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Novus Ordo Bishop puts Slogan on Cathedral Facade: “As long as God has a Beard, I am a Feminist”

A Masonic tool? The “Catholic Bishop” of Innsbruck, Austria: Mr. Hermann Glettler

If the Novus Ordo hierarchs aren’t busy committing heresy, it’s because they’re busy committing blasphemy. The latest example of that is found in Innsbruck, Austria. The diocesan Cathedral of St. James is currently undergoing exterior renovations, and with all the scaffolding in place, there is ample opportunity to affix a large banner with a message for all to see.

This fact did not escape the notice of the local “bishop”, Mr. Hermann Glettler, who commissioned a local feminist artist, a certain Katharina Cibulka, to hang a banner on the scaffolding declaring: “As long as God has a Beard, I am a Feminist” (Solange Gott einen Bart hat, bin ich Feminist). Using pink cable ties, the incredibly meaningful message was embroidered on tulle and now graces the front of the cathedral. This is what the abomination looks like:

As the regional Austrian daily Kleine Zeitung reports:

The artist chose the slogan for the artistic intervention at St. James’ Cathedral together with the Tyrolean bishop Hermann Glettler and the Vicar General of the cathedral, Florian Huber. They decided on a text that can be interpreted in many directions. Thus it contains [a call for] the rejuvenation of the Church, for equal rights for men and women, as well as for the rejection of the male monopoly on power. Huber asked for the word Feminist [masculine ending] to be chosen for the text [rather than Feministin, the feminine version] in order to make clear that he himself stands behind it, Spiegel Online reported.

(“Gestickt: Feministische Parole verhüllt Innsbrucker Dom”, Kleine Zeitung, July 28, 2018; our translation.)

By commissioning Cibulka, Glettler has picked a woman after his own heart. A quick look at a single page of her web site tells you all you need to know. Based on Cibulka’s other similar projects, one must conclude that the main idea behind the slogan that has been hoisted on the outside of the cathedral is the raising of awareness about alleged discrimination against women in existing structures, processes, and narratives that people of that ilk consider gratuitously or unduly patriarchal. That “male monopoly”, you know!

The reality is that this is a direct attack on the Fatherhood of God, “the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom all paternity in heaven and earth is named” (Eph 3:14-15). Although God is a Spirit and as such has no biological sex, He has revealed Himself to us as a Father: “Thou shalt call me father and shalt not cease to walk after me” (Jer 3:19). Other Scripture passages mentioning the paternity of God include Deut 32:6; 1 Para 29:10; Is 63:16; Mal 2:10; Mt 5:48; Mt 23:9; Mk 14:36; Rom 8:15; 2 Cor 6:18; and Gal 4:6.

Feminists, who are usually — but not always — women, are people who detest the fact that God has created humans male and female (see Gen 1:27). The ultimate goal of Feminism is the complete annihilation of all differences, even conceptual ones, between male and female (the “gender binary”). This is much more radical and goes much further than most people can — or care to — comprehend: The idea is not simply to have males and females treated equally in all things and disregard their innate differences, but to deny that humans are even divided into male and female. Under this sick, destructive, and nature-denying ideology, the very question everyone poses to a new mother, “Is it a boy or a girl?”, would be considered not just stereotypical and bigoted but in fact absurd and criminal. Whether Miss (ha!) Cibulka herself wants to go this far with her feminism is not known, but it is also not very relevant, for that is where it all ultimately leads.

Feminism hates not only supernatural divine revelation but even the created natural order, which it seeks to subvert and destroy entirely. This is a Luciferian task at which the movement will ultimately fail.

So, what will be next? Ideas have consequences, and so don’t be surprised if the next step is the revision of the Our Father into Our Parent or something along such lines — but only until these ideologues figure out that dividing humans into parents and children is, naturally, discriminatory!

So “Bp.” Glettler, who is considered to be an art aficionado, has now had a blasphemous slogan affixed to the outside of his cathedral. Whether this project originated with himself or with his vicar general, Mr. Huber, is irrelevant. The “bishop” is not only condoning it but driving it and standing behind it all the way, going so far as to help pick the exact wording for the stunt. Considering the other garbage this man has been involved in, however, it is really not surprising. Glettler’s birthplace, by the way, is the town of Übelbach, which literally means “evil creek” — not entirely inappropriate.

To those of our readers who may now be tempted to think that this blasphemous display on the exterior of the cathedral needs to be reported to the “Pope” so he can do something about it, we urge caution: Don’t give him any ideas.

He knows all about defiling the facades of cathedrals.

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