnemain was asked about whether two lesbians shouldn’t be able to get married, he answered: “I am not opposed. I am only in favor of doing away with any kind of discrimination and at the same time having meaningful differentiation. For me it’s only about the label, whether different things are given the same label.”

When the moderator asked him to confirm that for him it was about semantics, he responded that that was indeed his primary concern. Naturally, he was then asked whether he would be in favor of “equal rights” as long as the union between sodomites was called something other than “marriage”, to which he responded: “Yes, I have no problem with our people approving of these equal rights [for homosexuals]. And yet I want the original [i.e. the natural institution of marriage as being between male and female] not to be forgotten.”

This is utterly brilliant: He has no problem with sodomites living as though they were a married couple, as long as it’s not called marriage and as long as society doesn’t “forget” that that’s not how God set it up originally. That man could be a “cardinal” soon!

Further on Bonnemain underscored that “God loves all of us, and He will always love us” — thus effectively green-lighting aberrosexual practices that cry to Heaven for vengeance, yet without actually saying so. At the same time, throughout the broadcast he continually emphasized that natural marriage was an enrichment to society that needed to be supported and not be lost sight of. He’s such a conservative!

The invalid Novus Ordo bishop was also asked whether he would emulate his predecessor, Vitus Huonder, in disciplining those presbyters in his diocese that dare to confer sacramental blessings on sodomite couples. He answered: “No, I act differently. I talk to people.” Sounds promising!

The pseudo-Catholic sodomite org New Ways Ministry is confused and exasperated at Bonnemain’s apparent attempt to please all sides:

Some Catholic bishops with mixed LGBTQ records have pinned themselves into a strange corner, a position exemplified by Bishop Bonnemain’s remarks. His argument for opposing marriage equality seems reduced to semantics and his point about differentiation is strained. Simultaneously, he admits the need to offer same-gender couples legal protections seemingly equivalent to marriage rights. This episcopal position is untenable, and it would be best if church leaders like Bonnemain focused on ending discrimination rather than arguing about the word “marriage.”

(Robert Shine, “Swiss Bishop Says ‘I Don’t Mind’ If LGBTQ Couples Receive Equal Marriage Rights”, New Ways Ministry, Oct. 22, 2021)

Lest anyone get the wrong picture of Mr. Bonnemain, however, we must hasten to clarify that he is not the kind of liberal for whom “anything goes”. On the contrary, he has been very clear that he will not stand for a church in which priests give the commands, for instance. That, of course, is unacceptable!

No wonder Francis wanted this man in office, despite his age and also contrary to the custom of the diocese.

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