Happy New Pentecost!

It’s the feast of the spirit of Vatican II!

Happy New Pentecost!

Some things are so absurd that it is best to leave them uncommented — photos and videos speak eloquently enough. The liturgical loony bin of Maria Geburt (Nativity of Mary) Church in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is such a case.

In 2013, the pastor of the church, Mr. Markus Krauth, published a video clip showing a “liturgical performance” for the feast of Pentecost. Few people will be able to endure this to the very end:

For those who were inspired by this profound spiritual experience, we also have a “Pentecost dance” from the same perish parish:

What you have witnessed is the perfect embodiment of the religion of the Second Vatican Council, the disastrous gathering that “Pope” John XXIII repeatedly referred to as a “new Pentecost” (see, for example, “Prayer of Pope John XXIII to the Holy Spirit for the Success of the Ecumenical Council”, in Walter Abbott, The Documents of Vatican II [New York, NY: Guild Press, 1966], p. 793). This is a catchphrase that, like its cousins “new springtime” and “great renewal”, has been repeated like a mantra ever since.

Before the Modernists took over and destroyed it, the inside of Nativity of Mary Church looked like this (photo taken around 1900; click picture to enlarge):

Roughly 50 years after the “great renewal” of Vatican II, the same church now looks like this:

See that ugly black stuff in the far back? That thing on the left is the “tabernacle”, the long stick on the far right is presumably the sanctuary candle, and who knows what the thing in the middle is. Click here for a close-up photo of what was once the Catholic sanctuary in that church (and notice that sometimes they add a plant to make it look pretty). And then… well… whatever.

Truly, had a Satanist tried to desecrate and destroy this once-beautiful Catholic church, he could not have done a more successful job than “Pope Saint” Paul VI did with his liturgical “renewal”, a clear manifestation of that “New Pentecost” and the unholy spirit that was called down at that time.

The exterior of Maria Geburt Church has been left untouched, which means it is visibly Catholic, as it was built by Catholics and for the worship of the Most Holy Trinity. But don’t let that fool you — the religion that is practiced on the inside is thoroughly Novus Ordo:

By the way: Another incredibly telling snapshot of the great renewal the council has ushered in, can be viewed here, and more images of the stages and end result of the Modernist destruction of this former (but still nominally) Catholic church can be accessed at the parish web site, here (scroll down to view photos).

For people who cannot get enough of these vibrant fruits of the new conciliar springtime, we also have this Holy Thursday “performance” to share:

Can there be any doubt that we are talking about two different religions? The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church but a ridiculously bad and obvious counterfeit, as thoroughly explained and traced in a new book by two sedevacantist priests:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Pentecost. Choose this day whom you will serve (cf. Jos 24:15): the Holy Ghost and His holy Catholic Church; or the demonic spirit of Vatican II and its infernal Novus Ordo religion.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons / maria-geburt.de / Wikimedia Commons (Maulaff; cropped)
Licenses: public domain / fair use / CC BY-SA 4.0

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